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#1649 SMS messages show up as MIME attachment assigned defect Qtopia
#1653 [QT-Contacts] view contact info, option menu covered "Hide" assigned graeme defect Distro
#1665 use dnsmasque for local dns caching assigned openmoko-devel enhancement Distro
#1677 If application is closed the <unnamed> is shown in home instead of name of operator new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1681 qpe crashes when it cant open GSM serial new zecke defect Qtopia
#1689 openmoko-mediaplayer generates invalid xspf playlists new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1694 gpe-scap fails to save PNG because of UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 conversion new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1714 Mediaplayer sometimes does not start up. accepted Abraxa defect unknown
#1715 SSH / Dropbear connections over the USB link frequently freezes new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1729 pulseaudio consumes 6% cpu time constantly new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1746 qtmail closes connection when sending SMTP mail with TLS assigned openmoko-devel defect Qtopia
#1750 Range-based automatic network configuration new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#1753 UTF-8 characters gets screwed up when ssh:ing assigned openmoko-devel defect Distro
#1767 Enlightenment Error assigned john_lee defect E - Illume
#1770 NAND u-boot jams FM radio assigned hardware defect hardware
#1781 Lat/Long: Displayed as phone number new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#1791 Exit application - suggestion new will enhancement Graphic Design
#1807 rejecting calls sends "call not allowed" new zecke defect Qtopia
#1812 GTA01 QVGA framebuffer has lines and bad colour assigned openmoko-kernel defect kernel
#1819 FATAL: Error inserting snd_soc_neo1973_wm8753 new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#1864 Keyboard needs to have a non-predictive mode assigned will defect unknown
#1882 QTopia mediarecorder doesn't record at all! new zecke defect Qtopia
#1889 Dialogs problems in illume new raster defect E - Illume
#1890 gdb problems (single stepping and debug symbol table) in_testing openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1902 Wifi can't connect at all new hardware defect hardware
#1904 om2008.8 wifi don't get always an ipv4 ip new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1905 packagekit daemon crashing due to interactive pacakge install? accepted tick defect opkg
#1933 usb network connection flaky new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1934 Can't use headphones during a call new zecke defect Qtopia
#1935 Om 2008.8: Provide additional languages for predictive mode of keyboard new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#1936 PIN entry should default to numeric input new zecke defect Qtopia
#1953 tty setup for gps at startup -- /etc/init.d/gps-hardware new Nytowl enhancement Distro
#1960 On screen keyboard does not work in landscape mode in_testing openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1961 Distortion when switching to/from landscape mode reopened openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1964 [ti calypso] Sometimes TI Calypso fails to dial out and is not reachable new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#1965 Failed to build if OE and QtopiaSDK coexisting on the same host assigned openmoko-devel enhancement Distro
#1966 The qtopia addressbook does not provide a search bar assigned will enhancement Qtopia
#1975 Wrong Phone Matching in Qtopia new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#1976 Redial last called number new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#1990 Illume virtual keybard uses too much space in landscape mode new raster enhancement E - Illume
#1995 Qtopia Quicker Finger Scrolling new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#2004 screen is blank (black) after resume new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2007 [kernel] SD voltage higher after resume new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2011 Include python-mokoui in libmokoui2 compilation accepted tick enhancement Distro
#2012 2008 updated and FDOM failure to register to vodafone Australia new zecke defect Qtopia
#2013 qpe searches /media/card recursively new zecke defect Qtopia
#2026 [qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook] Overwrites home phone num with mobile phone num for VCF from Sharp GX17 Mobile new zecke defect Qtopia
#2028 gpsd does not install libgpsmm.h and gpsd_config.h in staging dir new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2029 [qtopia] +CUSD wronlgy decoded in_testing tick defect unknown
#2038 Qtopia USSD requests support in_testing tick enhancement Qtopia
#2040 [qtmail] Backup/Recover SMS from Flash/SIM/SD media assigned openmoko-devel enhancement Qtopia
#2043 GTA02 WiFi signal reception too weak new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2046 Toolchain has problems with C++ code... new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2047 "slow emulation","no quit buttton in an application" and "no scrolling" openmoko on qemu new openmoko-devel enhancement host utilities
#2049 Illume dynamic dictionary has some problems... new raster enhancement E - Illume
#2050 Phone doesn't suspend after recieving text message in_testing openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2052 cannot install packages on card accepted tick defect opkg
#2054 Toolchain does not support --prefix switch of configure new openmoko-devel enhancement host utilities
#2056 /etc/resolv.conf is empty on first boot assigned john_lee defect Distro
#2057 1bit errors in files new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2060 devirginator unable to run 'download' step new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2063 mmcblk0: unknown partition table new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2065 [OE] Fails to build machine="x86": "DEVICE" no such file or directory. new openmoko-devel defect host utilities
#2066 Voip-Handset.state file does Speakerout new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2074 [SD] Need to check if the block count is > 0 in s3c24xx_mmci.c new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2075 application reloading if called from "home" menu, om 2008.9 new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#2085 Combining SIM telephone numers in single contact and improved import and export new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2086 Improve application icon quality new will defect Graphic Design
#2090 GPS driver gllin distributed in .ipk format but opkg wants newer .opk format new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2094 Regression: GTK apps wont redraw after closing menus new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2096 [testing image]after flash new image can't ssh neo (need to reboot twice) accepted Nytowl defect unknown
#2102 USSD dont works new zecke defect Qtopia
#2103 Include scaleable versions (SVG) of openmoko-standard icons new will enhancement Graphic Design
#2104 Morse code announcing who is calling or texting new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#2105 Offer GUI for PIN, PUK and IMEI management new zecke enhancement Qtopia
#2106 python-profile package should have python-textutils as dependency in_testing openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2107 [Devellopement] Cross Qt4 devellopement is difficult to get new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#2108 Update to newer mono version new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#2111 [GSM] Suspend overrides incoming call new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2112 2008.8-updates down! new documentation defect documentation
#2114 use geoclue for location awareness new openmoko-devel enhancement unknown
#2118 opkg-utils' shebang line expects Python in /usr/bin/ new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2119 [qt-contact] Cannot find a contact in dialer menu in_testing john_lee defect Qtopia
#2120 opkg doesn't install all files on upgrade in_testing tick defect opkg
#2122 Send Busy icon displayed when making out going calls in_testing john_lee defect Qtopia
#2125 Unable to uninstall applications in Installer if the installing was not complete accepted tick defect Installer
#2129 update Java packages in OpenMoko new Nytowl enhancement Distro
#2130 add jamvm and phoneme-advanced-foundation to openmoko new Nytowl enhancement Distro
#2132 boot hangs unable to start portmap new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2136 Freerunner QVGA portrait mode wrong colors new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2142 [qtopia]Contacts from dialer is displayed in small screen when many applications open in_testing jeremy defect unknown
#2147 Defective Unit new hardware defect hardware
#2149 USB Port broken off new hardware defect hardware
#2151 opkg upgrade need to upgrade twice from Om2008.9 release to Testing Dec 2'nd accepted tick defect opkg
#2153 GTK based apps have a too large font and widgets are pushed out of view accepted john_lee defect Distro
#2154 [Qtopia]Unable to 'Reply All' from sent inbox new john_lee defect unknown
#2159 [qtopia]unable to send message from contacts -Tab Call new john_lee defect Qtopia
#2161 [wifi] wpa_supplicant PEM decoding error accepted Nytowl defect Distro
#2164 numptyphysics crashes if libpng3 is not installed new openmoko-devel defect unknown
#2165 gtk layout differences between 2007.2 and 2008.testing new openmoko-devel defect unknown
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