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#2258 xf86-video-glamo: task mmcqd:572 blocked for more than 120 seconds. closed defect low stable-kernel-2009.1 kernel
#2221 xserver-xglamo sometimes freezes and consumes 90% cpu time closed defect normal unknown
#2203 fails to parse closed defect normal Distro
#2179 GTA02 ASoC capture kernel oops closed defect normal FSO kernel
#2160 bluetooth is powered up on resume and bootup closed defect highest kernel
#2139 [QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS comes in closed defect normal Qtopia
#2126 xserver-xglamo eats 100% cpu time after resume closed defect normal unknown
#2089 flash sms messages are not recieved (prepaid phone, cannot query credit) closed defect normal Qtopia
#2048 SMS messages are not received until after a reboot. closed defect high Om2008.10 unknown
#2036 resize2fs /dev/mmcblk02p2 128m seg faults closed defect highest unknown
#2035 [2008.8 updated]White screen of death at startup closed defect normal unknown
#2023 Continuous gsm registering closed defect normal unknown
#2010 URLs in SMS messages appear in huge type closed defect normal Qtopia
#2009 [battery] The battery stops with charching, if it's fully charched. closed defect normal unknown
#2006 [Installer] package list jumping too serious when you scroll it closed defect normal Om2008.9 Installer
#1992 Suspend/Resume plays up when initiated manually closed defect normal unknown
#1973 Enlightenment is slow to start / restart / update closed defect normal E - Illume
#1963 X orientation left and right mess screen when return from suspend closed defect normal Om2008.8 Distro
#1945 om2008.8: Sometimes I can't call my FreeRunner when it is in suspend (with logread/x.log/dmesg) closed defect highest unknown
#1932 Suspend mode OFF not working closed defect normal Settings
#1900 different displayed clocks closed defect normal Om2008.9 unknown
#1893 Adding an "update all"/select function button to assassin/installer closed enhancement lowest Om2008.9 Installer
#1875 Phone keeps on waking up (suspend (wait few seconds or minutes) => wakeup (wait 10s)=> suspend) closed enhancement normal Qtopia
#1874 Dhclient Does not create leased directories closed defect normal Distro
#1873 Mediaplayer does not load Proper alsa scenario closed defect highest unknown
#1850 qtopia datebook does not raise alarm closed defect normal Qtopia
#1810 buildhost builds incorrect qtopia-x11 image which is not ASU closed defect highest unknown
#1806 wifi status UNKNOWN in Settings (exposure) closed defect normal Om2008.8 Settings
#1800 Add stylus centric keyboard or keyboard mode. closed enhancement normal Graphic Design
#1793 Please do not suspend when USB (power) is connected closed enhancement normal kernel
#1790 Om2008.8 Cannot make or receive calls closed defect highest unknown
#1782 Contacts decoding closed defect normal Qtopia
#1776 wrong offset in landscape mode on 2008.8 closed defect high Om2008.8 unknown
#1775 qpe on 2008.8 crashes on startup closed defect highest Om2008.8 kernel
#1772 no battery display, always "charging" closed defect normal E - Illume
#1761 [e-illume] Battery charging icon always show up closed defect high Om2008.8 E - Illume
#1758 [Qtopia: Email] remove E-mail function closed enhancement high Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1755 openmoko-messages segfaults closed defect highest Om2007.2 Installer
#1738 [Alert message in home screen] Crashed Alert message with vibration closed defect normal Qtopia
#1737 [e-illume icon] it shows no signal icon and signal strength is low too often. closed defect high Om2008.10 E - Illume
#1725 altgr sometimes gets stuck in openmoko-terminal closed defect low unknown
#1724 [FSO] cannot input number or * or # while in communication closed defect high FSO unknown
#1645 Keys remapping when USB is connected closed defect normal unknown
#1625 conman/wifi driver: can connect to wifi network only once closed defect highest Om2008.8 kernel
#1607 TS misalignment when in landscape mode closed defect highest unknown
#1577 back button has no transparent box underneath closed enhancement low Om2008.8 unknown
#1574 create Qtopia Email package to be installed through Assassin closed enhancement low Om2008.8 Distro
#1570 dependency problem with ncurses closed defect highest unknown
#1558 qemu from openmoko cannot be build closed defect normal unknown
