16:15 Ticket #2090 (GPS driver gllin distributed in .ipk format but opkg wants newer .opk ...) created by jrush
The GPS driver for the GTA-01 hardware is distributed using a .ipk file …
12:19 Ticket #2089 (flash sms messages are not recieved (prepaid phone, cannot query credit)) closed by zecke
duplicate: For the future please read the …
11:36 Ticket #2087 ([Illume] The top bar and home icons are to small for fingure usage) closed by john_lee
fixed: this is fixed by the theme update I did two days ago.
09:15 Ticket #2089 (flash sms messages are not recieved (prepaid phone, cannot query credit)) created by neurocyp
I use a network (plus gsm - poland) where I can check my credit amount by …


11:24 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) created by dolfje
I cannot start the settings application on my 'testing image' of 26 okt …
11:21 Ticket #2087 ([Illume] The top bar and home icons are to small for fingure usage) created by dolfje
The icons and Illume top bar are to small for finger usage. image: …
11:17 Ticket #2086 (Improve application icon quality) created by pander
In order to maintain a high quality look and feel, please stiumulate or …
10:18 Ticket #2085 (Combining SIM telephone numers in single contact and improved import and ...) created by pander
The key of a telephone number on a SIM is maximum 16 characters and has …


15:42 Changeset [4731] by john_lee
It's okay to leave the MOD: ILLUME CFG part there. It won't show up …
14:25 Changeset [4730] by john_lee
hmm not necessary to touch build.sh. revert it.
14:20 Changeset [4729] by john_lee
update illume-theme-asu to match upstream changes. big thanks to raster.
12:24 Changeset [4728] by john_lee
update to match upstream's first. known issue: icons wont show up.
10:48 Ticket #2084 (CRC Fail on boot , long boot time before init , wireless isnt detected) created by Zoup
Well , its all in summary , i have to add that its tested with latest …
09:09 Ticket #2083 (Missing Dependency python-pygps --> python-datetime) created by ugh
When using the python gps-module, this error may occur: […] Steps to …
08:21 Ticket #2071 (Booting failed, stop at wifi driver) closed by john_lee
fixed: exquisite problem was fixed after update to svnrev 36882, but this leads …
08:20 Ticket #2082 (No icons in illume) created by john_lee
Since EFL_SRCREV 36520, there's no icons in illume, so the user cannot …


09:43 Ticket #2081 (Set ID3 tags for all MP3 and OGG sounds in artwork according to convention) created by pander
Please set ID3 tags for all MP3 and OGG sounds in artwork according to …
09:39 Ticket #2080 (More sounds) created by pander
As is stated in /src/target/OM-2007.2/artwork/sounds/TODO more sounds …
09:23 Changeset [4727] by john_lee
Update to match E svnrev 36882.


14:53 Ticket #2079 (Touchscreen events after resume aren't considered correctly) created by Treviño
The first touchscreen touch after resume isn't mapped correctly. Using …


21:03 Ticket #2078 (glamo-mci.0: ****** insanity timeout) created by Sprite_tm
I use Debian on an 8GB SDHC-card, and compile my kernels from the …
09:54 Ticket #2077 ([FSO-testing] Module problems at boot (sysfs_add_one, bt_sock_wait_state, ...) created by erl
I am running the FSO-testing distro on a Freerunner, updated with opkg …
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16:58 Ticket #2076 (Om2008.9 plays only one sound channel) created by Shalnoff
I has preinstalled Om2008.8. There stereo playback was ok. After …


14:52 Changeset [4726] by werner
Moving towards the use of SDIO interrupts instead of polling. - …
08:21 Changeset [4725] by tick
[touchtest] Adding a tiny python efl application that allow users to …


22:18 Ticket #2075 (application reloading if called from "home" menu, om 2008.9) created by dmatijas
If some application is already loaded, and available from drop - down …
01:58 Changeset [4724] by werner
Utility to directly read/write PMU registers.


