23:40 Changeset [4987] by werner
Switched from expanded symbols to regular ones.
23:29 Changeset [4986] by werner
Moved expanded view to make room for the real schematics.
19:12 Changeset [4985] by daveb
After further understanding, 3-state is only appropriate for OUPUT pins. …
18:59 Changeset [4984] by werner
The "B" part of the CPU (power) used the unexpanded symbol.
18:22 Changeset [4983] by werner
Make gta02-core-expanded.lib available as well, for convenience.
18:14 Changeset [4982] by werner
Oops, data lines ought to be BiDi?, not 3-state.
18:08 Ticket #2218 ([Om 2008.12] BlueZ d-bus system not working) closed by Nytowl
18:03 Ticket #2092 (rxvt-unicode term info) closed by Nytowl
18:02 Ticket #2247 (write bitbake receipe for gpio-s3c6410) closed by Nytowl
18:01 Ticket #2152 (connman fails to build) closed by Nytowl
17:59 Ticket #1955 (pppd persist and holdoff does not work) closed by Nytowl
17:58 Ticket #2044 (om-locations - map licensing) closed by Nytowl
17:57 Ticket #2083 (Missing Dependency python-pygps --> python-datetime) closed by Nytowl
17:48 Ticket #1641 (opkg upgrade blows away custom volume settings) closed by Nytowl
17:48 Ticket #2246 (add i2c-tools to package feed) closed by Nytowl
13:12 Changeset [4981] by werner
Updated for s3c2442 changes.
13:01 Changeset [4980] by werner
Dave Ball <openmoko@…>: I've gone back over the CPU pintypes, …


16:19 Changeset [4979] by werner
First set of schematics, for now just to have everything in a single file …
16:17 Changeset [4978] by werner
expand-pintype: adds a text field with the pin type to each pin. …
13:43 Changeset [4977] by werner
First stab at the s3c2442b, by Dave Ball <openmoko@…>
00:56 Changeset [4976] by werner
The latest updates from Dave Ball <openmoko@…>: …


23:03 Ticket #2287 (battery removal kobject notifications broken in bq2700 power supply class ...) created by mickey
On removing the battery we get an uevent notification with: …
10:00 Changeset [4975] by werner
wm8753l.lib: - changed VMID and VREF to "passive", as suggested by Dave …
09:55 Changeset [4974] by werner
Pin types improved. By Dave Ball <openmoko@…>
08:10 Changeset [4973] by werner
wm8753l.lib: - changed LOUT2 was incorrectly labeled ROUT2 - MICBIAS …
04:09 Changeset [4972] by werner
pcf50633-04-n3.lib: - renamed DOWN1FN to DOWN2FB - DOWN2* group was just a …
03:54 Changeset [4971] by werner
Renamed pcf50633-03-n3.lib to pcf50633-04-n3.lib


23:27 Changeset [4970] by werner
Broke gta02-core.lib into per-component libraries. Script mkloe generates …
22:58 Changeset [4969] by werner
First set of components, by Dave Ball <dave@…> - PMU, …
07:19 Ticket #2286 (Screen lights not turned on when resuming) created by rhk
When resuming from suspend, the screen lights are not turned on …


18:53 Ticket #2285 (Paroli settings menu does not always appear) created by airzimmy
1. Power on and initialize fully 2. While in Paroli, hold the aux button …
18:39 Ticket #2284 (After suspend, phone does not ring on incoming call) created by airzimmy
When the phone is initially powered on, the phone ring's (and vibrates) …


20:16 Ticket #2283 (opkg armv4 repository) closed by Nytowl
wontfix: This is a function of how OE generates the feeds.
20:05 Ticket #2283 (opkg armv4 repository) created by airzimmy
The images from testing still contain the armv4 repository which does not …
17:08 Changeset [4968] by Nytowl
New recommendation for gsmhandset.state


