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#1691 [Qtopia] qpe crash happened after flash the new image Qtopia defect tick in_testing 07/30/08
#1989 addressbook not handling vCard 2.1 with multiline records correctly on importing, often leading to crash (wild memory leak) Qtopia defect zecke new 09/10/08
#2018 [Qt-Contact] Editing contact name, the word between two space will disappear Qtopia defect zecke new 09/19/08
#2024 [QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS comes in Qtopia defect zecke new 09/22/08
#2045 [Om2008.9] Wifi associating is very unreliable kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 09/30/08
#2292 Phone suspends during call Distro defect Nytowl new 05/26/09
#2341 u-boot environment isn't saved unknown defect openmoko-devel new 06/02/10
#2359 there are only 1 resume_reason in sysfs kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 07/26/10
#2362 kernel from SHR-U has angle offset in the Accelerometer's output kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 08/25/10
#2364 Hanging micro sdhc card kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 09/28/10
#812 "neo1973 gsm version" command does not respond u-boot defect openmoko-kernel assigned 09/11/07
#1493 when press power button makes some noise during suspend time. kernel defect graeme@… assigned 06/23/08
#1532 Date/Time: time and country displayed outside of screen on world map Qtopia defect zecke new 07/02/08
#1563 The Calendar title bar will be broken and letter will be cut when press next arrow button Qtopia defect zecke new 07/09/08
#1621 it will show white screen when press power button from suspend time(it only happens specific phone(no.51)) kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 07/17/08
#1630 [Qtopia-Dialer]"holding attempt failed"Alert message show when press hold button in outgoing call Device which has prepaid SIM card. Qtopia defect zecke new 07/17/08
#1639 Only some contacts off SIM displayed Qtopia defect zecke new 07/17/08
#1652 [QT-Contact]add group members functionality is busted Qtopia defect zecke new 07/22/08
#1762 [illume bar menu] menu will hiding after qt-keypad when creating texts Qtopia defect zecke assigned 08/08/08
#1845 PIN-dialog show up too slow Qtopia defect erin_yueh assigned 08/21/08
#2073 voice-recording.state + arecord: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000 kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 10/17/08
#2155 opkg-native do_compile failed opkg defect tick in_testing 12/03/08
#2180 stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 12/18/08
#2227 iwconfig key restricted hanging up kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 02/04/09
#2234 sms date are empty Qtopia defect zecke new 02/17/09
#2349 Too high power consumption in 2.6.32 kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 07/19/10
#2478 linux 2.6.39: alsa state not correctly restored in resume kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 10/27/11
#2479 playing a sound and suspending at the same time => no sound at resume on 2.6.39 kernel defect openmoko-kernel new 02/11/12
#1573 remove email from messages app Qtopia enhancement zecke new 07/10/08
#1844 [Dialer] Support Emergency Call and Alert message "No service" or "No register" ... Qtopia enhancement zecke@… new 08/21/08
#2032 [Installer] only show packages that are visible in launcher Installer enhancement tick in_testing 09/24/08
#1716 [Package] add .edj decompiler/compiler as a package Distro task julian in_testing 08/01/08
#1717 [exposure-design] wifi waiting time animation Graphic Design task will new 08/01/08
#676 dfu-util upload causes data corruption host utilities defect willie_chen@… reopened 08/01/07
#950 Xfbdev / tslib segfault in ts_close() Xfbdev (kdrive), Xglamo defect openmoko-devel assigned 10/20/07
#1460 number is cut if number is too long on call detail screen Qtopia defect zecke assigned 06/11/08
#1483 when touch country on the map , it shows country name with black shadow box short seconds.please refer "testing picture" Qtopia defect zecke new 06/18/08
#1501 [messages] Progresbar in the main menu is confusing. Qtopia defect zecke@… assigned 06/25/08
#1502 [messages ] date format of displayed messages did not change after changing the date format in the settings Qtopia defect zecke assigned 06/25/08
#1505 when message copy(move) to other folder(Sent,Drafts,Trash), it does not show any progress bar. Qtopia defect zecke new 06/25/08
#1509 selected all of messages do not unselected after press back button Qtopia defect zecke new 06/26/08
#1515 Open contact function does not working Qtopia defect zecke new 06/27/08
#1516 It does not go back to Messages history tab from detail screen when press back button Qtopia defect zecke new 06/27/08
#1535 Qtopia settime bugs unknown defect openmoko-devel new 07/04/08
#1536 Qtopia callscreen bugs unknown defect openmoko-devel new 07/04/08
#1568 Log in U-Boot through NOR Flash not working unknown defect openmoko-devel in_testing 07/09/08
#1604 keypad will shows black bit if press "*" button quickly.(refer picture) Qtopia defect zecke new 07/14/08
#1653 [QT-Contacts] view contact info, option menu covered "Hide" Distro defect graeme assigned 07/22/08
