Ticket #79: 20080414.dmesg

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the dmesg log, when neo got white screen

1 dma channel 2
2suspending dma channel 3
3restore fb000000 (restore 005e0fff, was 005e0fff)
4restore fb000004 (restore 00010000, was 00010000)
5restore fb000010 (restore 00045496, was 00045496)
6restore fb000014 (restore 00000594, was 0000059d)
7restore fb000018 (restore 000007ff, was 000007ff)
8restore fb000020 (restore aaaa12a9, was aaaa12a9)
9restore fb000024 (restore 000000ee, was 000000e0)
10restore fb000028 (restore 0000ffff, was 0000ffff)
11restore fb000030 (restore aaaaaaaa, was aaaaaaaa)
12restore fb000034 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
13restore fb000038 (restore 0000ffff, was 0000ffff)
14restore fb000040 (restore aaaaa6aa, was aaaaa6aa)
15restore fb000044 (restore 0000f805, was 0000f805)
16restore fb000048 (restore 0000ffff, was 0000ffff)
17restore fb000050 (restore 0000aa99, was 00002219)
18restore fb000054 (restore 0000005a, was 0000001a)
19restore fb000058 (restore 000000ff, was 000000ff)
20restore fb000060 (restore ff145078, was ff145078)
21restore fb000064 (restore 000009bf, was 0000a9bf)
22restore fb000068 (restore 0000afef, was 0000afef)
23restore fb000070 (restore 0000faaa, was 000000aa)
24restore fb000074 (restore 0000075e, was 0000075e)
25restore fb000078 (restore 000007ff, was 000007ff)
26restore fb000084 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
27restore f5000000 (restore 00000003, was 00000003)
28restore f5000004 (restore 00000385, was 00000245)
29restore f5000008 (restore 00000011, was 00000001)
30restore f500000c (restore 00000010, was 00000000)
31restore f5000028 (restore 00000023, was 0000001a)
32restore f5004000 (restore 00000007, was 00000000)
33restore f5004004 (restore 00000385, was 00000000)
34restore f5004008 (restore 00000011, was 00000000)
35restore f500400c (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
36restore f5004028 (restore 000001b0, was 00000000)
37restore f5008000 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
38restore f5008004 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
39restore f5008008 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
40restore f500800c (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
41restore f5008028 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
42restore f4000008 (restore 61c63fcd, was ffffffff)
43restore f400001c (restore 000001fe, was 000007ff)
44spi_s3c24xx_gpio spi_s3c24xx_gpio.1: EARLY resume
45gta01-bl gta01-bl.0: EARLY resume
46neo1973-button neo1973-button.0: EARLY resume
47neo1973-pm-gsm neo1973-pm-gsm.0: EARLY resume
48pcf50606 pcf50606.0: EARLY resume
49neo1973-vibrator neo1973-vibrator.0: EARLY resume
50s3c2410-ohci s3c2410-ohci: EARLY resume
51s3c2410-lcd s3c2410-lcd: EARLY resume
52platform s3c2410-wdt: EARLY resume
53s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: EARLY resume
54platform s3c2410-iis: EARLY resume
55s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: EARLY resume
56s3c2410-usbgadget s3c2410-usbgadget: EARLY resume
57s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: EARLY resume
58s3c2410-ts s3c2410-ts: EARLY resume
59s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.0: EARLY resume
60s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.1: EARLY resume
61neo1973-pm-bt neo1973-pm-bt.0: EARLY resume
62neo1973-pm-gps neo1973-pm-gps.0: EARLY resume
63platform bluetooth: EARLY resume
64soc-audio soc-audio: EARLY resume
65modem wakeup interrupt
66timer tcon=00000000, tcnt d877, tcfg 00000200,00000000, usec 00001719
67spi_s3c24xx_gpio spi_s3c24xx_gpio.1: resuming
68gta01-bl gta01-bl.0: resuming
69neo1973-button neo1973-button.0: resuming
70neo1973-pm-gsm neo1973-pm-gsm.0: resuming
71gta01_gsm_resume: resuming GSM.
72pcf50606 pcf50606.0: resuming
73neo1973-vibrator neo1973-vibrator.0: resuming
74s3c2410-ohci s3c2410-ohci: resuming
75s3c2410-lcd s3c2410-lcd: resuming
76s3c2410fb: LPCSEL    = 0x00000cf0
77s3c2410fb: replacing TPAL 00000000
78platform s3c2410-wdt: resuming
79s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: resuming
80s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: slave address 0x10
81s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: bus frequency set to 377 KHz
82platform s3c2410-iis: resuming
83s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: resuming
84mmc_set_power(power_mode=1, vdd=20
85s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 0kHz (requested: 0kHz).
86mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
87s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
88mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
89s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
90mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
91s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
92mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
93s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
94mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
95s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 16625kHz (requested: 25000kHz).
96mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
97s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 16625kHz (requested: 25000kHz).
98s3c2410-usbgadget s3c2410-usbgadget: resuming
100s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: resuming
101s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: Tacls=3, 22ns Twrph0=8 60ns, Twrph1=3 22ns
102s3c2410-ts s3c2410-ts: resuming
103s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.0: resuming
104s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.1: resuming
105jbt6k74 spi0.0: resuming
106spi_resume: entering...
107jbt_resume: restoring state 2
108jbt6k74_enter_state: entering 0 from 2
109standby_to_sleep: entering...
110standby_to_sleep: exit, rc=0
111sleep_to_normal: entering...
112jbt_init_regs: entering  VGA mode
113sleep_to_normal: exit, rc=0
114jbt6k74_enter_state: exit, success.
115pcf50606 0-0008: resuming
116rtc rtc0: class resume
117neo1973-pm-bt neo1973-pm-bt.0: resuming
118neo1973-pm-gps neo1973-pm-gps.0: resuming
119gta01_pm_gps_resume: leaving GPS powered down
120mmcblk mmc0:e624: resuming
121platform bluetooth: resuming
122usb usb1: resuming
123hub 1-0:1.0: resuming
124soc-audio soc-audio: resuming
125usb0: full speed config #1: 500 mA, Ethernet Gadget, using CDC Ethernet
126udc: enabling fast charge
127WM8753 I2C Codec 0-001a: resuming
128LM4857 I2C Amp 0-007c: resuming
129PM: Finishing wakeup.
130Restarting tasks ... done.
131s3c2410fb: check_var(var=c7455e48, info=c7c58800)
132s3c2410fb: pixclk 40000, divisor is 5
133s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->xres  = 480
134s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->yres  = 640
135s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->bpp   = 16
136s3c2410fb: setting vert: up=2, low=16, sync=2
137s3c2410fb: setting horz: lft=104, rt=8, sync=8
138s3c2410fb: new register set:
139s3c2410fb: lcdcon[1] = 0x00000178
140s3c2410fb: lcdcon[2] = 0x019fc3c1
141s3c2410fb: lcdcon[3] = 0x0039df67
142s3c2410fb: lcdcon[4] = 0x00000007
143s3c2410fb: lcdcon[5] = 0x00000f09
144s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR1 = 0x1bf00000
145s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR2 = 0x1bf4b000
146s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR3 = 0x000001e0
147Syncing filesystems ... done.
148PM: Preparing system for mem sleep
149s3c2410fb: check_var(var=c7455cf4, info=c7c58800)
150s3c2410fb: pixclk 40000, divisor is 5
151s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->xres  = 480
152s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->yres  = 640
153s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->bpp   = 16
154s3c2410fb: setting vert: up=2, low=16, sync=2
155s3c2410fb: setting horz: lft=104, rt=8, sync=8
156s3c2410fb: new register set:
157s3c2410fb: lcdcon[1] = 0x00000178
158s3c2410fb: lcdcon[2] = 0x019fc3c1
159s3c2410fb: lcdcon[3] = 0x0039df67
160s3c2410fb: lcdcon[4] = 0x00000007
161s3c2410fb: lcdcon[5] = 0x00000f09
162s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR1 = 0x1bf00000
163s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR2 = 0x1bf4b000
164s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR3 = 0x000001e0
165Freezing user space processes ... (elapsed 0.02 seconds) done.
166Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... (elapsed 0.00 seconds) done.
167PM: Entering mem sleep
168Suspending console(s)
169LM4857 I2C Amp 0-007c: suspend
170WM8753 I2C Codec 0-001a: suspend
171soc-audio soc-audio: suspend
172hub 1-0:1.0: PM: suspend 2-->2
173hub 1-0:1.0: suspend
174usb usb1: PM: suspend 2-->2
175usb usb1: suspend, may wakeup
176platform bluetooth: suspend
177mmcblk mmc0:e624: suspend
178neo1973-pm-gps neo1973-pm-gps.0: suspend
179gps_power_sequence_down: powering down GPS
180neo1973-pm-bt neo1973-pm-bt.0: suspend
181rtc rtc0: class suspend
182pcf50606 0-0008: suspend
183jbt6k74 spi0.0: suspend
184spi_suspend: entering...
185jbt_suspend: saved state is 2
186jbt6k74_enter_state: entering 2 from 0
187jbt6k74_enter_state: exit, success.
188s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.1: suspend
189s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.0: suspend
190s3c2410-ts s3c2410-ts: suspend
191s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: suspend
192s3c2410-usbgadget s3c2410-usbgadget: suspend
194s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: suspend
195mmc_set_power(power_mode=0, vdd=0
196s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: powered down.
