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#1610 it can save as same name(duplicate), same number and same group name as well. charlie 8 years
#1971 keep retrieving all SMS list even there is no message in SIM zecke 9 years
#1792 SMS not received properly during suspend zecke 9 years
#1627 [Dialer] The bottom bar menu show "Mute" when incoming a call even setting slient or vibrate only zecke 9 years
#1560 [Qtopia-clock]sometimes can not see world map. zecke 9 years
#1704 [QT-Callscreen] Button are disappeared and Only shows Dialing number if Device get incoming a call when make a Outgoing call(before other side answer the call) zecke@… 9 years
#1760 [Qt-dialer] Can't really end up outgoing calls if the other side did not pick it up zecke 9 years
#1586 Antenna show with signal, but can't make any phone call or receive call (no alert message) zecke 9 years
#1941 Qtopia Contact cannot shows utf8 correctly tick 9 years
#1897 OM2008.8-upgrade: PIN dialog not showing up zecke 9 years
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