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#2292 Phone suspends during call Nytowl defect highest Om2009
#1630 [Qtopia-Dialer]"holding attempt failed"Alert message show when press hold button in outgoing call Device which has prepaid SIM card. zecke defect high Om2008.9
#1844 [Dialer] Support Emergency Call and Alert message "No service" or "No register" ... zecke@… enhancement high Om2008.10
#1887 [Qtopia : call screen] incoming call screen overlap with calendar zecke@… defect high Om2008.10
#1460 number is cut if number is too long on call detail screen zecke defect normal Om2008.8
#1536 Qtopia callscreen bugs openmoko-devel defect normal
#1807 rejecting calls sends "call not allowed" zecke defect normal
#1934 Can't use headphones during a call zecke defect normal
#1949 [Qtopia : keyboard ] added space automatically when type something in keyboard zecke@… defect normal Om2008.10
#1976 Redial last called number zecke enhancement normal
#2075 application reloading if called from "home" menu, om 2008.9 openmoko-devel enhancement normal
#2104 Morse code announcing who is calling or texting zecke enhancement normal
#2111 [GSM] Suspend overrides incoming call openmoko-devel defect normal
#2122 Send Busy icon displayed when making out going calls john_lee defect normal
#2159 [qtopia]unable to send message from contacts -Tab Call john_lee defect normal
#2188 Use AUX button to adjust volume in a call openmoko-devel enhancement normal
#2194 Qtopia reduces echo cancelation to -6db during call zecke defect normal Om2008.12
#2259 Neo Freerunner vibrates endlessly if voicemail notice appears during a phone call openmoko-devel defect normal
#2284 After suspend, phone does not ring on incoming call Nytowl defect normal Om2009
#2305 GSM connection hangs up when during a call a second incoming call is not answered openmoko-devel defect normal Om2009
#2326 BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at /local/lindi/scm/neolinux/kernel/rwsem.c:21 openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2338 ttySAC nodes are not created automatically with devtmpfs openmoko-kernel defect normal
#1601 can not hear anything after disconnected third parties call zecke defect low Om2008.8
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