21:52 Ticket #2074 ([SD] Need to check if the block count is > 0 in s3c24xx_mmci.c) created by zxombie
In host/qemu-neo1973/hw/s3c24xx_mmci.c s->blknum_cnt gets decremented then …
15:01 Changeset [4723] by mickey
openmoko-terminal2: update to vala 0.3.5


23:34 Changeset [4722] by werner
Add manual switch to next device with ~n to solve problem of dead or …
23:32 Changeset [4721] by werner
- flashk: handy script to update the kernel on GTA02 over SSH - …
09:49 Changeset [4720] by marek
[pye17] fix segfault on create x11_16, fix "make examples" to update built …
07:52 Ticket #2073 (voice-recording.state + arecord: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer ...) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) wget …
07:34 Changeset [4719] by marek
[pye17] fix segfault on exit, add software_x11_16 support, and more …


10:28 Changeset [4718] by marek
[pye17] first little sample ecore_evas script added (shows a plain ecore …
10:25 Changeset [4717] by marek
[pye17] manually enhance ecore_evas in order to hide functions and …
03:55 Changeset [4716] by werner
- ... rebasing finishes - hif-can-do-async.patch: only enable async if …
01:19 Changeset [4715] by werner
- rebasing continues ... - gta02-mmc-spi-bitbang.patch: make …
00:50 Changeset [4714] by werner
- rebasing continues ... hif-linux-sdio.patch: - …


23:19 Ticket #2072 ([opkg-utils] The Makefile doesn't install properly) created by khorben
I am using GNU make on Debian GNU/Linux etch to install opkg-utils from …
15:26 Changeset [4713] by werner
Rebasing the WLAN patches and cleaning out old crud …
08:36 Ticket #2071 (Booting failed, stop at wifi driver) created by tick
OE branch: org.openmoko.dev 832877aee5d70374cd3f1ecf930e05771dd96ecd …


07:40 Ticket #1562 (12 hour time format does not work) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: Tested date:2008.10.14 Update Date:2008.10.13 Installed list:as attach …
06:02 Ticket #1506 (sometimes keyboard does not appear when create new message) reopened by wendy_hung
It happened with the base image now. Tested date:2008.10.14 Update …


12:12 Ticket #2070 ([Distro] ld.so.cache goes missing after package upgrades) created by wendy_hung
Tested with base image, Tested day: 2008.10.09 Description: After opkg …
11:41 Ticket #2069 ([Installer] it has network but still show up error message ask for check ...) created by wendy_hung
Tested with base image, Tested day: 2008.10.09 Opkg installed list: attach …
09:37 Changeset [4712] by tick
[tick] a simple script helps to connect to Neo


21:58 Changeset [4711] by werner
- series, gta02-mmc-mci.patch: added platform glue to use the S3C MCI …


23:35 Changeset [4710] by laforge
add README for input-filter
23:16 Changeset [4709] by laforge
Add a small (written in C) helper program that filters /dev/input/event …
22:15 Ticket #2068 ([kernel] Video input device support is not enabled by default) created by khorben
It is possible to use USB video input devices on the Freerunner, as …
15:37 Ticket #2067 (qtopia-phone-x11 overwrites (important) configuration files on package ...) created by kavol
Hi. I tried to switch off qtopia indexing for the SD card, as I store map …
11:01 Changeset [4708] by zecke
[devirginator] Upgrade config.gta01bv4 - u-boot and lowlevel are the …
10:41 Changeset [4707] by zecke
[devirginator] Fix the config.gta02v5 - Get the bootloader and low …
10:32 Changeset [4706] by laforge
add input event rate statistics program
09:25 Ticket #1533 (The keypad shows brackets number in dialer screen and creat new message) reopened by wendy_hung
reopen it because it happen with base image now. Update date: 2008.10.08 …
07:35 Ticket #2059 (lowlevel_foo.bin and u-boot images for older hardware no longer available) closed by julian_chu
fixed: Both of lowlevel and u-boot with GTA01 and GTA02 are there …