197platform s3c2410-iis: suspend
198s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: suspend
199platform s3c2410-wdt: suspend
200s3c2410-lcd s3c2410-lcd: suspend
201s3c2410-ohci s3c2410-ohci: suspend
202neo1973-vibrator neo1973-vibrator.0: suspend
203pcf50606 pcf50606.0: suspend
204neo1973-pm-gsm neo1973-pm-gsm.0: suspend
205neo1973-button neo1973-button.0: suspend
206gta01-bl gta01-bl.0: suspend
207spi_s3c24xx_gpio spi_s3c24xx_gpio.1: suspend
208soc-audio soc-audio: LATE suspend
209platform bluetooth: LATE suspend
210neo1973-pm-gps neo1973-pm-gps.0: LATE suspend
211neo1973-pm-bt neo1973-pm-bt.0: LATE suspend
212s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.1: LATE suspend
213s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.0: LATE suspend
214s3c2410-ts s3c2410-ts: LATE suspend
215s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: LATE suspend
216s3c2410-usbgadget s3c2410-usbgadget: LATE suspend
217s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: LATE suspend
218platform s3c2410-iis: LATE suspend
219s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: LATE suspend
220platform s3c2410-wdt: LATE suspend
221s3c2410-lcd s3c2410-lcd: LATE suspend
222s3c2410-ohci s3c2410-ohci: LATE suspend
223neo1973-vibrator neo1973-vibrator.0: LATE suspend
224pcf50606 pcf50606.0: LATE suspend
225neo1973-pm-gsm neo1973-pm-gsm.0: LATE suspend
226neo1973-button neo1973-button.0: LATE suspend
227gta01-bl gta01-bl.0: LATE suspend
228spi_s3c24xx_gpio spi_s3c24xx_gpio.1: LATE suspend
229suspending dma channel 0
230suspending dma channel 1
231suspending dma channel 2
232suspending dma channel 3
233restore fb000000 (restore 005e0fff, was 005e0fff)
234restore fb000004 (restore 00010000, was 00010000)
235restore fb000010 (restore 00045496, was 00045496)
236restore fb000014 (restore 00000594, was 0000059d)
237restore fb000018 (restore 000007ff, was 000007ff)
238restore fb000020 (restore aaaa12a9, was aaaa12a9)
239restore fb000024 (restore 000000ee, was 000000e0)
240restore fb000028 (restore 0000ffff, was 0000ffff)
241restore fb000030 (restore aaaaaaaa, was aaaaaaaa)
242restore fb000034 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
243restore fb000038 (restore 0000ffff, was 0000ffff)
244restore fb000040 (restore aaaaa6aa, was aaaaa6aa)
245restore fb000044 (restore 0000f802, was 0000f805)
246restore fb000048 (restore 0000ffff, was 0000ffff)
247restore fb000050 (restore 0000aa99, was 00002219)
248restore fb000054 (restore 0000005a, was 0000001a)
249restore fb000058 (restore 000000ff, was 000000ff)
250restore fb000060 (restore ff145078, was ff145078)
251restore fb000064 (restore 000009bf, was 0000a9bf)
252restore fb000068 (restore 0000afef, was 0000afef)
253restore fb000070 (restore 0000faaa, was 000000aa)
254restore fb000074 (restore 0000075e, was 0000075e)
255restore fb000078 (restore 000007ff, was 000007ff)
256restore fb000084 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
257restore f5000000 (restore 00000003, was 00000003)
258restore f5000004 (restore 00000385, was 00000245)
259restore f5000008 (restore 00000011, was 00000001)
260restore f500000c (restore 00000010, was 00000000)
261restore f5000028 (restore 00000023, was 0000001a)
262restore f5004000 (restore 00000007, was 00000000)
263restore f5004004 (restore 00000385, was 00000000)
264restore f5004008 (restore 00000011, was 00000000)
265restore f500400c (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
266restore f5004028 (restore 000001b0, was 00000000)
267restore f5008000 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
268restore f5008004 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
269restore f5008008 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
270restore f500800c (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
271restore f5008028 (restore 00000000, was 00000000)
272restore f4000008 (restore 61c63fcd, was ffffffff)
273restore f400001c (restore 000001fe, was 000007ff)
274spi_s3c24xx_gpio spi_s3c24xx_gpio.1: EARLY resume
275gta01-bl gta01-bl.0: EARLY resume
276neo1973-button neo1973-button.0: EARLY resume
277neo1973-pm-gsm neo1973-pm-gsm.0: EARLY resume
278pcf50606 pcf50606.0: EARLY resume
279neo1973-vibrator neo1973-vibrator.0: EARLY resume
280s3c2410-ohci s3c2410-ohci: EARLY resume
281s3c2410-lcd s3c2410-lcd: EARLY resume
282platform s3c2410-wdt: EARLY resume
283s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: EARLY resume
284platform s3c2410-iis: EARLY resume
285s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: EARLY resume
286s3c2410-usbgadget s3c2410-usbgadget: EARLY resume
287s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: EARLY resume
288s3c2410-ts s3c2410-ts: EARLY resume
289s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.0: EARLY resume
290s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.1: EARLY resume
291neo1973-pm-bt neo1973-pm-bt.0: EARLY resume
292neo1973-pm-gps neo1973-pm-gps.0: EARLY resume
293platform bluetooth: EARLY resume
294soc-audio soc-audio: EARLY resume
295timer tcon=00000000, tcnt d877, tcfg 00000200,00000000, usec 00001719
296spi_s3c24xx_gpio spi_s3c24xx_gpio.1: resuming
297gta01-bl gta01-bl.0: resuming
298neo1973-button neo1973-button.0: resuming
299neo1973-pm-gsm neo1973-pm-gsm.0: resuming
300gta01_gsm_resume: resuming GSM.
