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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1820 [Keyboard] add manual keyboard for switching through options tick enhancement normal Qtopia
#1943 [Installer] install package time out take 15min. please reduce the Time tick enhancement normal Installer
#2110 [Installer] the arrow to go back to previous page was gone tick defect normal Installer

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1762 [illume bar menu] menu will hiding after qt-keypad when creating texts zecke defect high Qtopia
#1845 PIN-dialog show up too slow erin_yueh defect high Qtopia
#1803 Installer reports all package Download size as 0 bytes roh defect normal Distro Om2008.8
#1832 2008.8 cannot dial *123 john_lee defect normal Qtopia Om2008.8
#1858 [E-illume] "Installer" appear instead of softmenu in contacts and Messages defect normal E - Illume

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1587 can not receive SMS often zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1662 [GSM] not working properly after x hours of usage zecke defect highest kernel
#1722 [GSM] should able to make a phone call in X minutes after booting up olv enhancement highest Qtopia
#1789 2008.8 screen blanks and refuses to wakeup openmoko-kernel defect highest kernel Om2008.8
#1984 [Qt-Contact] edit SIM contact screen overlaps running applications zecke defect highest Qtopia Om2008.8
#1158 Charging stops even while connected openmoko-devel defect high kernel unspecified
#1482 [oe]AUX bottom doesn't shine red light while charging andy defect high kernel
#1634 [Assassin]"Update"&"Uninstall" button didn't lock up while installing tick@… defect high Installer
#1736 [x11] Device suspends while enlightenment/qpe/X are still starting jeremy defect high kernel GTA02v5
#1737 [e-illume icon] it shows no signal icon and signal strength is low too often. Raster defect high E - Illume GTA02v5
#1742 [illume] even the WiFi is off, the icon is still there in illume bar openmoko-kernel defect high kernel
#1884 [suspend/resume] if press power batton right after suspend, the device won't wake up andy defect high kernel Om2008.8
#1979 [Location] Deleted Tags will appear in the tag list.(specific phone) olv defect high Locations
#1987 [Qt-Contact] contact name will have limit letters when export from phone to SIM charlie defect high Qtopia Om2008.8
#1991 [Suspend] unable to suspend, just stay black screen after wake up by power button from suspend matt_hsu defect high kernel
#2048 SMS messages are not received until after a reboot. julian_chu defect high unknown Om2008.8
#2098 [illume] unable to close location & installer application raster defect high E - Illume GTA02v5
#2099 [Location] Location function is not able to use jeremmy@… defect high Locations GTA02v5
#69 Speed up System Initialization enhancement normal Distro unspecified
#1562 12 hour time format does not work zecke defect normal Qtopia
#1670 Battery life too short; phone should sleep openmoko-kernel enhancement normal kernel
#1948 [Boot screen]Please Change initial Boot to uBoot-image will defect normal kernel
#1950 [Installer] system update packages tick enhancement normal Distro
#1980 [Location] the tag list is jumping too serious when you scroll it jeremy defect normal Locations Om2008.8
#1982 [Location] the last line of tag will only show up half tick defect normal Locations
#2005 [Installer] application execution error message shows if you touch bottom bar while refreshing data tick defect normal Installer Om2008.8
#2031 Scroll list implementation tick enhancement normal unknown

Status: in_testing (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1691 [Qtopia] qpe crash happened after flash the new image tick defect highest Qtopia
#1888 [Setting] can't connect to network via wifi marek defect highest Settings Om2008.8
#1716 [Package] add .edj decompiler/compiler as a package julian task high Distro
#1822 2008.8 doesn't wake on alarm tick defect high Qtopia Om2008.8
#2032 [Installer] only show packages that are visible in launcher tick enhancement high Installer
#1795 2008.8 Qtopia keyboard - missing keys openmoko-devel enhancement normal Qtopia Om2008.8

Status: new (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1639 Only some contacts off SIM displayed zecke defect high Qtopia
#1844 [Dialer] Support Emergency Call and Alert message "No service" or "No register" ... zecke@… enhancement high Qtopia
#1887 [Qtopia : call screen] incoming call screen overlap with calendar zecke@… defect high Qtopia GTA02v6
#1977 [Locations] delete tag in Location but the Tag SMS will be empty text and can't be delete jeremy defect high Locations Om2008.8
#2596 How you can Employ a great Exercise Ball As a Seat raster task high E - Illume GTA02v5
#2597 How you can Employ a great Exercise Ball As a Seat raster task high E - Illume GTA02v5
#2635 Fast Solutions For decorative pillows Revealed documentation task high documentation Om2008.4
#2653 Considering Real-World decorative pillows Secrets openmoko-devel enhancement high production testing Om2008.8
#1752 [Qt-keypad] when enter the passwords, it will show up the numbers on the keypad zecke enhancement normal Qtopia
#1906 [qtopia] Duplicate SMS in inbox zecke defect normal Qtopia
#1949 [Qtopia : keyboard ] added space automatically when type something in keyboard zecke@… defect normal Qtopia
#2027 [Settings] Update designs to match flash doc will enhancement normal Settings
#2627 Thinking About Key Aspects For decorative pillows hardware task normal hardware GTA01Bv4
#2605 Healthful U -- Exactly what You Seated upon? Using Exercise Balls tick task low Installer Om2008.4
#2644 Root Criteria In decorative pillows - The Best Routes openmoko-devel enhancement low host utilities Om2007.11
#2649 Insights On Products In decorative pillows openmoko-devel task low host utilities FSO-MS2
#2657 An Introduction To Painless Methods For decorative pillows hardware task low hardware Om2008.4
#2675 Outlines For Straightforward Secrets Of memory foam mattress hardware task low hardware Om2008.8
#2617 Elements For decorative pillows - The Facts marek task lowest Settings Om2007.11
#2664 Uncomplicated decorative pillows Secrets Explained marek enhancement lowest Locations Om2007.2
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