#1677 If application is closed the <unnamed> is shown in home instead of name of operator unknown defect openmoko-devel new 07/28/08
#1681 qpe crashes when it cant open GSM serial Qtopia defect zecke new 07/29/08
#1689 openmoko-mediaplayer generates invalid xspf playlists unknown defect openmoko-devel new 07/29/08
#1694 gpe-scap fails to save PNG because of UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 conversion unknown defect openmoko-devel new 07/30/08
#1714 Mediaplayer sometimes does not start up. unknown defect Abraxa accepted 08/01/08
#1715 SSH / Dropbear connections over the USB link frequently freezes unknown defect openmoko-devel new 08/01/08
#1729 pulseaudio consumes 6% cpu time constantly unknown defect openmoko-devel new 08/02/08
#1770 NAND u-boot jams FM radio hardware defect hardware assigned 08/09/08
#1825 FSO doesn't detect headphone insertion unknown defect openmoko-devel new 08/15/08
#1858 [E-illume] "Installer" appear instead of softmenu in contacts and Messages E - Illume defect assigned 08/25/08
#1890 gdb problems (single stepping and debug symbol table) unknown defect openmoko-devel in_testing 08/28/08
#1904 om2008.8 wifi don't get always an ipv4 ip unknown defect openmoko-devel new 08/29/08
#1906 [qtopia] Duplicate SMS in inbox Qtopia defect zecke new 08/29/08
#1934 Can't use headphones during a call Qtopia defect zecke new 08/31/08
#1936 PIN entry should default to numeric input Qtopia defect zecke new 08/31/08
#1949 [Qtopia : keyboard ] added space automatically when type something in keyboard Qtopia defect zecke@… new 09/02/08
#1960 On screen keyboard does not work in landscape mode unknown defect openmoko-devel in_testing 09/04/08
#2004 screen is blank (black) after resume unknown defect openmoko-devel new 09/15/08
#2007 [kernel] SD voltage higher after resume unknown defect openmoko-devel new 09/15/08
#2013 qpe searches /media/card recursively Qtopia defect zecke new 09/17/08
#2026 [qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook] Overwrites home phone num with mobile phone num for VCF from Sharp GX17 Mobile Qtopia defect zecke new 09/22/08
#2028 gpsd does not install libgpsmm.h and gpsd_config.h in staging dir unknown defect openmoko-devel new 09/23/08
#2046 Toolchain has problems with C++ code... host utilities defect openmoko-devel new 09/30/08
#2050 Phone doesn't suspend after recieving text message unknown defect openmoko-devel in_testing 10/03/08
#2052 cannot install packages on card opkg defect tick accepted 10/05/08
#2056 /etc/resolv.conf is empty on first boot Distro defect john_lee assigned 10/06/08
#2057 1bit errors in files unknown defect openmoko-devel new 10/06/08
#2060 devirginator unable to run 'download' step host utilities defect openmoko-devel new 10/07/08
#2063 mmcblk0: unknown partition table unknown defect openmoko-devel new 10/08/08
#2065 [OE] Fails to build machine="x86": "DEVICE" no such file or directory. host utilities defect openmoko-devel new 10/08/08
#2074 [SD] Need to check if the block count is > 0 in s3c24xx_mmci.c unknown defect openmoko-devel new 10/18/08
#2090 GPS driver gllin distributed in .ipk format but opkg wants newer .opk format unknown defect openmoko-devel new 10/27/08
#2094 Regression: GTK apps wont redraw after closing menus unknown defect openmoko-devel new 10/29/08
#2096 [testing image]after flash new image can't ssh neo (need to reboot twice) unknown defect Nytowl accepted 10/29/08
#2102 USSD dont works Qtopia defect zecke new 11/01/08
#2106 python-profile package should have python-textutils as dependency unknown defect openmoko-devel in_testing 11/02/08
#2110 [Installer] the arrow to go back to previous page was gone Installer defect tick accepted 11/05/08
#2112 2008.8-updates down! documentation defect documentation new 11/07/08
#2118 opkg-utils' shebang line expects Python in /usr/bin/ unknown defect openmoko-devel new 11/17/08
#2119 [qt-contact] Cannot find a contact in dialer menu Qtopia defect john_lee in_testing 11/17/08
#2120 opkg doesn't install all files on upgrade opkg defect tick in_testing 11/17/08
#2122 Send Busy icon displayed when making out going calls Qtopia defect john_lee in_testing 11/18/08
#2125 Unable to uninstall applications in Installer if the installing was not complete Installer defect tick accepted 11/19/08
#2132 boot hangs unable to start portmap unknown defect openmoko-devel new 11/25/08
#2149 USB Port broken off hardware defect hardware new 12/01/08
#2161 [wifi] wpa_supplicant PEM decoding error Distro defect Nytowl accepted 12/06/08
#2164 numptyphysics crashes if libpng3 is not installed unknown defect openmoko-devel new 12/07/08
#2166 USB keyboard breaks after suspend. unknown defect openmoko-devel new 12/08/08
#2194 Qtopia reduces echo cancelation to -6db during call Qtopia defect zecke new 12/30/08
#2199 bitbake wpa-supplicant-0.6.3 fails (OSError) Distro defect openmoko-kernel reopened 01/05/09
#2200 mokomakefile/org.openmoko.asu.stable: No such file or directory: '.../libusbpp.list' unknown defect openmoko-devel new 01/05/09
#2201 [UI] bightness setting does is not being saved between sessions unknown defect openmoko-devel new 01/06/09
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