18:36 Ticket #1542 (gps does not get fix) closed by mwester
fixed: The software fix for this problem on the GTA01 has been committed some …
13:25 Ticket #2145 (Debian: Reading of accelerometers broken) created by Defiant
Running Debian with Kernel 2.6.24-20081103.git7172ec57-1 I have the …
10:39 Ticket #1987 ([Qt-Contact] contact name will have limit letters when export from phone ...) closed by sushama
fixed: Testing image:28-nov-2008 Test date:28-nov-2008 When we export a contact …
06:34 Ticket #1979 ([Location] Deleted Tags will appear in the tag list.(specific phone)) closed by sushama
fixed: doe not happen with 0m2008.testing as of 28 nov2008. hence,closing
06:30 Ticket #1610 (it can save as same name(duplicate), same number and same group name as ...) closed by sushama
fixed: update date:28-nov-2008 Test date:28-nov-2008 When a new group with same …
05:05 Ticket #2144 ([location]unable to see the last item in list after scrolling to the ...) created by sushama
Testing image:26-nov-2008 Test date:28-nov-2008 Steps: 1)create many tags …
04:27 Ticket #2031 (Scroll list implementation) closed by sushama
fixed: Testing image:26-nov-2008 Test date:28-nov-2008 Checked with tick about …
02:54 Ticket #2113 ([Suspend/resume] suspend time come up right after you change the time) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: testing image:openmoko-asu-om-gta02.rootfs.jffs2 (2008.nov.27) check with …
02:11 Changeset [4837] by werner
Further customization for WLAN trial.


23:11 Ticket #2138 (Python implementation of killall) closed by mickey
fixed: in git (w/ modifications). thanks!
22:32 Changeset [4836] by werner
Adapt rootfs for public WLAN trial. - wlan-trial.myroot: use customized …
22:18 Changeset [4835] by werner
Branch myroot customization for WLAN trial images.
22:11 Changeset [4834] by werner
- myroot2/myroot: retrieve rootfs-builder from gta03-test-suite.git - …
22:04 Changeset [4833] by werner
Branch of myroot/ for conversion to rootfs-builder.
22:03 Changeset [4832] by werner
- myroot/myroot: auto-detect if opkg-cl supports --cache and try to find …
19:22 Changeset [4831] by werner
Allow setting of editor through environment variable EDITOR.
17:39 Changeset [4830] by tick
opkg: making hash_table_insert works as real hash_table. solving the …
17:39 Changeset [4829] by tick
opkg: mark the pkg SF as !SF_FILELIST_CHANGED after write back.
11:43 Ticket #2143 (regression: stable-tracking kernel lacks NAT support (NF_NAT)) created by TimoJyrinki
It seems stable-tracking lacks NAT support, needed eg. for using Neo's …
09:32 Ticket #2142 ([qtopia]Contacts from dialer is displayed in small screen when many ...) created by sushama
Testing image:26-nov-2008 Test date:26-nov-2008 Steps: 1)open many …
08:42 Ticket #2141 ([Installer] the bottom item of the package list can't easy to get when ...) created by wendy_hung
Summary: the bottom item of the package list can't easy to get when it's …
08:21 Ticket #2140 (Should use different volumes for ringtone and receiver) created by john_lee
Tick made a volume control for #1489, but it's actually the same volume …
07:08 Ticket #2139 ([QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS ...) closed by wendy_hung
duplicate: sorry, actually it's a duplicate of #2024
06:56 Ticket #2069 ([Installer] it has network but still show up error message ask for check ...) closed by sushama
fixed: tested with the image on :26 nov 2008 Om2008.testing The installer works …
04:31 Ticket #2139 ([QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS ...) created by sushama
Testing image:26-nov-2008 Test date:27-nov-2008 Steps: > 1)send more …
02:33 Ticket #2138 (Python implementation of killall) created by sdhillon
Currently we use subprocess for killall in the calypso GSM modem.py, this …
00:04 Changeset [4828] by werner
Final backup before splitting it.


23:36 Changeset [4827] by werner
Surprise, readl is not good at setting registers. Also disable interrupts …
23:34 Ticket #2095 (Sound not found with qi bootloader) closed by andy
fixed: Yes it's solved... Qi did not bring up the regulator used to power the …
22:09 Changeset [4826] by werner
Rearranging my desktop ... put console window on top. ttyACMx is on its …
19:54 Ticket #2137 (stable-tracking lacks touchscreen jitter reduction patch) created by TimoJyrinki
I'm using self-compiled stable-tracking kernel and it seems the …
13:33 Ticket #2136 (Freerunner QVGA portrait mode wrong colors) created by Vladimir.Koutny
When switching to QVGA mode using "xrandr --mode 240x320" the display is …
11:37 Ticket #2135 (write kernel crash message somewhere where it can be retrieved after ...) created by lindi
This is a wishlist bug. Would it be possible to write the kernel crash …
10:20 Ticket #2003 ([Setting] Please take out suspend time "10 sec.") closed by sushama
fixed: testing image:26-nov-2008 test date:26-nov-2008 10 sec has been removed …
10:01 Changeset [4825] by tick
opkg: trivial, clean up obsolete code, and some typo
08:28 Ticket #2134 (touchscreen sometimes forgets to report a release?) created by lindi
After moving from […] to stable-tracking branch (1b17c67794364bee) I …
06:10 Changeset [4824] by werner
Cleanup, and track myroot/werner.* - myroot/werner.myroot, …
05:32 WikiStart edited by roh
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02:35 Ticket #1850 (qtopia datebook does not raise alarm) closed by tick
duplicate: dulplicated to #1822 close it


15:10 Ticket #2072 ([opkg-utils] The Makefile doesn't install properly) closed by tick
fixed: close it
10:58 Ticket #2133 (kmmcd: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0xd0) created by lindi
stable-tracking kernel at 1b17c67794364bee printed the above error message …
08:22 Changeset [4823] by tick
A lazier script that help user to ssh in Neo
05:51 Changeset [4822] by tick
opkg: only cache the packages thanks Werner.
03:46 Ticket #2132 (boot hangs unable to start portmap) created by ssinger
I installed the daily build testing-om-gta02-20081125.rootfs.tar.gz onto …
01:43 Changeset [4821] by werner


