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#2656 The Options For Systems For decorative pillows new marek task Om2008.11 Settings
#2673 Exploring Real-World memory foam mattress Plans new marek enhancement Om2007.2 Settings
#950 Xfbdev / tslib segfault in ts_close() assigned openmoko-devel defect Xfbdev (kdrive), Xglamo
#2112 2008.8-updates down! new documentation defect documentation
#2642 Insights On Products In decorative pillows new documentation enhancement Om2008.8 documentation
#1719 sd card not recognized new hardware defect Om2008.8 hardware
#1770 NAND u-boot jams FM radio assigned hardware defect hardware
#1902 Wifi can't connect at all new hardware defect hardware
#2147 Defective Unit new hardware defect hardware
#2149 USB Port broken off new hardware defect hardware
#2229 GSM was working fine for months, suddenly will not register using any GSM stack accepted joerg defect hardware
#2291 AT+CCLK sometimes returns corrupted time new hardware defect hardware
#2310 charging N900 with gta02 causes the gta02 to overheat assigned joerg defect hardware
#2335 GSM buzz on FreeRunner A7 (seven) new hardware defect hardware
#2608 A health club soccer ball as being a easy chair for the back ache individual new hardware task Om2007.2 hardware
#2615 10 Factors to make use of a good Exercise Ball because Your own Seat new hardware enhancement Om2008.8 hardware
#2627 Thinking About Key Aspects For decorative pillows new hardware task Om2008.10 hardware
#2681 Standards For decorative pillows Advice new hardware task Om2008.9 hardware
#676 dfu-util upload causes data corruption reopened willie_chen@… defect host utilities
#2046 Toolchain has problems with C++ code... new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2047 "slow emulation","no quit buttton in an application" and "no scrolling" openmoko on qemu new openmoko-devel enhancement host utilities
#2054 Toolchain does not support --prefix switch of configure new openmoko-devel enhancement host utilities
#2060 devirginator unable to run 'download' step new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2065 [OE] Fails to build machine="x86": "DEVICE" no such file or directory. new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2348 dfu-util shows only one partition new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2630 The Options For Vital Factors For decorative pillows new openmoko-devel task FSO host utilities
#2648 Real-World decorative pillows Solutions - Some Thoughts new openmoko-devel enhancement Om2008.9 host utilities
#1812 GTA01 QVGA framebuffer has lines and bad colour assigned openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2178 usb0 configuration doesn't respect usb events new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2208 consider sending touchscreen release event on resume? new openmoko-kernel enhancement kernel
#2212 pppd: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0x4d0 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2215 distros using fso-gsm0710muxd will not register new openmoko-kernel defect FSO kernel
#2217 Noise screen of death: Freerunner looses SDIO connection new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2222 kernel-module-dm-crypt gone new openmoko-kernel enhancement kernel
#2232 unplugging with gadgetfs causes panic: "softlockup: blocked tasks" in_testing openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2237 pcf50633 INT1 and INT3 flood logs with gadgetfs keyboard new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2238 CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER panics very early new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2270 Spurious ar6000_wow interrupts wake up the GTA02 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2278 kernel: g_file_storage fails with usb 1-1: failed to restore interface 0 altsetting 0 (error=-110) new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2279 toggling backlight very fast blocks reads of /proc/apm new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2295 cpufreq: serial ports fail after suspend/resume: rxerr: port=1 ch=0x24, rxs=0x00000001 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2302 led blinks even when brightness is set to 0 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2309 hangs during resume after printing GSTATUS4 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2311 bq27000 driver should expose CI (capacity inaccurate) flag new PaulFertser enhancement kernel
#2312 /sys/class/backlight/gta02-bl/bl_power is 0 but backlight is on new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2313 Device neo1973-pm-gsm.0 failed to suspend: error -16 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2316 "unable to enumerate usb device" when bt unplugged new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2318 rtcwake: /dev/rtc0 not enabled for wakeup events new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2324 resume_reason can show EINT01_GSM even if GSM is off new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2326 BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at /local/lindi/scm/neolinux/kernel/rwsem.c:21 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2327 wifi sometimes fails to start with "ar6000_activate: Failed to activate -4" when DEBUG_KERNEL/PREEMPT are disabled new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2328 touschreen sometimes stops generating events new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2329 arecord -D plughw:0,0 => oops BUG? (substream->stream != SNDRV_PCM_STREAM_CAPTURE) new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2330 recording from usb headset and playing back audio at the same time prints "frame 0 active: -18" new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2333 Intermittent kernel oops when using wifi in_testing openmoko-devel defect kernel
