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#1423 it Makes serious noise when incoming a call or arriving new message during Blank graeme defect highest Qtopia unspecified
#1438 can not boot continue after error message julian_chu@… defect highest kernel GTA02v5
#1444 There is no default map, left magnifying glass, function bar menu, and red spot jeremy@… defect highest Locations GTA02v5
#1445 Input PIN number screen does not shows up again after ignore once. zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1446 "show keypad" menu is half broken after answer the call zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1447 it makes little bit noise when Device is Ringing zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1448 still Ringing even press send busy when incoming a call zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1449 incoming a call screen show broken keypad when Ringing if previous time does not hide keypad zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1450 if press option menu during call activity, bottom bar does not changed to cancel. zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1451 when press hold "hold attempt fail" message appear then, not be hold zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1452 if press Hold from Main screen main screen will change to resume but option still can see hold menu zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1454 during call activity, if third Party call disconnecting before answer ,the screen still display incoming call menu zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1455 it makes serious noise from speaker if press option during third party call activity zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1457 press option does not appear if there is no any call history zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1458 some Dialed history does not show date and time of detail zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1459 save to contact function does not working in call history screen zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1461 there is no function to delete call number in call history zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1462 there is no button to select yes or no in missed call notice message box zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1463 there is no map when select time zone more zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1464 after changed set time , clock and illume top bar time still does not changed as set time zecke@… defect highest Qtopia
#1468 Cannot set account for MMS zecke@… defect highest Qtopia GTA02v5
#1470 Cannot print the message out zecke@… defect highest Qtopia GTA02v5
#1488 call handling: Do not suspend during calls raster defect highest Qtopia
#1520 Package Thumbnails are all the same tick defect highest Installer
#1559 sometimes can not make a call and show Alert messages. zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1572 remove 'help' listing from all options menu zecke enhancement highest Qtopia
#1594 Can not view any packages in assassin tick defect highest Installer
#1605 "Messages": The application is badly resized on start and does not show properly. zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1640 [Audio] Improve overall audio experience in ASU graeme defect highest kernel
#1667 [Installer]Uninstall maps does not work tick defect highest Installer
#1680 [Exposure] can't scroll in exposure marek defect highest Settings
#1747 [systemsoftware] can not get signal after flash new image zecke@… defect highest Qtopia GTA02v5
#1763 The qpe process vanished. (bootind 2008.8) openmoko-devel defect highest unknown GTA02v5
#1801 OM2008.8 Cannot make calls but can receive calls openmoko-devel defect highest unknown GTA02v5
#1418 Battery and time icons disappeared by drag to end of Right side on Applet. julian_chu@… defect high E - Illume GTA02v5
#1421 when Plug the USB cable or Charger icon does not changed if Battery is full icon julian_chu@… defect high kernel GTA02v5
#1424 There is no function to serching the number from contacts on sending screen in jeremy defect high Locations GTA02v5
#1425 keyboard does not disappear if don’t Touch cancel on the edit screen of Splinter. jeremy defect high Locations GTA02v5
#1439 bottom line still shows Delete menu if input number then Press contact icon on Dialer screen zecke defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1440 when press option menu does not appear on Dialer screen zecke@… defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1443 Dialing Through Speaker makes serious noise graeme defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1466 it goes to select day screen after setting Alarm Off zecke@… defect high Qtopia
#1469 Cannot save the number to Contacts via Messages function zecke@… defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1478 Highlight and un-highligh menu bar for Splinter at press and release only olv@… defect high Locations GTA02v5
#1479 Limit Splinter tag titles to 2 lines, 20 letters/line, 40 total olv defect high Locations GTA02v5