22:39 Changeset [4820] by werner
- werner.myroot: use task-proper-tools - werner.myroot: netkit-telnet and …
13:08 Changeset [4819] by tony_tu
Openmoko-agpsui2 mod for FCC certification use. Initial check-in for …
07:44 Changeset [4818] by tick
opkg: add a simple way to pass a path environment for pre/post scription …
00:18 Changeset [4817] by werner
Don't wipe out /etc/fstab …


18:57 Changeset [4816] by werner
Added fuser.
10:36 Ticket #2131 ("opkg upgrade" slow, duplicate entries in *.list files) created by h.koenig
root@om-gta02:~# opkg list_installed opkg opkg - 0.1.4+svnr4640-r0.1 - …
03:55 Changeset [4815] by werner
Backup my WLAN resume debugging environment.
03:42 Changeset [4814] by werner
Highlights: - increase delay to improve reliability of communication with …
03:28 Changeset [4813] by werner
Added description.
01:14 Changeset [4812] by werner
Make it clear that this isn't the place to look for useful code.
01:04 Changeset [4811] by werner
Backup, before changing in_suspend to a mutex.


21:41 Changeset [4810] by werner
Debugging tool: raise GPF6 (AUX) when reaching a trigger.
18:33 Ticket #2130 (add jamvm and phoneme-advanced-foundation to openmoko) created by thebohemian
Hi, I am maintaining the Java recipes in OpenEmbedded? and would like to …
17:32 Ticket #2129 (update Java packages in OpenMoko) created by thebohemian
Hi, I am maintaining the Java-related recipes in OE and get questions …
06:06 Ticket #666 (3G SIM capability) closed by joerg
fixed: change to "fixed" due to moko10b2. May reopen if we see issues still with …


10:28 Changeset [4809] by charlie
Update personal wiki
10:04 Changeset [4808] by tick
opkg: adding cache support opkg-cl --cache <cache_directory> …
10:04 Changeset [4807] by tick
Clean up some out of date TODOs Keep some still valid, or what I am not …
07:49 Ticket #2030 (Cannot connect to WEP network) closed by marek
wontfix: The WiFi UI can't be fixed that soon. The support has been removed. See …
06:40 Ticket #2128 ((Qtopia)Unable to copy text in messages.) created by sushama
Testing Image Test Date:20-nov-2008 Update Date:20-nov-2008 Steps: 1) Go …
06:17 Ticket #1879 ([unstable] attempting to bond crashes hcid) reopened by mwester
Confirming this problem still exists; seems to be an upstream issue that …
06:01 Ticket #2127 ([python-bindings] upgrade path from 2008.9 broken) created by marek
Coming from 2008.9 by upgrading the python binding are not upgraded …
04:24 Ticket #1766 ([GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: test/update date: 2008.11.20 that fixed! thanks! just take some time to …
02:10 Changeset [4806] by werner
Re-create my mail directories.
00:44 Changeset [4805] by werner
- calup.init: brought remounting of root over from myroot/werner/myroot - …
00:16 Changeset [4804] by werner
- mkjffs2: added option -m <machine> and GTA01 support (untested) - mksd: …


23:41 Changeset [4803] by werner
Support for making a bootable SD card image. - werner.init: remount root …
21:35 Ticket #2124 (opkg installs fso-gpsd when plain gpsd was requested) closed by zecke
fixed: Okay, put that into OE and OM. New packages should be there soon.
20:44 Changeset [4802] by werner
Clean out empty and obsolete directories.
20:21 Ticket #2126 (xserver-xglamo eats 100% cpu time after resume) created by lindi
xserver-xglamo seems to spend 100% cpu time after resume from suspend …
11:19 Changeset [4801] by charlie
Add tichy.conf in Stuffs
08:52 Ticket #2125 (Unable to uninstall applications in Installer if the installing was not ...) created by sushama
Testing image Test date:19-nov-2008 Update date:18-nov-2008 Steps: …


21:54 Changeset [4800] by werner
- werner: renamed to werner.myroot
21:54 Changeset [4799] by werner
- werner: added wkalrm - werner.init: announce completion of system …
15:30 Ticket #2123 (SMS doesn't work in framworkd) closed by marek
invalid: Please read https://docs.openmoko.org/trac/wiki/NewTicket and …
13:21 Ticket #2124 (opkg installs fso-gpsd when plain gpsd was requested) created by Weiss
With a fully updated Testing installation, I find it is impossible to …
12:21 Ticket #2123 (SMS doesn't work in framworkd) created by think-free
I'm running debian ... I can't send or receive sms with frameworkd ( …
12:13 Changeset [4798] by charlie
Add some test scripts
12:08 Changeset [4797] by charlie
Personal wiki update
10:08 Ticket #2122 (Send Busy icon displayed when making out going calls) created by sushama
Testing image Test date : 18-nov-2008 Update date: 18-nov-2008 Steps- 1) …
03:59 Ticket #2121 ([audio] new alsa state for A7) created by wendy_hung
Here is the new alsa state for GTA02 A7. The change inside is: control.4 …


21:09 Changeset [4796] by werner
Move wkalrm to a place where it's easier to find.
13:21 Ticket #2120 (opkg doesn't install all files on upgrade) created by koen
root@omap3evm:~# opkg install e-wm-images Package e-wm-images …
10:39 Ticket #2119 ([qt-contact] Cannot find a contact in dialer menu) created by sushama
[Testing Image] Test Date:17-nov-2008 Update Date:17-nov-2008 Steps: …
10:29 Ticket #2116 (Include splash.gz in dailay build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: it's not something we change daily so it won't be there. also: …
08:46 Changeset [4795] by werner
- move patches now in stable-tracking over to attic2/ - keep NAND patches …
08:28 Ticket #2118 (opkg-utils' shebang line expects Python in /usr/bin/) created by mrchapp
Some of the opkg-utils expect Python in /usr/bin/. In fact, the rest of …
07:52 Ticket #1766 ([GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls) reopened by wendy_hung
Hi, now it happen again...... newest test/update date: 2008.11.17 but …


19:20 Ticket #2117 (Fix or suppress splash-write applet not found) created by pander
Please fix or suppress "splash-write: applet not found" messages at boot …
11:03 Ticket #2116 (Include splash.gz in dailay build) created by pander
Please include splash.gz in daily build.
07:57 Changeset [4794] by werner
Rootfs for the firmware updater. - calup.init: /sbin/init - …
06:53 Changeset [4793] by werner
Oops, only worked if started from the "myroot" directory.
05:26 Changeset [4792] by werner
- go with the flow and use tcptraceroute - README: removed obsolete …


23:09 Changeset [4791] by werner
Layout with three long (100 lines) xterms.
22:06 Changeset [4790] by werner
Most of my wishes have been granted. Get rid of Busybox now.
20:35 Changeset [4789] by werner
A few small fixes and a README.
20:08 Changeset [4788] by werner
Calypso FW updating environment. (Wrapper script and templates.)


