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/opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so is missing symbol _ZN13QModemService17setDefaultCharsetERK7QString

Reported by: xbaldauf Owned by: openmoko-devel
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Component: unknown Version: unspecified
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Hello, I've been upgrading from Om2008.9 (+FDOM) to Om2008.12 using "opkg upgrade". Now, qpe is not starting properly, it crashes as soon as it starts. When stracing qpe directly before the crash, the following is revealed:

[pid 1134] clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {3629, 133676000}) = 0
[pid 1134] write(13, "AT+CBC\r", 7) = 7
[pid 1134] write(2, "AtChat? : T : \"AT+CBC\" \n", 24) = 24
[pid 1134] clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {3629, 142533000}) = 0
[pid 1134] gettimeofday({1230533619, 795790}, NULL) = 0
[pid 1134] clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {3629, 148781000}) = 0
[pid 1134] writev(2, [{"qpe", 3}, {": ", 2}, {"symbol lookup error", 19}, {": ", 2}, {"/opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so", 53}, {": ", 2}, {"undefined symbol: _ZN13QModemService17setDefaultCharsetERK7QString", 66}, {"", 0}, {"", 0}, {"\n", 1}], 10) = 148
[pid 1134] exit_group(127) = ?

Apparently, qpe loads "/opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so" and this library the symbol "_ZN13QModemService17setDefaultCharsetERK7QString" to be defined, while it is apparently not defined.

Both "libficgta01vendor.so" and "qpe" seem to come from the same build repository, so there should be no versioning problem:

~#opkg search $(which qpe)
qtopia-phone-x11 - 1:4.3.2+gitr476+ba3f443faec4cefcd3805158eef70921ed39f3de-r51 - /opt/Qtopia/bin/qpe
~#opkg search /opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so
qtopia-phone-x11-phonevendor-ficgta01vendor - 1:4.3.2+gitr476+ba3f443faec4cefcd3805158eef70921ed39f3de-r51 - /opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so

Apparently, the package http://downloads.openmoko.org/repository/Om2008.8/om-gta02/qtopia-phone-x11-phonevendor-ficgta01vendor_4.3.2+gitr476+ba3f443faec4cefcd3805158eef70921ed39f3de-r51_om-gta02.opk actually expects a binary or library (the one which defines the symbol "_ZN13QModemService17setDefaultCharsetERK7QString") while not specifying that his binary or library is expected, else opkg should have installed the appropriate package.

Thus, for now, I cannot use any phone functionality on the FreeRunner?.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by xbaldauf

I tracked this down to http://git.openmoko.org/?p=qtopia.git;a=blob;f=devices/ficgta01/src/plugins/phonevendors/ficgta01/vendor_ficgta01_p.h;h=c2cc1e33fb50bce75733f2f9a09c870f9c4307fc;hb=HEAD line 489 ("setDefaultCharset(DEFAULT_CHARSET);"). Presumably, this method called is defined in a superclass, which presumably is defined in "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2". When analyzing this file, I found other (old) copies of that file dangling in my system (e.g. "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2.disabled" and "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2.danielnoethen.de") from the time where there was a need for patching around various problems. The pure existence of these libraries in turn confused "ldconfig" such that the symlink from "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4" did not point to ""/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2" but to "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2.disabled".

Thus, removing the files "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2.disabled" as well as "/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqtopiaphonemodem.so.4.3.2.danielnoethen.de" and subsequently running "ldconfig" solved this problem.

Thus, in the end, the conclusion is to not change files under control of a package management system directly, rather than that, supply replacement packages which will be cleanly removed once an upgrade is available.

This bug can be closed.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Nytowl

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to worksforme

comment:3 Changed 2 years ago by JustDox

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