#1481 Cannot create new message zecke@… defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1484 The phone did not wake up from blank time when there's an incoming call. zecke defect high kernel
#1487 Booting screen showed up when end up suspend time matt_hsu defect high kernel
#1491 Refresh Cache crashes Assassin when there is no WiFi tick enhancement high Installer
#1492 Change blank tagsto say "No Title" jeremy@… defect high Locations
#1495 Suspend time ended but no SMS/Incoming call show up zecke defect high kernel
#1496 Messages: change "Back" button into "Searching" in search screen zecke defect high Qtopia
#1519 Default Map packages julian_chu enhancement high Installer
#1529 The screen shows one more same number short second then disappear zecke defect high Qtopia
#1534 after Launch the Splinter GPS will be Turned off automatically. jeremy@… defect high Locations
#1543 category list takes 6 seconds after confirming alert message tick enhancement high Installer
#1553 [Qtopia : send message] sometimes it shows "sending : 2 messages" even i sent one. zecke defect high Qtopia
#1575 exposure: scrolling is unusable raster enhancement high E - Illume
#1581 use images for icons raster task high E - Illume
#1583 disable blank time, keep suspend/resume raster@… defect high E - Illume
#1588 can not make third party call zecke defect high Qtopia
#1608 when make a call if press number manually it does not show name even the number saved in contacts zecke defect high Qtopia
#1623 Suspend on power button: first turn off screen, then suspend andy enhancement high kernel
#1624 Active Calls: Remove .desktop file zecke enhancement high unknown
#1632 [callscreen ] The option menu is positioned to be above the softmenu which makes the menu unusable zecke defect high Qtopia
#1633 [Dialer] Device does not ringing when set Ring only zecke@… defect high Qtopia
#1638 Replace current progress bar with asterisk progress wheel raster enhancement high E - Illume
#1659 [QT-Dialer] Can't open the option menu while call active or out going phone call zecke defect high Qtopia
#1660 [QT-Keypad] qt-keypad can not show up symbols zecke defect high Qtopia
#1682 Neo turns off before reaching X openmoko-kernel defect high kernel GTA02v5
#1692 [Qt-keyboard] softmenu hidden by a black window zecke@… defect high Qtopia
#1700 [Qtopia] sometimes Device does not Ringing zecke@… defect high Qtopia
#1759 [Qtopia : contacts] remove set group ringtone function zecke@… enhancement high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1880 No GSM signal anymore after receiving a call zecke defect high Qtopia Om2008.8
#1420 Battery icon does not change immediately when plug USB or Charger. zecke defect normal kernel GTA02v5
#1427 Scroll bar does not appear in list screen if the Tags more then 6. jeremy defect normal Locations GTA02v5
#1428 if don’t input anything in title box still can save jeremy enhancement normal Locations GTA02v5
#1441 when make a outgoing call , screen will shows number with "-" symbol short seconds zecke@… defect normal Qtopia GTA02v5
#1453 there is no function to delete number during call activity show keypad then input number. zecke defect normal Qtopia
#1465 help's home screen does not show any information. zecke@… defect normal Qtopia
#1474 Cannot send SMS VCard out zecke defect normal Qtopia GTA02v5
#1475 How to make Speed Dial work zecke@… defect normal Qtopia GTA02v5
#1480 Illume theme is showing qwertz to manually control the keyboard state zecke@… defect normal unknown GTA02v5
#1485 press answer button does not connected call immediately when incoming a call. zecke@… defect normal Qtopia
#1486 after Answer the call still incoming a call from same number zecke@… defect normal Qtopia
#1494 when blanktime off, suspend mode should be deactivated(enhancement) raster enhancement normal E - Illume
#1503 There are two similar functions Option of Messaseg but one of them is useless zecke enhancement normal Qtopia
#1510 Can not open the application from home screen if it is already in the e-illume bar zecke@… defect normal E - Illume
#1511 Take screen shot with gpe-scap press "Browse" will cause Enlightment crash raster@… defect normal unknown
#1517 Back button not always working tick defect normal Installer
#1521 Remove diversity-nav package tick defect normal Installer
#1525 Exposure Crashes (or at least its inaccessible) raster@… defect normal E - Illume
#1526 there is scroll bar but does not moving zecke@… defect normal Qtopia
#1527 Assassin in update screen will jump out "Fatal message" very often tick@… defect normal unknown
#1528 Assassin in update screen will jump out "Fatal message" very often tick defect normal Installer
#1544 alert message should come in sequence to application tick enhancement normal Installer
#1546 package details are slow to get (always) tick enhancement normal Installer
#1549 [exposure] want to launch exposure again while it is in the e-illume bar, need 5~10 sec marek defect normal E - Illume
#1551 [Messages]option menu is covered "hide" button when press option. zecke defect normal unknown
#1554 [Qtopia : Contacts]when press option still will shows "save to contacts" even number already saved in contacts zecke defect normal Qtopia
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