10:37 Changeset [4787] by werner
My customization script.
10:29 Changeset [4786] by werner
Customized rootfs image builder. (For development and such.)


21:51 Changeset [4785] by werner
Material for communication with Samsung.
11:08 Changeset [4784] by charlie
Updated personal wiki
10:31 Changeset [4783] by julian_chu
Hiding the name of GSM network operator in illume slipshelf as Sean's …


14:52 Changeset [4782] by mickey
openmoko-terminal2: fix non-working terminal in OE, work around bug in VTE …
13:52 Ticket #2115 (White Screen of Death (even without suspend)) created by RuiSeabra
I've noticed this on the dailies, but now I installed FSO Milestone 4 and …
00:01 Changeset [4781] by werner
neobin: directory for things to run on a Neo envi: environment editor (for …


07:56 Ticket #2035 ([2008.8 updated]White screen of death at startup) closed by wendy_hung
duplicate: If it have error message, i think it's an duplicate with #1691 Thanks for …
07:41 Ticket #1833 (Getting rid of battery and usb useless dbus related debug output) closed by erin_yueh
fixed: patches committed in r4778,4779,4780.
07:29 Changeset [4780] by erin_yueh
applied patch for bug#1833: Getting rid of battery and usb useless dbus …
07:27 Ticket #2003 ([Setting] Please take out suspend time "10 sec.") reopened by marek
Still needs to go through testing.
07:26 Ticket #1888 ([Setting] can't connect to network via wifi) reopened by marek
Have to change to testing before closing it.
06:38 Changeset [4779] by erin_yueh
applied the patch for bug#1833: Getting rid of battery and usb useless …
05:58 Ticket #2114 (use geoclue for location awareness) created by candrews
Geoclue is a modular geoinformation service built on top of the D-Bus …
03:43 Changeset [4778] by erin_yueh
applied patch for bug#1833


15:20 Ticket #1414 (Gllin doesn't restart on resume) closed by mickey
fixed: closing as fixed after checking on GTA01.
14:31 Ticket #1414 (Gllin doesn't restart on resume) reopened by mickey
bummer, commented on wrong bug. reopening
11:54 Ticket #2113 ([Suspend/resume] suspend time come up right after you change the time) created by wendy_hung
[use the testing image] Summary: if you set up suspend time, after change …
11:05 Changeset [4777] by charlie
Update personal wiki
10:59 Changeset [4776] by charlie
Updated GSM modem test script
10:15 Ticket #1888 ([Setting] can't connect to network via wifi) closed by marek
wontfix: The WiFi? UI can't be fixed that soon. The support has been removed. See …
10:11 Ticket #2003 ([Setting] Please take out suspend time "10 sec.") closed by marek
fixed: I remove the "10 seconds" option. Please upgrade settings to version 73. …
10:08 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) closed by marek
fixed: As no more complaints came in I guess its solved for everyone now.
08:46 Ticket #1064 (Small combobox menus needlessly scrolling.) closed by erin_yueh
wontfix: Nope! we removed the search bar from this UI.


19:39 Changeset [4775] by werner
Make it a bit more convenient to use. - the host can now be by specified …


12:00 Ticket #948 (Keyboard dissappears when text field has visibility turned off) closed by mickey
wontfix: Illume should get this right. Closing it here, since we no longer support …
11:59 Ticket #1435 (modem/kernel truncates packages in mux mode after hours of operation) closed by mickey
worksforme: Can't reproduce that. Please retry with MP hardware and reopen, if still a …
11:58 Ticket #1195 (gsmd can't pass pressure testing) closed by mickey
wontfix: Agreed. Further wrt. GSM pressure testing should be done using the …
11:51 Ticket #1005 (U-boot passthrough does not work for current gsmd) closed by mickey
fixed: Laf0rge has fixed this recently in u-boot/git.
11:48 Ticket #1414 (Gllin doesn't restart on resume) closed by mickey
fixed: The new gllin package defaults to sending NMEA via an UDP socket.
11:45 Ticket #1091 (gllin package installs into /home instead of /usr) closed by mickey
fixed: This has been fixed with the new gllin package.
11:45 Ticket #44 (InputMethod API) closed by mickey
wontfix: libmokoui is dead.
11:43 Ticket #1365 (No way to manually suspend GTA01) closed by mickey
fixed: in 4774, thanks.
11:42 Changeset [4774] by mickey
neod: patch to manually suspend and disabled wifi courtesy reddog. closes …
11:27 Ticket #1183 (Suggested initscripts for gllin and gpsd) closed by mickey
fixed: gllin and gpsd has been sorted out in FSO. After installing gllin, GPS …


21:51 Changeset [4773] by werner
Add standard make targets "clean" and "spotless".
20:54 Changeset [4772] by werner
Build process for old SGI ttcp.
12:43 Ticket #2112 (2008.8-updates down!) created by Paul Kremser <paul.kremser@…>
There is still al link on the Downloads page wich refers this as "the …
11:29 Changeset [4771] by charlie
Some updates
11:16 Changeset [4770] by charlie
Update personal wiki
09:09 Changeset [4769] by charlie
Added Evas test script
08:01 Ticket #1109 (Translations for openmoko-today are not possible) closed by erin_yueh
fixed: patch committed in r4768.
08:00 Changeset [4768] by erin_yueh
applied patch for bug#1109: Translations for openmoko-today are not …
04:44 Changeset [4767] by werner
- reduce the initial bin to avoid cluttering the output
04:07 Changeset [4766] by werner
- for better readability, output filled areas, not just lines - added …
03:50 Changeset [4765] by werner
03:37 Changeset [4764] by werner
- added README with a list of known issues - receiver prints ping-like …
01:15 Changeset [4763] by werner
One-way ping (UDP) to detect the sources of latency and jitter.