21:56 Ticket #2061 (LCM (jbt6k74) doesn't go to sleep/deep_standby modes) closed by laforge
fixed: merged by andy into all kernel branches
18:35 Ticket #2066 (Voip-Handset.state file does Speakerout) created by Treviño
The default alsa voip-handset.state file isn't really a state file that …
14:09 Ticket #2064 ([OE] Fails to build machine="x86" on "89qtopia" is missing) closed by zecke
fixed: I have added a crippled 89qtopia file, it does not make any sense though.
14:06 Ticket #2058 (USB Internet not working) closed by zecke
worksforme: Sorry, please use IRC or the support mailinglist for support questions. …
11:00 Ticket #2065 ([OE] Fails to build machine="x86": "DEVICE" no such file or directory.) created by kempelen
Error output: NOTE: Running task 2107 of 2995 (ID: 984, …
10:56 Ticket #2064 ([OE] Fails to build machine="x86" on "89qtopia" is missing) created by kempelen
openembedded/packages/qtopia-phone/qtopia-phone-x11/Xsession.d/89qtopia: …
08:09 Ticket #2005 ([Installer] application execution error message shows if you touch bottom ...) closed by wendy_hung
07:45 Ticket #2063 (mmcblk0: unknown partition table) created by goldie
After removing the SD card from GTA02-V5 to check possible problems in …
07:38 Ticket #1653 ([QT-Contacts] view contact info, option menu covered "Hide") reopened by wendy_hung
Tested with base image, Tested day: 2008.10.08 Opkg installed list: …
05:17 Changeset [4705] by werner
Cleanup, part 2. Code move separated for clarity. - wepkey.h, wepkey.c: …
05:09 Changeset [4704] by werner
Lots of small cleanup. - wepkey.c (wepkey_128, wepkey_64): also fail if …
03:49 Ticket #1587 (can not receive SMS often) closed by regina_kim
fixed: test with 200809039(testing) does not happen. always can receive SMS …


21:48 Changeset [4703] by werner
Added generation of 128-bit keys with index > 0.
21:30 Changeset [4702] by werner
WEP keyphrase hash.
20:57 Ticket #1595 (GTA02 - uboot 1.3.2rc2 terminal s3ser0 doesn't work apparently) closed by laforge
fixed: merged to the stable branch of u-boot.git
17:42 Changeset [4701] by laforge
* add hashmark printing during DFU upload * add copyright notice to code …
17:37 Changeset [4700] by laforge
fix copy+paste mistake. When we upload, then no download can fail
17:34 Changeset [4699] by laforge
cosmetic cleanup (long lines, copyright notice)
15:07 Changeset [4698] by werner
Rename wlan-spi-hif.patch to hif-linux-sdio.patch, following the same …
15:05 Changeset [4697] by werner
Fix a major memory leak and clean up some old crud. wlan-spi-hif.patch: …
13:15 Ticket #1835 (A better fix for host endianness of dfu-util) closed by laforge
fixed: Thanks, I've applied the patch to subversion (Rev. 4696)
13:14 Changeset [4696] by laforge
don't use non-portable headesr for endian conversion but rather implements …
12:53 Ticket #2062 (xglamo doesn't implement any power management) created by laforge
the glamo chip has very fine-grained power management features (such as …
12:49 Ticket #2061 (LCM (jbt6k74) doesn't go to sleep/deep_standby modes) created by laforge
The LCM itself supports three power modes, and the jbt6k74 driver exports …
09:11 Ticket #1226 (Support USSD messages, e.g. for "remaining airtime" checks) closed by tick
fixed: I don't think it's a qtopia issue. And I think it's already solved.
08:58 Changeset [4695] by tick
[libmokoui2] Let finger scroll faster. Thanks Treviño's patch
07:18 Ticket #2060 (devirginator unable to run 'download' step) created by laforge
devirginator relies on an old 'buildhost style' deploy directory that …
07:16 Ticket #2059 (lowlevel_foo.bin and u-boot images for older hardware no longer available) created by laforge
Since http://buildhost.openmoko.org/ is closed down from public access, …
03:53 Ticket #2058 (USB Internet not working) created by andrew2325
I followed the instructions for connecting it to the internet via USB on …


