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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1673 GTK Theme Font Size julian_chu enhancement highest Distro
#1724 [FSO] cannot input number or * or # while in communication openmoko-devel defect high unknown
#1590 hangup by called phone not detected if a landline, Ok if a mobile. openmoko-devel defect normal unknown GTA01Bv4
#1824 FSO: GPS time not available in TangoGPS alphaone defect normal unknown
#1826 FSO GPS uses too much CPU openmoko-devel enhancement normal unknown
#1899 FSO image: package python-epsilon do_fetch: error julian_chu defect normal Distro FSO-MS2
#1903 do_compile failed julian_chu defect normal Distro FSO-MS2
#2014 X fails to start in fso-testing raster defect normal unknown FSO-MS2
#2115 White Screen of Death (even without suspend) openmoko-kernel defect normal kernel GTA02v5
#2179 GTA02 ASoC capture kernel oops openmoko-kernel defect normal kernel current svn head
#2236 GTA01 with andy-traking reporting bad cordinates near up event Nytowl defect normal Distro GTA01Bv4
#2241 GSM "deregistring" after registring mickey defect normal unknown unspecified
#1720 Dialer : improvement : how to switch contact page will enhancement low Graphic Design

Status: new (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2180 stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages openmoko-kernel defect high kernel
#2227 iwconfig key restricted hanging up openmoko-kernel defect high kernel
#2610 Exercising using a Balance Ball mirko task high paroli GTA01Bv4
#2621 Significant Factors In decorative pillows Across The UK openmoko-devel task high production testing FSO-MS2
#1825 FSO doesn't detect headphone insertion openmoko-devel defect normal unknown
#2197 ompower needs to be update for kernel 2.6.28 marek defect normal Settings unspecified
#2215 distros using fso-gsm0710muxd will not register openmoko-kernel defect normal kernel
#2254 No usb pressed/released event with 2.6.28/2.6.29 openmoko-devel defect normal unknown unspecified
#2261 "AT+COPS?" mnc differs from "AT%EM=2,4" mnc defect normal GSM Modem unspecified
#2630 The Options For Vital Factors For decorative pillows openmoko-devel task normal host utilities GTA01Bv4
#2576 Advice For decorative pillows - What's Needed openmoko-kernel enhancement low kernel Om2008.4
#2628 Advice For decorative pillows - What's Needed openmoko-devel task low host utilities Om2007.2
#2640 An Analysis Of Clear-Cut Products Of decorative pillows marek task low Settings Om2007.11
#2655 Simplifying Painless Methods In decorative pillows tick task low Installer FSO-MS2
#2663 Compared - Rapid Methods For decorative pillows mirko task low paroli Om2008.4
#2091 batget polls lots too often openmoko-devel task lowest unknown FSO-MS2
#2575 An Introduction To Effortless Systems Of decorative pillows hardware enhancement lowest hardware Om2008.8
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