23:03 Ticket #2265 (kernel spams with useless messages (fbcon_event_notify action, etc.)) closed by arhuaco
fixed: Patch applied. > We probably don't want to get rid of "Charging …
19:23 Ticket #2269 (Om2009 release) created by Nytowl


17:40 Ticket #2268 (Alignment trap: Xglamo) created by xbaldauf
Hello, from time to time, I experience alignment traps on my Freerunner, …
16:22 Ticket #2267 ([wifi] kernel oops when starting wpa_supplicant) created by tilman2
I'm running shr-unstable from April 9th: …
15:02 Ticket #2266 (xf86-video-glamo fills xdm.log with GLAMOExaPrepareSolid: Only 16bpp is ...) created by lindi
[I sent this by email to lars last month but just to make sure I don't …


11:29 Changeset [4966] by laforge
make sure the manpage is installed during 'make install' (Michael Scherer)


21:22 Ticket #2265 (kernel spams with useless messages (fbcon_event_notify action, etc.)) created by lindi
Even when I am not using the phone at all my logs get filled with kernel …
03:16 Ticket #2264 (Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash) created by budfive
I am running SHR-unstable with moko11beta on my Calypso. If I download a …


16:41 Ticket #2263 (xf86-video-glamo/703acea13: xrandr --output LCD --mode 240x320 incorrect ...) created by lindi
[ I hope it is appropriate to use docs.openmoko.org for Xorg driver bugs …


23:40 Changeset [4965] by werner
Check also the signed-off-by line.


12:31 Ticket #2262 (backlight brightness of 11 unusable after blank/unblank) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) run Xorg 2) sudo sh -c 'echo 11 > …


11:28 Ticket #2261 ("AT+COPS?" mnc differs from "AT%EM=2,4" mnc) created by Seppi
When I looked through the CellHunter? database I recognized some strange …
06:21 Changeset [4964] by werner
Run checkpatch to catch editing glitches. (Also nice to have when using …
03:35 Changeset [4963] by werner
The times are a-changing: I now use xchat instead of good old plain ircII.
03:33 Changeset [4962] by werner
Make my kernel make script silent. That way, it doesn't clutter the output …
03:32 Changeset [4961] by werner
Yahoo are right about RFC822 and I was wrong: no whitespace is required …
03:31 Changeset [4960] by werner
Tools for processing kernel patch submissions: - apply-kernel takes a …


16:52 Ticket #2260 (opkg-cl hangs installing duplicate CONFILE) created by Nytowl
opkg-cl will hang if 2 different packages install the same conffile into …
16:46 Ticket #2250 (opkg hangs install coreutils) closed by Nytowl
16:35 Ticket #2248 (update toolchain) closed by Nytowl


17:17 Ticket #2259 (Neo Freerunner vibrates endlessly if voicemail notice appears during a ...) created by msporny
The Neo Freerunner vibrates endlessly if a voicemail notice appears during …


07:00 Ticket #2236 (GTA01 with andy-traking reporting bad cordinates near up event) closed by Nytowl
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