19:45 Ticket #2057 (1bit errors in files) created by Richard.Kralovic
After some time of usage, I notice 1 bit errors in some binaries/libraries …
11:37 Ticket #2055 (cancel projects.openmoko.org/projects/aodv-mad personal project) closed by zecke
invalid: Please use https://admin-trac.openmoko.org/trac. Good luck. I will close …
11:04 Changeset [4694] by marek
[pye17] fix casts to pythonize the bindings
10:29 Ticket #2056 (/etc/resolv.conf is empty on first boot) created by rwhitby
Scenario: Flash a new ASU or FSO distribution, and connect to it via USB …
09:23 Ticket #2055 (cancel projects.openmoko.org/projects/aodv-mad personal project) created by javiroman
I would like cancel my project …
08:25 Changeset [4693] by werner
Little utility to extract the relevant information from an iwlist scan.
05:53 Ticket #1757 ([Qtopia] Is AT+CGML=4 retrying correct? (+CMS ERROR: 321 in response to ...) closed by erin_yueh
fixed: mark it closed
03:15 Ticket #1957 (Installer is complaining about libopk, if there is no internet) closed by tick


22:19 WikiStart edited by roh
18:04 Ticket #2053 (Host OS gtk-config affects Toolchain cross compile (in a wrong way)) closed by zecke
worksforme: I don't know where to start: - gtk-config is from the Gtk+1.2 times …
16:09 Ticket #2054 (Toolchain does not support --prefix switch of configure) created by kempelen
Toolchain's "om-conf" defines all output directories for ./configure, e.g. …
15:59 Ticket #2053 (Host OS gtk-config affects Toolchain cross compile (in a wrong way)) created by kempelen
If you have gtk-config on host OS, and you run "om-conf" in the Toolchain, …
13:10 Ticket #1756 (Qtopia GUI (qpe) broken after 'opkg upgrade') closed by zecke
fixed: Anyway, this is outside of Openmoko's scope.
09:02 Ticket #1782 (Contacts decoding) closed by zecke
duplicate: Duplicate of #1941.
08:55 Ticket #1530 (Modem only repeats +CBM Qtopia is not sending anything on wake) closed by zecke
invalid: This was a bug I introduced to libqtopiacomm. I assumed the modem is …
08:53 Ticket #1875 (Phone keeps on waking up (suspend (wait few seconds or minutes) => wakeup ...) closed by zecke
duplicate: According to your log we get +CME ERROR 512 which indicates some sort of …
08:52 Ticket #1738 ([Alert message in home screen] Crashed Alert message with vibration) closed by zecke
duplicate: Duplicate of #1192. This alert is just there to inform that a crash has …
08:47 Ticket #2052 (cannot install packages on card) created by goldie
I followed …


02:47 Changeset [4692] by tick
[Multiverse] Update omview to version 32


13:24 Ticket #2051 (FreeRunner drains battery when off) created by ohin
When I shutdown FreeRunner? in Om2008.8/9 (by holding POWER button), and …
11:39 Ticket #2050 (Phone doesn't suspend after recieving text message) created by Ebbe
I'm using official Om2008.9 Update: Om2008.9-gta02-20080916.rootfs.jffs2 …
08:40 Changeset [4691] by marek
remove debugging output help the parser to match "of-object" contructs
03:14 Ticket #2048 (SMS messages are not received until after a reboot.) closed by tick
duplicate: I will close this because I think this issue is duplicated to #1587


