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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1548 Test that adding a repository actually works tick defect highest Installer
#1586 Antenna show with signal, but can't make any phone call or receive call (no alert message) zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1721 [QT-Dialer] Sometimes can not hear anything during connecting the call zecke defect highest Qtopia
#1897 OM2008.8-upgrade: PIN dialog not showing up zecke defect highest Qtopia Om2008.8
#1944 [Location] The tag saved at wrong place while moving jeremy defect highest Locations Om2008.8
#1422 Device doesn’t wake up from blank time when incoming a call and SMS zecke@… defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1489 sometimes volume is too low during a call tick defect high hardware
#1522 Update packages tick enhancement high Installer
#1610 it can save as same name(duplicate), same number and same group name as well. charlie defect high Qtopia
#1697 [Battery] No Alert message when battery is low raster enhancement high E - Illume
#1698 [E-illume bar] time will changing after take off battery. andy defect high kernel
#1704 [QT-Callscreen] Button are disappeared and Only shows Dialing number if Device get incoming a call when make a Outgoing call(before other side answer the call) zecke@… defect high Qtopia GTA02v5
#1734 [settings] wifi show up "unknown" marek defect high Distro
#1739 [settings] Profile will show up "unknow" message marek defect high Settings
#1741 Category levels get switched around tick defect high Installer
#1760 [Qt-dialer] Can't really end up outgoing calls if the other side did not pick it up zecke defect high Qtopia
#1816 om-locations-map-pack freezes the Freerunner olv defect high Locations GTA02v5
#1952 [Systemsoftware] it wakes up from suspend but screen is blank time andy@… defect high kernel
#1959 Qtopia build key needs to be set julian_chu defect high Distro Om2008.8
#1978 [Location] Tag will shows "New" even already Opened once. (or "Today" even yesterday's tags) jeremy@… defect high Locations
#1560 [Qtopia-clock]sometimes can not see world map. zecke defect normal Qtopia
#1619 [Installer]progress bar just stop and does not show Failed Alert messages if remove usbcable during downloading tick@… defect normal Installer
#1627 [Dialer] The bottom bar menu show "Mute" when incoming a call even setting slient or vibrate only zecke defect normal Qtopia
#1706 [Installer] install package time out without warning message tick defect normal Installer
#1792 SMS not received properly during suspend zecke defect normal Qtopia Om2008.8
#1836 [settings] can't close "Setting" immediately marek defect normal Settings Om2008.8
#1878 infinite recursion in om-locations-map-pack.c olv@… defect normal Locations Om2008.8
#1883 [Installer] did not show up right category if click fast tick defect normal Installer Om2008.9-dev
#1891 dfu-util from 28-Aug-2008 does not run on 32bit x86 graeme defect normal Distro Om2008.8
#1928 Settings don't change the suspend time marek defect normal Settings
#1941 Qtopia Contact cannot shows utf8 correctly tick defect normal Qtopia Om2008.9-dev
#1962 PV in should be higher then asu.stable Nytowl defect normal Distro Om2008.9-dev
#1971 keep retrieving all SMS list even there is no message in SIM zecke defect normal Qtopia Om2008.8
#1685 [Suspend/Resume time] The device insist to go suspend even after touch the screen to wake it up from blank time raster enhancement low E - Illume

Resolution: invalid (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1661 Unable to send saved tags by entering number (must have) jeremy defect highest Locations
#1635 [Dialer] An outgoing call is not established (connected) but goes from the dialing state directly to disconnected defect high Qtopia
#1735 [u-boot] get different screen. werner@… defect normal kernel GTA02v5
#1764 [exposure] cannot switch layout on Om 2008.8 keyboard marek enhancement normal Qtopia

Resolution: wontfix (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1419 [splinter] Saved tag as same place will be overlap. jeremy defect high Locations
#1603 Device does not notice any Alert tone or vibration when new message arrived during calling. zecke defect high Qtopia
#1862 stop boot openmoko-kernel defect high kernel GTA02v6
#1981 [GPS] is inaccurate / [Location] red spot sparkling by around location not exactly where we are. jeremy defect normal hardware

Resolution: duplicate (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1900 different displayed clocks openmoko-devel defect normal unknown Om2008.9-dev
#2006 [Installer] package list jumping too serious when you scroll it tick defect normal Installer
#1893 Adding an "update all"/select function button to assassin/installer tick enhancement lowest Installer Om2008.8

Resolution: community (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2083 Missing Dependency python-pygps --> python-datetime Nytowl defect normal Distro
#2100 USSD: if request contain non latin symbols it will be shown as garbage Nytowl defect normal Distro Om2008.8
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