11:41 Changeset [4762] by charlie
Updated pesonnal wiki
08:58 Changeset [4761] by charlie
Added simple script to retrieve AT commands used by framework ogsmd
08:57 Changeset [4760] by charlie
Added test_gsm script
03:20 Changeset [4759] by charlie
initial import of my personal wiki
03:05 Changeset [4758] by charlie
Added my directory
00:04 Changeset [4757] by werner
Histogram maker that takes the guesswork out of choosing the bin size. …


23:17 Changeset [4756] by werner
Skip measurements for which no file is available.
23:07 Changeset [4755] by mickey
opkg: remove ChangeLog?, add AUTHORS, remove maintainer-mode
23:06 Changeset [4754] by mickey
opkg: attached patch fixes build failures with gcc 4.3.2. patch by Enrico …
17:59 Changeset [4753] by werner
Resurrected from the dead for performance comparison of direct interrupt …
17:24 Ticket #2111 ([GSM] Suspend overrides incoming call) created by Nytowl
When the phone is suspending and there is an incoming call if the call is …
09:15 Ticket #2110 ([Installer] the arrow to go back to previous page was gone) created by wendy_hung
[testing image] Summary: The arrow to go back to previous page was gone, …
07:53 Ticket #2098 ([illume] unable to close location & installer application) closed by wendy_hung
07:51 Ticket #2099 ([Location] Location function is not able to use) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: [testing image] test date:2008.11.05 update date:2008.11.05 It was fixed.
07:44 Ticket #1634 ([Assassin]"Update"&"Uninstall" button didn't lock up while installing) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: [testing image] test date:2008.11.05 update date:2008.11.05 It was fixed.


22:12 Changeset [4752] by werner
Added command for taking a screen dump from a shell, not only with JTAG.
08:16 Ticket #2109 (Upgrade path error from Om2008.9 to testing) created by john_lee
Since we're going to do the next release from the om.dev branch, the …
07:44 Ticket #2034 (Upload conf directory, buildscripts and env to downloads.openmoko.org) closed by john_lee
fixed: http://downloads.openmoko.org/build/
07:43 Ticket #2042 (Use BB_GIT_CLONE_FOR_SRCREV = "1" for testing and unstable) closed by john_lee
fixed: I believe you have already done that…
07:17 Ticket #1690 (Missed call cannot be marked as viewed, must be deleted to stop ...) closed by john_lee


23:36 Changeset [4751] by werner
Updated status of sync/async mode. - drivers/ar6000/hif/hif2.c: remove …
21:49 Ticket #2108 (Update to newer mono version) created by SabotageAndi
The attached patches enables mono 1.9.1 and makes it buildable. …
18:25 Ticket #2107 ([Devellopement] Cross Qt4 devellopement is difficult to get) created by think-free
As a Qt develloper i want to devellop some apps for the freerunner. There …
08:46 Ticket #674 (compile in profiling support) closed by john_lee
fixed: verified.
08:38 Ticket #1193 (Severe performance problems with Pulseaudio) closed by john_lee
wontfix: switched om-mediaplayer2 to alsa as a workaround (#1614).
08:36 Ticket #1831 (please remove dependency between mediaplayer and pulseaudio in 2008.8) closed by john_lee
fixed: commited as b25c3e2967260bf502db234a009e7c1731251e4e in openmoko.git.
08:32 Ticket #1614 (Mediaplayer isn't able to play Ogg/Vorbis files) closed by john_lee
fixed: patch applied in r4750.
08:27 Changeset [4750] by john_lee
Use alsasink instead of pulseaudio, for #1614, #1831. Patch written by …
07:07 Ticket #1500 (wrong URL in openmoko/env) closed by john_lee
fixed: committed as r4749.
07:07 Changeset [4749] by john_lee
Update URLs. buildhost is not available anymore.
06:16 Changeset [4748] by werner
Make the reports more useful. - report: show also the CPU load of ttcp …
03:59 Changeset [4747] by tick
[opkg-utils] fix install fail problem Thanks for khorben's patch :-) …
03:55 Ticket #1872 (package names in assassin unclear) closed by tick
fixed: The Tags: alias can solve this issue.
03:54 Ticket #1871 (package names in assassin truncated at ~17, some not unique) closed by tick
fixed: Now we have a Tags: alias::xxxx in opk files can solve this issue.
02:07 Changeset [4746] by werner
Final cosmetics. - series: also remove any pre-existing target directory …
01:50 Changeset [4745] by werner
- don't pass around bytes and time separate, use the rate instead - print …
01:48 Changeset [4744] by werner
More cleanup and a little priority boost for the io task. - moved …


21:41 Changeset [4743] by werner
Tools to measure WLAN performance: - measure: runs ttcp and ping between …
19:04 Ticket #2106 (python-profile package should have python-textutils as dependency) created by ohin
profile module cannot be imported because of following error: […] …
17:24 Changeset [4742] by werner
authorize-me: set up a Neo to accept password-less login over SSH.
14:05 Changeset [4741] by werner
Yet more cleanup. Avoid the traps that break module unloading. …
13:31 Ticket #2105 (Offer GUI for PIN, PUK and IMEI management) created by pander
Please offer GUI for PIN, PUK and IMEI management somewhere in the …
13:03 Changeset [4740] by werner
More cleanup. Make the ar6k driver work as a module. …
12:49 Ticket #2104 (Morse code announcing who is calling or texting) created by pander
Please provide an option (as a general setting ring tone, or as a personal …
10:33 Ticket #2103 (Include scaleable versions (SVG) of openmoko-standard icons) created by pander
Please, include scaleable versions (SVG) of openmoko-standard icons. This …
09:49 Ticket #1415 (Cannot power on GSM Antenna) closed by john_lee
09:46 Changeset [4739] by werner
More cleanup. Separate commit since this moves a lot of code but doesn't …
09:43 Changeset [4738] by werner
Cleanup. drivers/ar6000/hif/hif2.c: - MODULE_LICENSE is GPLv2, not just …
06:41 Changeset [4737] by werner
Rebasing and cleanup. - moved patches that are no longer used to attic/ - …
00:22 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) reopened by marek
Yes, it is helpful indeed. It shows that the etk binding does not work …


