Ticket #2180: fix-gta02-irq-arbiter-priority.patch

File fix-gta02-irq-arbiter-priority.patch, 1.9 KB (added by andy, 10 years ago)

Patch to change interrupt priorities

  • arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-gta02.c

    From: Andy Green <andy@openmoko.com>
    Until now we accepted default priority arrangements for GTA02, this has UART 1 at
    lower priority than the SDI interrupt.  That's not good because SDI IRQ service can
    block lower priority interrupts for 8ms or longer.
    The make matters worse, arbiter 4 which holds UART1 also holds USB device and host
    interrupt arbitration also deals with USB host and device interrupts, meaning that
    they are also blocked by 8ms or more at a time.
    Since SDI stuff is fully sycnchronous, allowing preemption inside the interrupt
    service for it doesn't obviously make trouble.
    Until now we also used the default of all arbitrators rotating priority.  This
    ensures that one interrupt can't block another forever, but looking at the
    non-fixed precedence I wonder if that's just making problems less common.
    So as a test this patch disables rotation.
    Signed-off-by: Andy Green <andy@openmoko.com>
     arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-gta02.c |   13 +++++++++++++
     1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
    diff --git a/arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-gta02.c b/arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-gta02.c
    index c9c1a4d..d4e0431 100644
    a b static void __init gta02_machine_init(void) 
    17371737                break; 
    17381738        } 
     1740        /* 
     1741         * set CPU IRQ priority so that priority arbiter 4 has precedence over 
     1742         * priority group 3 at arbiter 6.  This allows GPS UART1 to interrupt 
     1743         * SDI interface ISR, it's important for us because there is no 
     1744         * handshaking on that UART and SDI can block for 8+ ms, causing 
     1745         * overrun if UART1 is lower priority 
     1746         * 
     1747         * disable rotation on all arbitors. 
     1748         */ 
     1750        __raw_writel((__raw_readl(S3C2410_PRIORITY) & ~0x7f) | (3 << 19), 
     1751                                                              S3C2410_PRIORITY); 
    17401753        spin_lock_init(&motion_irq_lock); 
    17411754        INIT_DELAYED_WORK(&gta02_charger_work, gta02_charger_worker);