13:53 Changeset [4690] by tick
[assassin-thumbnail] adding hong kong thumbnail
13:16 Changeset [4689] by werner
Add -lusb because libftdi needs it.
13:14 Changeset [4688] by tick
[thumbnail] update Installer thumbnails
13:12 Changeset [4687] by werner
Added -lusb, which seems to be needed for some builds.
03:31 Ticket #2049 (Illume dynamic dictionary has some problems...) created by Treviño
If I open my illume dynamic dictionary I find that there are some things …
01:34 Ticket #2048 (SMS messages are not received until after a reboot.) created by BillK
Using 2008.9 with opkg upgrade - otherwise standard, GPRS has not been …


13:44 Changeset [4686] by werner
Use direct SPI interrupts and let the HIF handle asynchronous operations.
11:07 Ticket #2047 ("slow emulation","no quit buttton in an application" and "no scrolling" ...) created by sprashant
Hello, I installed the openmoko on qemu, Its worked well. But its …
07:54 Ticket #1737 ([e-illume icon] it shows no signal icon and signal strength is low too ...) closed by zecke
duplicate: As raster pointed out illume is just displaying what Qtopia tells and …
07:03 Changeset [4685] by marek
call init function on module load


22:58 Ticket #2046 (Toolchain has problems with C++ code...) created by Treviño
All the times I've tried to compile C++ projects with the Openmoko …
12:26 Ticket #2045 ([Om2008.9] Wifi associating is very unreliable) created by Matthias
I'm using the Wifi-method described in …
11:55 Ticket #2044 (om-locations - map licensing) created by drlizau
The maps from OpenStreetMap? used in om-locations require attribution …
11:15 Ticket #2043 (GTA02 WiFi signal reception too weak) created by vnevoa
Software: OM2008.9 with "testing" feeds. Updated and rebooted today. …
10:15 Ticket #2042 (Use BB_GIT_CLONE_FOR_SRCREV = "1" for testing and unstable) created by julian_chu
Change the config and rebuild from scratch
10:12 Ticket #2001 (zhone package missing in testing feed) closed by julian_chu
fixed: Add zhone into feed in this commit …
10:11 Ticket #2000 (frameworkd package missing in testing feed) closed by julian_chu
fixed: Add it into task-feed in this commit …
10:02 Ticket #2041 (check RPATH of binaries) created by julian_chu
As in #1814, the rpath is wrong.
10:00 Ticket #1814 (Broken mplayer package dependenties) closed by julian_chu
09:51 Ticket #1937 (gpsd is killed when running /etc/init.d/gpsd restart) closed by julian_chu
09:51 Ticket #2021 (/etc/init.d/dropbear restart doesn't work) closed by julian_chu
08:47 Changeset [4684] by zecke
[pye17] Do not hardcode paths - use pkg-config and python-config to …
08:28 Changeset [4683] by zecke
[pye17] Ignore auto generated files
04:52 Changeset [4682] by marek
improve enum handling ignore win32 only functions


11:10 Changeset [4681] by marek
edje support added
09:31 Ticket #2040 ([qtmail] Backup/Recover SMS from Flash/SIM/SD media) created by mrshlee
SMSs are stored on flash with recent messages stored on the SIM. Move the …
06:07 Changeset [4680] by werner
Tough watchdog daemon.
00:33 Changeset [4679] by werner
Highlights: - new module phosphor.py to view how often patterns repeat - …


02:12 Changeset [4678] by werner
- renamed tweak-spi.patch to s3c-spi-fix-int-mode.patch - …
01:44 Changeset [4677] by werner
Highlight: - waveforms can be edited, e.g., to manually correct glitches …
01:42 Changeset [4676] by werner
Updated description of the SPI module's problems. They're not as grim as …
00:37 Changeset [4675] by werner
Disable pull-downs, just to keep things clean.


14:37 Changeset [4674] by werner
- moved SPI clock setting from hack-silence-battery.patch (oops !) to …
00:49 Changeset [4673] by werner
Highlight: - logic analyzer downloads are now about 66% faster Details: - …
00:22 Changeset [4672] by werner
First steps towards getting S3C SPI to work. Still freaks out at higher …
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