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No usb pressed/released event with 2.6.28/2.6.29

Reported by: Defiant Owned by: openmoko-devel
Priority: normal Milestone: FSO
Component: unknown Version: unspecified
Severity: normal Keywords: usb event4 2.6.28 pressed released
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Hardware: Freerunner
Distribution: Debian (but kernel issue)

With the 2.6.24 kernel in Debian I always got an event when inserting or removing the usb plug.

With the current 2.6.28 in debian I no longer get this event.

I also tried the andy-tracking-15ca3dafb2662db4 2.6.29 from 7.3.2009, no change.

I tried with
hexdump /dev/input/event4

I guess this is a bug and not an intended change?
If you need additional information please let me know.


usbpressed.diff (1.5 KB) - added by Defiant 10 years ago.
add usb pressed/released event

Change History

comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by lindi

What was the event you got with 2.4.24? Can you run evtest /dev/input/event4?

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Defiant

Here it is:

Input driver version is 1.0.0
Input device ID: bus 0x18 vendor 0x0 product 0x0 version 0x0
Input device name: "GTA02 PMU events"
Supported events:

Event type 0 (Sync)
Event type 1 (Key)

Event code 116 (Power)
Event code 236 (?)
Event code 356 (Power2)

Event type 22 (Power)

Testing ... (interrupt to exit)
Event: time 1240758679.918300, type 1 (Key), code 356 (Power2), value 0
Event: time 1240758679.953599, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 1240758681.138440, type 1 (Key), code 356 (Power2), value 1
Event: time 1240758681.673629, -------------- Report Sync ------------

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Defiant

Since I just compiled my first kernel for freerunner :) I will hopefully find the time to look into this myself next weekend.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by lindi

lindi@ginger:~$ sudo evtest /dev/input/event4
Input driver version is 1.0.0
Input device ID: bus 0x19 vendor 0x1 product 0x1 version 0x100
Input device name: "Neo1973 Buttons"
Supported events:

Event type 0 (Sync)
Event type 1 (Key)

Event code 119 (Pause)
Event code 169 (Phone)

Event type 5 (?)

Event code 2 (?)

so it definitely is not at least event4. However, it could be

lindi@ginger:~$ sudo evtest /dev/input/event0
Input driver version is 1.0.0
Input device ID: bus 0x18 vendor 0x0 product 0x0 version 0x0
Input device name: "PCF50633 PMU events"
Supported events:

Event type 0 (Sync)
Event type 1 (Key)

Event code 116 (Power)

Event type 22 (Power)

Testing ... (interrupt to exit)

Can you see that name with the old kernel? I placed a breakpoint to pcf50633_input_irq() but it does not trigger when I insert the wall charger to freerunner. However, the interrupt count of pcf50633 in /proc/interrupts is incremented by two.

I'm trying to figure out how to break on interrupt next..

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by lindi

When I plug the wall charger to freerunner I see

#0  pcf50633_irq (irq=53, data=0xc79bdc00) at /local/lindi/neolinux/drivers/mfd/pcf50633-core.c:446
#1  0xc007f4b8 in handle_IRQ_event (irq=53, action=0xc79cc7a0) at /local/lindi/neolinux/kernel/irq/handle.c:335
#2  0xc0080b48 in handle_level_irq (irq=53, desc=0xc03927f0) at /local/lindi/neolinux/kernel/irq/chip.c:375
#3  0xc0039fc4 in s3c_irq_demux_extint8 (irq=53, desc=<value optimized out>) at /local/lindi/neolinux/include/linux/irq.h:312
#4  0xc002e054 in asm_do_IRQ (irq=21, regs=<value optimized out>) at /local/lindi/neolinux/include/linux/irq.h:312
#5  0xc002ea38 in __irq_svc ()

and after that in pcf50633_irq_worker() pcf_int[] has {0x84, 0x0, 0x0,
0x0, 0x0} which seems to correspond to

PCF50633_INT1_USBINS = 0x04, /* USB inserted */

However, pcf50633_input_probe() only registers itself for the
PCF50633_IRQ_ONKEYR and PCF50633_IRQ_ONKEYF events so that it can
report when power button is pressed:

Event: time 946686973.644550, type 1 (Key), code 116 (Power), value 1
Event: time 946686973.645172, -------------- Report Sync ------------
Event: time 946686973.884483, type 1 (Key), code 116 (Power), value 0
Event: time 946686973.884558, -------------- Report Sync ------------

Should that Power2 event be added back? I think I know how to add it
if it is considered useful.

comment:6 Changed 10 years ago by Defiant

I think its useful - to trigger some events in frameworkd for example.

comment:7 Changed 10 years ago by Defiant

...looks like I got it working

Changed 10 years ago by Defiant

add usb pressed/released event

comment:8 Changed 2 years ago by Chassmetly

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