#1555 can't input pin numbers again after press "cancel" in the option menu closed enhancement highest Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1539 Multitap keyboard in terminal and SMS maps differently with USB replugged closed defect normal unknown
#1368 GTA02 resume from suspend freeze touch panel on lock screen closed defect high Core System
#1361 'opkg list' locks entire OS when no network connection is available closed defect high opkg
#1349 Multitap keypad disappears on password fields closed defect high libgtkinput
#1348 Can't figure out how much mony is left on my prepaid card closed defect high gsmd
#1339 matchbox-keyboard sometimes has a locked enter key closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#1329 GTA02: LEDs are not individually controllable closed defect high kernel
#1325 Battery icon display cannot decrease automatically closed defect high kernel
#1324 Headset doesn't work closed defect highest openmoko-dialer
#1275 Message filter does not work closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1274 Loudspeaker not working after connection established closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1272 SMS button does not do anything closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1270 matchbox keyboard maps differently with USB plugged in closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#1256 Boot time too slow closed defect highest Applications & Dependencies
#1249 No Wifi in Managed Mode closed defect high kernel
#1207 Unable to unlock phone, OpenMoko logo unmovable closed defect normal Applications & Dependencies
#1205 Qwerty keyboard covers button when screen in locked mode closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#1188 Entering e-mail address causes "phantom" button presses closed defect high openmoko-contacts
#1146 Ret key in phone number makes contacts go crazy closed defect high openmoko-contacts
#1135 Suspend crashes closed defect high kernel
#1111 Incoming SMS is not displayed or notified closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1107 Italian translation missing closed defect high openmoko-feedreader
#1053 Application menu update closed defect high openmoko-today
#1008 Improve power consumption during suspend (kernel part) closed defect high kernel
#989 neod closes openmoko-today closed defect highest Applications & Dependencies
#987 pressing [return] in a text field creates multible enries closed defect high openmoko-contacts
#979 Neod kills Today screen closed defect high neod
#969 openmoko-today taskmanager application icons closed defect high openmoko-today
#925 Hanging out does not stop calling at gsmd level closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#880 hangs when playing xservers startup sound? closed defect high Audio
#871 Application launcher categories don't work right closed defect high openmoko-today
#838 App icons on 3rd tab gets wrong size closed defect high openmoko-today
#820 No icons in running apps list (3rd tab) closed defect high openmoko-today
#794 No package 'matchbox-panel' found closed defect high OE bitbake recipes / build system
#790 system clock not reset on resume closed defect normal kernel
#783 usb networking mac address changes on each boot closed defect high kernel
#780 uboot usb serial broken closed defect high u-boot
#774 qemu mouse/pointer input unreliable closed defect high qemu-neo1973
#761 gsdm does not start closed defect high gsmd
#755 Dialer assumes UNREG_BUSY will eventually register correctly closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#754 closed defect high Graphic Design
#753 closed defect high Graphic Design
#751 /etc/init.d/gsmd stop - kills own shell-script closed defect high gsmd
#738 System does not shut down correctly. closed defect high sysinit
#728 user can open various openmoko-keyboard at same time closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#726 Latest Snapshot (and several before it) does not finish booting closed defect high kernel
#717 Multiple copies of messages application can be launched closed defect normal openmoko-today
#701 bInterfaceNumber setting incorrect closed defect high host utilities
#683 /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm not compatible with busybox's /bin/ps closed defect normal sysinit
#660 dependency on webkit/gtk closed defect high OE bitbake recipes / build system
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