17:34 Ticket #2102 (USSD dont works) created by alexxy
USSD commands dont work with latest base image and qtopia dialler


15:42 Ticket #1865 (Is there a way to add myself to CC list of some tickets?) closed by john_lee
invalid: well i guess u can do it just like how I add myself in the CC field below. …
15:41 Ticket #630 (voicemail suggestion) closed by john_lee
15:40 Ticket #1859 (/usr/share/matchbox/vfolders/Utilities.directory content error) closed by john_lee
community: matchbox setting..
15:36 Ticket #1600 (openmoko-panel-battery improvements) closed by john_lee
15:36 Ticket #1557 (Don't use absolute paths in MokoMakefile) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I believe MokoMakefile? is a project in projects.openmoko.org. Could you …
15:35 Ticket #2101 (illume-keyboard: russian default keyboard) closed by john_lee
wontfix: err... on second thought, could you please bring this to upstream? …
15:30 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) closed by john_lee
fixed: i believe this is because of the recent change of EFL ABI. anyway this …
15:15 Ticket #2051 (FreeRunner drains battery when off) closed by john_lee
wontfix: if this happened again please reopen.
15:02 Ticket #2009 ([battery] The battery stops with charching, if it's fully charched.) closed by john_lee
duplicate: yes it is.
14:36 Ticket #1972 (Wifi interferes with Bluetooth) closed by john_lee
14:34 Ticket #1981 ([GPS] is inaccurate / [Location] red spot sparkling by around location not ...) closed by john_lee
wontfix: i don't think there is anything we can do. even if we can find a better …
14:25 Ticket #1961 (Distortion when switching to/from landscape mode) reopened by john_lee
just realised this is actually a different issue. read too many tickets …
14:22 Ticket #1961 (Distortion when switching to/from landscape mode) closed by john_lee
duplicate: yes if you do xrandr -o 1 then xrandr -o 3 with the latest xglamo it will …
14:10 Ticket #1954 (Sound of clicks on locked screen.) closed by john_lee
14:07 Ticket #1951 (ps u does not show all user names) closed by john_lee
wontfix: wontfix for obvious reason :)
13:53 Ticket #1931 (Ringtone disapperared) closed by john_lee
worksforme: * http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Bug_Filing_Policy * it seems no other …
13:49 Ticket #680 ("nand lock status": Start address always zero) closed by andy
wontfix: Closed with WONTFIX.
13:36 Ticket #1898 (Phone subsystem does not always suspend/resume properly) closed by john_lee
community: thank you for reporting this, but we won't maintain om2007 anymore so …
12:58 Ticket #1793 (Please do not suspend when USB (power) is connected) closed by john_lee
12:55 Ticket #1670 (Battery life too short; phone should sleep) closed by john_lee
wontfix: why set this as milestone? this is already the current situation in …
12:53 Ticket #1666 (include ntp client by default) closed by john_lee
wontfix: we won't put stuffs into default image unless we felt it's really …
12:40 Ticket #1646 ($PATH not correctly honoured by the shell?) closed by john_lee
12:39 Ticket #1644 (openmoko-browser2: no input fields can be used as keyboard is not ...) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I believe this will ultimately lead to the good old 'qwerty' button …
12:36 Ticket #1643 (strip unwanted non-digits from SMS numbers) closed by john_lee
community: Om will not maintain gsmd anymore, so we should check this in fso instead.
12:33 Ticket #1620 (Show times for SMS) closed by john_lee
12:32 Ticket #1612 (openmoko-dates doesn't update calendar entry time) closed by john_lee
12:31 Ticket #1609 (Default multitap keyboard missing essential linux keys needed for terminal) closed by john_lee
11:33 Ticket #1596 (mediaplayer console output - volume changed) closed by john_lee
11:14 Ticket #1206 (Even when "Dim only, don't lock" slected, screen is locked) closed by john_lee
11:14 Ticket #1114 (Can't unlock screen if keyboard on) closed by john_lee
11:11 Ticket #1102 (Qemu gadgetfs support broken) closed by john_lee
fixed: close this one and work on #1103.
10:43 Ticket #2101 (illume-keyboard: russian default keyboard) created by alexxy
this is first version of russian layout for illume keyboard
10:34 Ticket #1880 (No GSM signal anymore after receiving a call) closed by john_lee
10:34 Ticket #1862 (stop boot) closed by john_lee
wontfix: so the ticket itself - stop boot - is not valid anymore. resolved as …
10:20 Ticket #1574 (create Qtopia Email package to be installed through Assassin) closed by john_lee
duplicate: this is not a valid ticket. the real issue is to divide email and sms to …
09:01 Ticket #1490 (Join and Split function do not working during connecting third party call) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I thought we're not working on 3rd party call in om2008.
08:45 Ticket #1317 (Tasks never show up as overdue.) closed by john_lee
community: hmm this is already the case in illume (om2008). so leave this to the …
08:34 Ticket #1303 (Dialer + isn't translated to 00 so contact sort cuts don't work) closed by john_lee
08:34 Ticket #1302 ("1" and "0" characters missing from associated keys) closed by john_lee
08:34 Ticket #1295 (timezones missing) closed by john_lee
08:33 Ticket #1293 (ScaredyCat's alternate theme) closed by john_lee
fixed: with thomas' moko-gtk-theme in place I believe this is no longer valid.
08:29 Ticket #1284 (Contacts are not sorted.) closed by john_lee
08:28 Ticket #1283 (openmoko-theme-standard2-qvga not working) closed by john_lee
08:28 Ticket #1280 (qvga themes/icons do not build due to sed problem) closed by john_lee
08:27 Ticket #1278 (Lack of support for SIMcards which expired) closed by john_lee
08:25 Ticket #1259 (IEEE 1588 support (getting the time from the GSM network)) closed by john_lee
08:17 Ticket #1273 (Dialer does not switch to missed call screen if already open) closed by john_lee
08:07 Ticket #1243 (Phone lock in GTA02 can't resume) closed by john_lee
worksforme: not anymore.
08:06 Ticket #1227 (Screen saver during call) closed by john_lee
community: this is not happening on om2008.
08:03 Ticket #1219 (Only US-ASCII characters displayed) closed by john_lee
08:03 Ticket #1218 (Receivers phone number not listed in sent/outgoing text (SMS) messages) closed by john_lee
08:02 Ticket #1217 (Phone number not shown when writing a new SMS / text message) closed by john_lee
07:52 Ticket #1179 (Mobile phone hands after 'shutdown now' from the command line) closed by john_lee
fixed: shutdown -h now works on gta01 with daily image from testing repo.
06:06 Ticket #453 (Use gconf bridge to achieve stateful applications) closed by john_lee
06:02 Ticket #58 (API for neod (device daemon)) closed by john_lee
wontfix: mickey this one seems to be replaced by fso. last update 11 months ago so …
05:55 Ticket #1873 (Mediaplayer does not load Proper alsa scenario) closed by john_lee
duplicate: #1377
02:14 Ticket #1088 (Move production test code out of U-Boot into kernel module) closed by andy
fixed: GTA02 testing has had it, it is stuck with current system. For GTA03, …
01:27 Changeset [4736] by werner
fix-mmc-busy-loop-on-bytes.patch: prevent s3cmci from hanging.


