17:27 Changeset [5760] by werner
- docs/GETTING-STARTED: added Netpbm to prerequisites.
17:26 Changeset [5759] by werner
Added Netpbm to prerequisites.
17:25 Changeset [5758] by werner
Make the icon for the currently selected instance transparent so that it …


21:24 Changeset [5757] by werner
It can sometimes be unclear what exactly has been selected. To improve …
20:05 Changeset [5756] by werner
When entering the first vectors, where were a number of display anomalies …
19:33 Changeset [5755] by werner
When no instance is selected, show the polar coordinates of the current …


00:48 Changeset [5754] by werner
- io.sch: D4601 and D4602 are 150 pF instead 151 pF - usb.sch: D4801 …
00:42 Changeset [5753] by werner
Various docs/REVIEW improvements suggested by Patryk Benderz: - add …


12:02 Changeset [5752] by werner
Added a crude hack to increase the robustness of font scaling. (This can …
06:57 Changeset [5751] by werner
Described what to review, as suggested by Patryk Benderz. - docs/REVIEW: …


11:51 Ticket #2322 (Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC locks up under stress) created by skliarie
I have an Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC card that works ok for small write …


12:47 Changeset [5750] by werner
Added basic spooler and some more description of how things work. - …


21:02 Changeset [5749] by werner
Added some thoughts about tool path generation. For further study. For …
15:36 Changeset [5748] by werner
A bit of cleanup, as suggested by Chitlesh Goorah. - moved all examples …
14:55 Changeset [5747] by werner
Yet more small improvements. - ge864.brd: avoid trace under dual …
14:39 Changeset [5746] by werner
More cleanup. - ge864.sch: marked level shifter block as "not …
14:28 Changeset [5745] by werner
Layout cleanup and corrections. - ground is now ring-shaped, to shorted …
10:59 Changeset [5744] by werner
Connected everything. Still needs cleaning. - disconnected ADG3304 to …


21:12 Changeset [5743] by daveb
fix typo: s/k2m51323pe/k4m51323pe/
18:49 Changeset [5742] by daveb
include pcf50633
18:48 Changeset [5741] by daveb
pcf50633 draft. Problems - pins with rounded ends - pins that change …
16:15 Changeset [5740] by daveb
k4m51323pe module, updated AUTHORS
15:19 Changeset [5739] by werner
Removed ECN0011 also from the list of open ECNs.
14:47 Changeset [5738] by daveb
review ecn0011
14:14 Changeset [5737] by daveb
include ht210
14:13 Changeset [5736] by daveb
LED module - should work for both ht210 and ht110
13:28 Changeset [5735] by daveb
coax connector
13:16 Changeset [5734] by werner
The absolute Y position in the status bar was actually the X position. …
13:16 Changeset [5733] by werner
Added SOD-523 (EMD2, SC-79) footprint for D4603.
12:43 Changeset [5732] by werner
Added functions sin(), cos(), and sqrt().
10:50 Changeset [5731] by werner
When entering a name with variable expansion, the "invalid character in …
02:08 Changeset [5730] by werner
Added data sheet information for Rohm 1SS400 switching diode.
01:35 Changeset [5729] by werner
Added WLCSP12 package for the ADG3304 level shifter.
01:29 Changeset [5728] by werner
Trying to save arcs would crash fped. - dump.c (print_obj): removed …
01:04 Changeset [5727] by werner
Creation of a rounded pad could crash fped. - gui_tool.c (end_new_rpad): …


20:13 Changeset [5726] by daveb
add pattern prohibited areas (shouldn't be pads?) and rough outline
17:53 Changeset [5725] by daveb
draft module for sim/sd connector rearrange STATUS to be alphabetical
15:22 Changeset [5724] by werner
- added component references to revised drawing - tentatively named the …
11:00 Changeset [5723] by werner
Qucs simulation to evaluate an LC vs. a CL configuration.
07:24 Changeset [5722] by rehar
fixed typo C4307->C4306
00:23 Changeset [5721] by werner
Explanatory drawing for the changes proposed by Joerg.


18:51 Changeset [5720] by werner
- ECN0038: added review tag - ECN0043: new ECN for assorted audio cleanup


20:27 Changeset [5719] by rehar
implemented C3017 (1uF) change
20:24 Changeset [5718] by rehar
implemented ECN0038 and moved to done
20:12 Changeset [5717] by rehar
- added C3017 (1uF) change to ECN0033 - rewrote ECN0019 to reflect Joergs …


23:31 Changeset [5716] by werner
- inst.c (inst_select): cycle through instances globally, not only within …
19:55 Changeset [5715] by werner
Vector name generation could produce duplicates if vectors were moved or …
19:18 Changeset [5714] by werner
Fixed some bugs in the vector list re-ordering function. This should work …
16:46 Ticket #2320 (icmp ping RTT over wifi plotted over time forms a sawtooth wave) closed by joerg
wontfix: closing, as it seems to be no bug according to billK
16:34 Ticket #2317 ([gta01] no fast charge when booting with usb cable plugged in) closed by joerg
invalid: pre precharge seems to be a valid state of PMU charger state machine. It's …
16:23 Changeset [5713] by werner
When moving a vector, the list order could get confused, resulting in a …


20:54 Ticket #2321 (any user can run wmiconfig -i eth0 --power maxperf) created by lindi
I think wmiconfig -i eth0 --power maxperf should only work as root but …


21:56 Ticket #2320 (icmp ping RTT over wifi plotted over time forms a sawtooth wave) created by lindi
icmp ping over wifi seems to show very peculiar delays that increase by …
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