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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1238 SIM card contacts not displayed closed defect highest Applications & Dependencies
#1282 Remove rotate display option closed defect highest Applications & Dependencies
#1780 cannot add number in openmoko-contacts2 closed defect highest unknown
#1956 Mediaplayer2 audio quality closed defect highest Om2007.2 unknown
#45 Automatic opening input methods closed enhancement high openmoko-libs
#65 Visual indication for SMS overflow closed defect high openmoko-panel
#101 Implement GPRS setup/teardown support closed defect high gsmd
#181 Password Storage/Retrieval Application closed defect high openmoko-libs
#197 Make theme suitable for qvga screens. closed defect high Theming - Gtk+
#209 u-boot DFU needs to block console access while in DFU mode closed defect high u-boot
#259 implement 500mA charging in u-boot using wall-outlet charger closed defect high u-boot
#350 OpenMoko keyboard usability issues closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#451 Glade 3 support for openmokoui closed enhancement high openmoko-libs
#452 Openmoko widgets need to use gobject properties closed defect high openmoko-libs
#453 Use gconf bridge to achieve stateful applications closed enhancement high openmoko-libs
#765 Factory Reset writes wrong environment closed defect high u-boot
#773 Qemu should support -net usb -redir ...... closed enhancement high qemu-neo1973
#850 Standard Gtk+ file browser unusable closed defect high sysinit
#864 GTK filerequester is unusable on Neo1973 closed defect high Theming - Gtk+
#872 Implement GPS and BT power in neod power button menu closed defect high Core System
#879 File chooser dialog (gtk+) uses wrong icons closed defect high Theming - Gtk+
#895 libgsmd-tool crashes a lot on invalid inputs closed defect high gsmd
#905 media player should not try to play non-media files closed defect high openmoko-mediaplayer
#929 GConf setting for orientation closed enhancement high neod
#933 event import closed defect high openmoko-dates
#961 Scrolling of packages list produce unreadable content closed defect high openmoko-applicationmanager
#962 Neod cannot close application when menu is open closed enhancement high neod
#970 Keyboard opens and closes in a loop closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#978 Package info tab opens keyboard closed defect high openmoko-applicationmanager
#983 Filesystem navigation does not support kinematic scrolling closed defect high openmoko-mediaplayer
#996 Browser lack FullScreen button closed defect high openmoko-webbrowser
#997 Keyboard does not popup when cursor is inside of form entry closed defect high openmoko-webbrowser
#998 Keyboard autorepeat is too twitchy closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#1040 Mediaplayer adds files to a playlist in an unpredictable order closed defect high openmoko-mediaplayer
#1041 Mediaplayer gets VBR mp3 durations incorrect closed defect high openmoko-mediaplayer
#1054 Description field does not scroll view during entering data closed defect high openmoko-dates
#1055 "Delete event" icon is always enabled closed defect high openmoko-dates
#1057 openmoko-browser2 could really use a local file selection browser closed defect high openmoko-webbrowser
#1058 Web Browser renders plaintext as html -- looks ugly closed defect high openmoko-webbrowser
#1079 Dialer does not work - method does not exist closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1084 PUK Support closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1131 SIM does not register with network closed defect high GSM Modem
#1136 GSM panel applet keeps on displaying 'Connected to GSM network' notification closed defect high openmoko-panel-gsmgprs
#1162 New message event appear only with specific hardware/software configuration closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1189 Click on the program category line in the Application manager does not always open the category list. closed defect high openmoko-applicationmanager
#1197 Some messages are to high closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1199 gps power status closed defect high openmoko-panel-gps
#1200 bluetooth power status closed defect high openmoko-panel-bluetooth
#1201 gsm power status closed defect high openmoko-panel-gsmgprs
#1213 Bluetooth Power Toggle doesn't work from neod menu. closed defect high neod
#1215 Solo is unplayable closed defect high openmoko-game
#1216 The text of the unselected tab in the tabbed pane (GtkNotebook) shows almost black on black. closed defect high Theming - Gtk+
#1217 Phone number not shown when writing a new SMS / text message closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1218 Receivers phone number not listed in sent/outgoing text (SMS) messages closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1219 Only US-ASCII characters displayed closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1227 Screen saver during call closed defect high neod
#1259 IEEE 1588 support (getting the time from the GSM network) closed defect high gsmd
#1273 Dialer does not switch to missed call screen if already open closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1278 Lack of support for SIMcards which expired closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1283 openmoko-theme-standard2-qvga not working closed defect high Theming - Gtk+
#1284 Contacts are not sorted. closed defect high openmoko-contacts
#1295 timezones missing closed defect high openmoko-today
#1300 Screen Locker should display useful information closed enhancement high neod
#1301 Wrong keyboard displayed for phone number entry in Contacts closed enhancement high openmoko-contacts
#1302 "1" and "0" characters missing from associated keys closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#1303 Dialer + isn't translated to 00 so contact sort cuts don't work closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1317 Tasks never show up as overdue. closed defect high openmoko-tasks
#1331 Can't reply to "Unknown sender" closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1332 (null) contact is sometimes saved closed defect high openmoko-contacts
#1337 Keyboard is unusable closed defect high openmoko-keyboard
#1338 Font is a way to big closed defect high openmoko-webbrowser
#1340 no suspend in power menu closed defect high neod
#1341 openmoko-messages put sms in wrong folder closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1342 openmoko-messages don't print error message on dialing when no GSM connection is there closed defect high openmoko-messages
#1343 crash by surfing google images closed defect high openmoko-webbrowser
#1345 Contacts entered as would be dialed don't trigger match closed defect high openmoko-contacts
#1351 Speaker function cannot be kept when stage changes closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1355 unable to enter PIN after suspend closed defect high openmoko-dialer
#1358 Investigate using notifcation-daemon implementation from mb-panel-2 closed defect high Applications & Dependencies
#1362 neod appears in background after resume closed defect high neod
#1369 GTA02 resume from suspend freeze touch panel on lock screen closed defect high Core System
#1395 SDHC-Support closed enhancement high u-boot
#1415 Cannot power on GSM Antenna closed defect high kernel
#1431 ASU on GTA01: every QT application segfaults closed enhancement high Autobuilds / Snapshots
#1651 Incoming call tone has fixed repeat rate closed defect high unknown
#1672 [matchbox-window] <defunct> closed defect high Om2007.2 unknown
#1114 Can't unlock screen if keyboard on closed defect normal neod
#1206 Even when "Dim only, don't lock" slected, screen is locked closed defect normal Om2007.2 openmoko-screensaver
#1596 mediaplayer console output - volume changed closed defect normal kernel
#1609 Default multitap keyboard missing essential linux keys needed for terminal closed defect normal unknown
#1612 openmoko-dates doesn't update calendar entry time closed defect normal Om2007.2 unknown
#1620 Show times for SMS closed defect normal unknown
#1643 strip unwanted non-digits from SMS numbers closed defect normal Om2007.2 unknown
#1690 Missed call cannot be marked as viewed, must be deleted to stop notification closed defect normal Om2007.2 unknown
#1783 openmoko-messages segfaults immediately with a GTK error closed defect normal kernel
#1827 conflict between qpe and gsmd (openmoko-dialer2) closed defect normal Distro
#1879 [unstable] attempting to bond crashes hcid closed defect normal Distro
#1895 Games with blank icons in task-openmoko-games closed enhancement normal Distro
#1898 Phone subsystem does not always suspend/resume properly closed defect normal Om2007.2 unknown
#1954 Sound of clicks on locked screen. closed defect normal Om2007.2 kernel
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