19:05 Ticket #2282 (freerunner with gsmhandset-a7.state sends more quiet audio than nokia ...) closed by joerg
invalid: setting to invalid, haspatch until tests are done with correct statefile …
17:34 Ticket #2282 (freerunner with gsmhandset-a7.state sends more quiet audio than nokia ...) created by lindi
I made a series of testcalls to objectively compare freerunner with …


21:42 Ticket #2281 (xf86-video-glamo/0f03b39435910: odd graphical artifacts) created by lindi
When I start kapula (my dialer) the window looks just normal (normal.png). …
15:21 Ticket #2266 (xf86-video-glamo fills xdm.log with GLAMOExaPrepareSolid: Only 16bpp is ...) closed by arhuaco
15:12 Ticket #2280 (xf86-video-glamo/ef499f51 fails to build:) closed by lars
fixed: fixed
14:31 Ticket #2280 (xf86-video-glamo/ef499f51 fails to build:) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) git clone …


01:04 Ticket #2279 (toggling backlight very fast blocks reads of /proc/apm) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) Start "while cat /proc/apm; do sleep 1; done" in …


11:44 Ticket #2278 (kernel: g_file_storage fails with usb 1-1: failed to restore interface 0 ...) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) boot freerunner without loading any usb gadgets …


15:51 Ticket #2277 (Wireless does not work with the 2.6.29 kernel) created by arhuaco
I haven't confirmed this bug. I'm copying from …


23:16 Ticket #1192 (unknown reason cause TI GSM modem always return "+CME ERROR: 512") closed by mickey
fixed: +COLP=0 and moko11 fixes this for good.
22:45 Ticket #2276 (illume battery module shows -1% as the battery charge state / GTA01) closed by arhuaco
invalid: I put this error here because it was reported to me and I didn't want to …
17:26 Ticket #2240 (removing/reloading g_ether not working) closed by arhuaco
fixed: Patch sent to andy-tracking. Closing as fixed.


15:38 Ticket #2276 (illume battery module shows -1% as the battery charge state / GTA01) created by arhuaco
We should be able to monitor voltage.


09:39 Ticket #2275 (power_supply battery: driver failed to report X property) created by lindi
Even when I leave my phone idle on the desk my kernel logs are filled with …


16:28 Ticket #2252 (andy-tracking: battery/capacity: Timer expired) closed by arhuaco
fixed: Not present with recent kernel. Closed.


02:57 Ticket #2255 (xf86-video-glamo/703acea13: xrandr -o 1; xrandr -o 3 causes distortion) closed by arhuaco
fixed: I finally tested the patch as I should have tested it and it works. Please …


15:50 Ticket #1824 (FSO: GPS time not available in TangoGPS) closed by alphaone
fixed: This is working for a long time now.
06:56 Ticket #2233 (Want reiserfs3 available in the default kernel) closed by arhuaco
fixed: Done. …


14:29 Ticket #2274 (Kernel regression: white screen of death reappeared with 2.6.29) created by CyrusDreams
Steps to reproduce: * use …


08:03 Ticket #2273 (Paroli doesn't stop correctly using desktop interface) created by Femto
When trying to stop paroli using illume interface, the paroli screen …


13:43 Ticket #2262 (backlight brightness of 11 unusable after blank/unblank) closed by arhuaco
fixed: Closing after applying this Patch sent by Paul. …


15:46 Ticket #2272 (Paroli doesn't lauch at boot after opkg upgrade) created by iknowjoseph
I successfully completed an opkg upgrade which provided the following …
14:31 Ticket #2271 (2009 opkg upgrade segmentation fault) created by iknowjoseph
15/04/2009 - opkg upgrade fails with a segmentation fault.


13:57 Changeset [4967] by Nytowl
Changed DAPM speaker out ( control.87 ) to true so speakerout works
07:18 Ticket #2267 ([wifi] kernel oops when starting wpa_supplicant) closed by arhuaco
fixed: Commited. Closing bug. …
04:26 Ticket #2270 (Spurious ar6000_wow interrupts wake up the GTA02) created by budfive
For the last month or so, my GTA02 often receives a wake-on-wireless …
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