23:55 Changeset [4735] by werner
s3cmci currently doesn't work with our SDIO, although it did not too long …
17:30 Ticket #1909 ([tichy] package still not in the package feed) closed by john_lee
fixed: confirmed that tichy is in.
17:12 Ticket #1886 (clock in illume stopped working) closed by john_lee
wontfix: close as wontfix for now. if it shows up again in testing or stable repo, …
17:11 Ticket #1879 ([unstable] attempting to bond crashes hcid) closed by john_lee
wontfix: hmm, closed for now. if it's still there please kindly reopen.
17:09 Ticket #1877 (ttySAC0 does not response to ATZ) closed by john_lee
17:05 Ticket #1867 (Dhclient is not working) closed by john_lee
wontfix: hmm before we get Network manager or connman right please use udhcpc …
16:55 Ticket #1829 (strace doesn't know all syscalls) closed by john_lee
fixed: Updated PREFERRED_VERSION_strace in preferred-om-2008-versions.inc to …
16:53 Ticket #1846 (hidd missing from "testing" feed) closed by john_lee
16:52 Ticket #1837 (atd issues) closed by john_lee
16:40 Ticket #1821 (tee (busybox) gives bad performace: write 1 char a time) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I don't think we will fix busybox, could you please bring this to upstream …
16:39 Ticket #2100 (USSD: if request contain non latin symbols it will be shown as garbage) created by alexxy
if ussd answer contains non latin symbols it will be displayed as garbage
16:35 Ticket #1796 (Xglamo does not open usb keyboard (/dev/input/event5)) closed by john_lee
16:33 Ticket #1784 ([qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook] Cannot import vcard file) closed by john_lee
invalid: any update on this? if it still happens please reopen.
16:31 Ticket #1783 (openmoko-messages segfaults immediately with a GTK error) closed by john_lee
16:28 Ticket #1779 (GPRS: add GetStatus or GetActiveContext) closed by john_lee
wontfix: please move this to freesmartphone.org
15:17 Ticket #1672 ([matchbox-window] <defunct>) closed by john_lee
15:09 Ticket #1301 (Wrong keyboard displayed for phone number entry in Contacts) closed by john_lee
15:08 Ticket #1225 (visual enhancement for dfu-util) closed by john_lee
fixed: in r1189 already.
15:02 Ticket #321 (ftdi_eeprom often fails silently) closed by werner
fixed: Oh, this was a hardware problem: the capacitative load on upstream VBUS …
14:56 Ticket #1029 (Progress bar animation) closed by john_lee
fixed: already in r1189
14:49 Ticket #773 (Qemu should support -net usb -redir ......) closed by john_lee
14:27 Ticket #45 (Automatic opening input methods) closed by john_lee
community: om2007 related.
14:18 Ticket #1651 (Incoming call tone has fixed repeat rate) closed by john_lee
14:13 Ticket #1413 (stage do_rootfs fails when running 'make qemu-local') closed by john_lee
worksforme: definitely not happening to me…
14:09 Ticket #1396 (openocd-native build failure) closed by john_lee
worksforme: should be okay now. if not, please report to openembedded.net
14:07 Ticket #1389 (Package libxsettings 0.11 fails to build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
14:06 Ticket #1388 ([Xephyr] [x86] Package gpe-scap_1.3.bb won't build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
14:05 Ticket #1386 ([Xephyr] [x86] Package u-boot-openmoko_1.3.1+git+svn.bb won't build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
14:04 Ticket #1385 ([Xephyr] [x86] Package librsvg_2.16.1.bb won't build on x86 platform) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
13:58 Ticket #1369 (GTA02 resume from suspend freeze touch panel on lock screen) closed by john_lee
13:56 Ticket #1362 (neod appears in background after resume) closed by john_lee
13:56 Ticket #1361 ('opkg list' locks entire OS when no network connection is available) closed by john_lee
duplicate: should be /etc/resolv.conf problem. fix it in #2056
13:52 Ticket #1358 (Investigate using notifcation-daemon implementation from mb-panel-2) closed by john_lee
13:50 Ticket #1356 (Error building x86 version of openmoko-devel-image: package ...) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this problem still exists.
13:49 Ticket #1355 (unable to enter PIN after suspend) closed by john_lee
13:44 Ticket #1351 (Speaker function cannot be kept when stage changes) closed by john_lee
13:44 Ticket #1349 (Multitap keypad disappears on password fields) closed by john_lee
duplicate: #948
13:41 Ticket #1345 (Contacts entered as would be dialed don't trigger match) closed by john_lee
13:41 Ticket #1343 (crash by surfing google images) closed by john_lee
13:41 Ticket #1342 (openmoko-messages don't print error message on dialing when no GSM ...) closed by john_lee
13:41 Ticket #1341 (openmoko-messages put sms in wrong folder) closed by john_lee
13:40 Ticket #1340 (no suspend in power menu) closed by john_lee
13:40 Ticket #1338 (Font is a way to big) closed by john_lee
13:40 Ticket #1337 (Keyboard is unusable) closed by john_lee
13:36 Ticket #1332 ((null) contact is sometimes saved) closed by john_lee
13:36 Ticket #1331 (Can't reply to "Unknown sender") closed by john_lee
13:28 Ticket #1216 (The text of the unselected tab in the tabbed pane (GtkNotebook) shows ...) closed by john_lee
13:27 Ticket #1215 (Solo is unplayable) closed by john_lee
13:27 Ticket #1201 (gsm power status) closed by john_lee
13:26 Ticket #1200 (bluetooth power status) closed by john_lee
13:26 Ticket #1199 (gps power status) closed by john_lee
13:23 Ticket #1197 (Some messages are to high) closed by john_lee
13:12 Ticket #1189 (Click on the program category line in the Application manager does not ...) closed by john_lee
13:11 Ticket #1107 (Italian translation missing) closed by john_lee
duplicate: #1127
13:09 Ticket #1176 (Truncated u-boot printout of kernel version string) closed by john_lee
fixed: with our current git scm this should be easy now.
13:08 Ticket #1172 (cannot hear any sound from dialer in GTA02) closed by john_lee
13:07 Ticket #1131 (SIM does not register with network) closed by john_lee
13:06 Ticket #1130 (the stat() system call hangs when the argument is a remote folder) closed by john_lee
wontfix: 11 months without reply. Resolved as 'wontfix' for now.
13:03 Ticket #1162 (New message event appear only with specific hardware/software ...) closed by john_lee
13:03 Ticket #1161 (openmoko-terminal2 - wrong $HOME variable in env) closed by john_lee
fixed: already fixed now.
13:02 Ticket #1136 (GSM panel applet keeps on displaying 'Connected to GSM network' ...) closed by john_lee
13:02 Ticket #1133 (some games menu don't fit on screen) closed by john_lee
wontfix: * actually an upstream wishlist.
12:53 Ticket #1084 (PUK Support) closed by john_lee
community: closed as 'community' for now. might already be fixed by chris as …
12:52 Ticket #1079 (Dialer does not work - method does not exist) closed by john_lee
community: We won't maintain openmoko-dialer anymore, so closed as 'community'.
12:50 Ticket #1058 (Web Browser renders plaintext as html -- looks ugly) closed by john_lee
12:50 Ticket #1057 (openmoko-browser2 could really use a local file selection browser) closed by john_lee