#2334 Freezing of tasks failed after 20.00 seconds (1 tasks refusing to freeze) new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2338 ttySAC nodes are not created automatically with devtmpfs new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2344 early WSOD with linux 2.6.32 and Qi new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2345 all pixels are white after xset dpms force off/on new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2346 /sys/class/leds has only one led new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2347 speaker-test fails with Write error: -110,Connection timed out new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2360 BUG: stream = 0, pos = 0x2ee0000, buffer size = 0x4000, period size = 0x400 new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2361 reproducible way to hang the kernel when changing baudrate of serial port new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2367 Restore Bluetooth state on resume new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2368 Please integrate DRM/KMS support new openmoko-kernel enhancement kernel
#2369 cat s3c2440-uart.1/clock_source causes oops in s3c24xx_serial_show_clksrc new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2477 2.6.34: NULL pointer dereference in soc_suspend new openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#2581 Exercise Ball Seat Physical exercises new openmoko-kernel enhancement Om2008.12 kernel
#2623 Uncomplicated Systems For decorative pillows - The Inside Track new openmoko-kernel task stable-kernel-2009.1 kernel
#2636 Clear-Cut Solutions For decorative pillows - Updated new openmoko-kernel task Om2008.12 kernel
#543 Unable to build against uninstalled version of the library new mickey enhancement openmoko-libs
#1905 packagekit daemon crashing due to interactive pacakge install? accepted tick defect opkg
#2052 cannot install packages on card accepted tick defect opkg
#2120 opkg doesn't install all files on upgrade in_testing tick defect opkg
#2151 opkg upgrade need to upgrade twice from Om2008.9 release to Testing Dec 2'nd accepted tick defect opkg
#2271 2009 opkg upgrade segmentation fault accepted Nytowl defect Om2009 opkg
#2646 Finding Effortless Secrets For decorative pillows new tick task Om2008.8 opkg
#2301 [OM2009T5] paroli wifi power off fails new mirko defect Om2009 paroli
#1104 GTA01 Hardware keys don't work under Linux 2.6 in qemu new balrogg@… defect qemu-neo1973
#2365 u-boot/mokopatches 2df49277c9 does not compile new defect u-boot
#946 Scrollwheel support for kinetic scroll new chris enhancement unknown
#1377 Plugging in Headset doesn't silence external speakers assigned openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#1535 Qtopia settime bugs new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1536 Qtopia callscreen bugs new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1568 Log in U-Boot through NOR Flash not working in_testing openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1606 Match numbers to contacts more fuzzy new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#1676 Something crash and the window switcher disappears new openmoko-devel defect Om2007.2 unknown
#1677 If application is closed the <unnamed> is shown in home instead of name of operator new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1689 openmoko-mediaplayer generates invalid xspf playlists new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1693 pulseaudio issues lots of warnings "sink-input.c: Failed to create sink input: too many inputs per sink." new openmoko-devel defect Om2007.2 unknown
#1694 gpe-scap fails to save PNG because of UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 conversion new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1714 Mediaplayer sometimes does not start up. accepted Abraxa defect unknown
#1715 SSH / Dropbear connections over the USB link frequently freezes new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1729 pulseaudio consumes 6% cpu time constantly new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1732 ecore_event_handler_del() input handle pointer is NULL new openmoko-devel defect Om2007.2 unknown
#1733 Error on console : "exquisite-write for communication" new openmoko-devel defect Om2007.2 unknown
#1750 Range-based automatic network configuration new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#1754 screen locker killed forever by aux button new openmoko-devel defect Om2007.2 unknown
#1777 gpe-scap makes just screenshots of his own loading screen new openmoko-devel defect Om2008.8 unknown
#1819 FATAL: Error inserting snd_soc_neo1973_wm8753 new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
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