301pcf50606 pcf50606.0: resuming
302neo1973-vibrator neo1973-vibrator.0: resuming
303s3c2410-ohci s3c2410-ohci: resuming
304s3c2410-lcd s3c2410-lcd: resuming
305s3c2410fb: LPCSEL    = 0x00000cf0
306s3c2410fb: replacing TPAL 00000000
307platform s3c2410-wdt: resuming
308s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: resuming
309s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: slave address 0x10
310s3c2410-i2c s3c2410-i2c: bus frequency set to 377 KHz
311platform s3c2410-iis: resuming
312s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: resuming
313mmc_set_power(power_mode=1, vdd=20
314s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 0kHz (requested: 0kHz).
315mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
316s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
317mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
318s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
319mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
320s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
321mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
322s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 130kHz (requested: 129kHz).
323mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
324s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 16625kHz (requested: 25000kHz).
325mmc_set_power(power_mode=2, vdd=20
326s3c2410-sdi s3c2410-sdi: running at 16625kHz (requested: 25000kHz).
327s3c2410-usbgadget s3c2410-usbgadget: resuming
329s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: resuming
330s3c2410-nand s3c2410-nand: Tacls=3, 22ns Twrph0=8 60ns, Twrph1=3 22ns
331s3c2410-ts s3c2410-ts: resuming
332s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.0: resuming
333s3c2410-uart s3c2410-uart.1: resuming
334jbt6k74 spi0.0: resuming
335spi_resume: entering...
336jbt_resume: restoring state 2
337jbt6k74_enter_state: entering 0 from 2
338standby_to_sleep: entering...
339standby_to_sleep: exit, rc=0
340sleep_to_normal: entering...
341jbt_init_regs: entering  VGA mode
342sleep_to_normal: exit, rc=0
343jbt6k74_enter_state: exit, success.
344pcf50606 0-0008: resuming
345rtc rtc0: class resume
346neo1973-pm-bt neo1973-pm-bt.0: resuming
347neo1973-pm-gps neo1973-pm-gps.0: resuming
348gta01_pm_gps_resume: leaving GPS powered down
349mmcblk mmc0:e624: resuming
350platform bluetooth: resuming
351usb usb1: resuming
352hub 1-0:1.0: resuming
353soc-audio soc-audio: resuming
354WM8753 I2C Codec 0-001a: resuming
355LM4857 I2C Amp 0-007c: resuming
356PM: Finishing wakeup.
357Restarting tasks ... done.
358s3c2410fb: check_var(var=c7455e48, info=c7c58800)
359s3c2410fb: pixclk 40000, divisor is 5
360s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->xres  = 480
361s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->yres  = 640
362s3c2410fb: s3c2410fb_activate_var: var->bpp   = 16
363s3c2410fb: setting vert: up=2, low=16, sync=2
364s3c2410fb: setting horz: lft=104, rt=8, sync=8
365s3c2410fb: new register set:
366s3c2410fb: lcdcon[1] = 0x00000178
367s3c2410fb: lcdcon[2] = 0x019fc3c1
368s3c2410fb: lcdcon[3] = 0x0039df67
369s3c2410fb: lcdcon[4] = 0x00000007
370s3c2410fb: lcdcon[5] = 0x00000f09
371s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR1 = 0x1bf00000
372s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR2 = 0x1bf4b000
373s3c2410fb: LCDSADDR3 = 0x000001e0
374usb0: full speed config #1: 500 mA, Ethernet Gadget, using CDC Ethernet
375udc: enabling fast charge