12:49 Ticket #1055 ("Delete event" icon is always enabled) closed by john_lee
12:49 Ticket #1054 (Description field does not scroll view during entering data) closed by john_lee
12:49 Ticket #1043 (Call use cases) closed by john_lee
wontfix: * we don't use google doc anymore * sean_chiang already left Openmoko * we …
12:46 Ticket #1041 (Mediaplayer gets VBR mp3 durations incorrect) closed by john_lee
12:45 Ticket #1040 (Mediaplayer adds files to a playlist in an unpredictable order) closed by john_lee
12:43 Ticket #1012 (moko-gtk-theme lacks UI elements for openmoko-mediaplayer2) closed by john_lee
fixed: HdR and Abraxa: Thanks! Committed as svn r4734.
12:39 Changeset [4734] by john_lee
from trac #1012 provided by HdR and Abraxa
09:51 Ticket #998 (Keyboard autorepeat is too twitchy) closed by john_lee
09:50 Ticket #997 (Keyboard does not popup when cursor is inside of form entry) closed by john_lee
community: won't work on openmoko-browser2
09:49 Ticket #996 (Browser lack FullScreen button) closed by john_lee
community: won't work on openmoko-browser2
09:48 Ticket #995 (Moko theme has too small arrows in menu) closed by john_lee
worksforme: this seems to be okay now.
09:37 Ticket #943 (openmoko-browser2 segfaults when trying to open an url) closed by john_lee
worksforme: it works now.
09:35 Ticket #983 (Filesystem navigation does not support kinematic scrolling) closed by john_lee
09:34 Ticket #982 (Mediaplayer does not allow to select files to play) closed by john_lee
09:34 Ticket #978 (Package info tab opens keyboard) closed by john_lee
09:32 Ticket #971 (OpenMoko restarts without warning) closed by john_lee
worksforme: 11 months old now. I would say it's gone.
09:32 Ticket #970 (Keyboard opens and closes in a loop) closed by john_lee
09:31 Ticket #961 (Scrolling of packages list produce unreadable content) closed by john_lee
09:27 Ticket #941 (Kinetic scrolling is hard to use with fingers) closed by john_lee
worksforme: 2007.2 and the kinetic scrolling should be quite okay now.
09:25 Ticket #933 (event import) closed by john_lee
community: om2007, closed as 'community'
09:24 Ticket #905 (media player should not try to play non-media files) closed by john_lee
community: 13 months old and mediaplayer2 is unmaintained. resolved as 'community'.
09:22 Ticket #895 (libgsmd-tool crashes a lot on invalid inputs) closed by john_lee
09:18 Ticket #879 (File chooser dialog (gtk+) uses wrong icons) closed by john_lee
09:18 Ticket #872 (Implement GPS and BT power in neod power button menu) closed by john_lee
09:17 Ticket #870 (During boot, init looks for psplash in /usr/bin -- which might not be ...) closed by john_lee
worksforme: * we don't use psplash anymore. * boot splash works fine now.
09:16 Ticket #864 (GTK filerequester is unusable on Neo1973) closed by john_lee
09:15 Ticket #850 (Standard Gtk+ file browser unusable) closed by john_lee
09:15 Ticket #847 (Shutdown if battery level goes too low) closed by john_lee
wontfix: it seems like this should be solved by eventd in fso, so this might need …
09:14 Ticket #246 (Debug board needs to be recognized by mainline linux kernel.) closed by laforge
fixed: this bug has been fixed in the mainline kernel, see git commit message …
09:13 Ticket #764 (initiating a PAN using pand gets "Permission denied (13)") closed by tick
worksforme: Oh... I connect with neo with pand happily. I think this issues is no …
09:05 Ticket #808 (Nonexistent $HOME breaks stuff) closed by john_lee
worksforme: should be okay on the recent images.
08:56 Ticket #765 (Factory Reset writes wrong environment) closed by john_lee
08:43 Ticket #745 (gnome-system-tools) closed by john_lee
08:32 Ticket #603 (timeout at boot menu while typing ?) closed by john_lee
worksforme: hmm I didn't see this for a long time. closed for now.
08:22 Ticket #452 (Openmoko widgets need to use gobject properties) closed by john_lee
08:19 Ticket #350 (OpenMoko keyboard usability issues) closed by john_lee
community: we got illume and qtopia keyboards now so I will leave this as 'community'
08:15 Ticket #209 (u-boot DFU needs to block console access while in DFU mode) closed by john_lee
08:15 Ticket #197 (Make theme suitable for qvga screens.) closed by john_lee
08:14 Ticket #181 (Password Storage/Retrieval Application) closed by john_lee
community: this doesn't seem to be one of the core functionalities we will work on.
08:03 Ticket #111 (integrate agpsd in our system power management.) closed by john_lee
wontfix: won't fix gllin.
07:58 Ticket #1020 (Investigate Upstart in OpenMoko) closed by john_lee
wontfix: olv+erin are already working on reducing boot time.
07:54 Ticket #110 (look into gps / agps integration) closed by john_lee
07:50 Ticket #101 (Implement GPRS setup/teardown support) closed by john_lee
community: gsmd is unmaintained now..
07:41 Ticket #65 (Visual indication for SMS overflow) closed by john_lee
07:39 Ticket #1436 (openmoko.conf breaks builds which use a custom overlay) closed by john_lee
fixed: There are no BBFILES in openmoko.conf now.
07:07 Ticket #1956 (Mediaplayer2 audio quality) closed by john_lee
community: I don't think we will keep maintaining mediaplayer2 so closed as …
06:59 Ticket #2084 (CRC Fail on boot , long boot time before init , wireless isnt detected) closed by john_lee
wontfix: so, closed as wontfix because of the reasons above?
06:47 Ticket #2036 (resize2fs /dev/mmcblk02p2 128m seg faults) closed by john_lee
duplicate: ok, closed as duplicate.
06:40 Ticket #2017 (Om2008.8 Update image(9/18) make device freeze after X hours usage) closed by john_lee
wontfix: so it did not freeze, just the touch panel didn't work, correct? if u see …
06:36 Ticket #1967 ([kernel]after stable to testing upgrade image and modules not in sync) closed by john_lee
fixed: Next stable image will be generated directly from a branch of om.dev with …
06:00 Ticket #1945 (om2008.8: Sometimes I can't call my FreeRunner when it is in suspend (with ...) closed by john_lee
duplicate: If that's the case, I would mark this as duplicate of #1662.
05:57 Ticket #1958 (After upgrade , FR hangs at "booting 42%") closed by john_lee
worksforme: This isn't happening in the stable or testing image now, so resolved as …
04:31 Ticket #1780 (cannot add number in openmoko-contacts2) closed by john_lee
community: We won't maintain Om2007 anymore so resolved as 'community'.
04:18 Ticket #1354 (Cannot resume from suspend if suspend more than 30 minutes) closed by john_lee
worksforme: Don't happen to me with the latest stable kernel.
04:17 Ticket #1322 (Background noise during conversation) closed by john_lee
wontfix: hardware issue. refer to …
04:05 Ticket #1282 (Remove rotate display option) closed by john_lee
community: Om2007.
04:03 Ticket #1253 (Mysterious green lines on screen) closed by john_lee
worksforme: Haven't seen this for a while. Closed as worksforme.
03:59 Ticket #1244 (Xglamo doesn't handle switch to landscape mode correctly (was: Swap ...) closed by john_lee
fixed: Turns out to be the problem of illume-theme-asu. Patch applied as …
02:08 Changeset [4733] by werner
Rebase to latest stable-tracking.


09:38 Ticket #1240 (SMS crashes Today app) closed by john_lee
09:36 Ticket #1238 (SIM card contacts not displayed) closed by john_lee
community: @montgoss: On 2008/7/18 there is no om2008.8 yet so I assume this is …
09:08 Ticket #2099 ([Location] Location function is not able to use) created by regina_kim
flash:2008.10.28 Update:2008.10.29 summary : Location function is not …
08:53 Ticket #1766 ([GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls) closed by regina_kim
fixed: Flash : 2008.10.28 Update: 2008.10.29 it does not happen.
08:27 Ticket #2082 (No icons in illume) closed by regina_kim
fixed: it had fixed.
08:17 Ticket #2098 ([illume] unable to close location & installer application) created by regina_kim
flash:2008.10.28 Update:2008.10.28 summary : unable to close application …
08:12 Ticket #1984 ([Qt-Contact] edit SIM contact screen overlaps running applications) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: [testing image] test date:2008 10/29 update date:2008 10/29 It fixed! …
07:43 Ticket #2097 ([testing image] list in Setting can't scroll) created by wendy_hung
Summary: The list in setting can't scroll, you can't check the lower …
06:04 Ticket #2096 ([testing image]after flash new image can't ssh neo (need to reboot twice)) created by wendy_hung
Summary: after flash new image, have to reboot twice than you can ssh neo …
03:34 Ticket #2093 (Screen Turnon on calls) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: 1. you did not mention which version you're using 2. it's duplicate with …
03:31 Ticket #2095 (Sound not found with qi bootloader) created by newkirk
I've finally seen the pattern to a bug I've been having for weeks - If I'm …
03:29 Ticket #1506 (sometimes keyboard does not appear when create new message) closed by regina_kim
fixed: today's upgrade does not happen.
02:13 Ticket #2094 (Regression: GTK apps wont redraw after closing menus) created by nuclear_eclipse
I apologize if this a duplicate report; I tried searching but was unable …
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