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     1= Important: Read This Before Creating a Ticket = 
     3#!div class=important style="border: double red" 
     5Please note that this trac is used for Openmoko related software / hardware / 
     6distribution bugs only. Its intend is to help coordinating the development 
     7effort around the Openmoko universe. 
     9Support and installation questions should be asked on the support mailing list or on IRC channel, not filed as tickets. Also, you can check the official [omwiki: Openmoko Wiki] to get detailed technical instructions how to get started / available packages & distributions / reflashing / etc. 
     12= When to ''not'' create a ticket here = 
     14If you have found a genuine bug, then there's a good chance you're not the 
     15first person to notice it... Please take the time to search for an already 
     16existing ticket. A good tip is to look for the verbatim text of the error 
     17you're seeing, e.g. 
     20<form action="/search"> 
     21 <input type="text" size="60" name="q" value='"<add example here>"' /> 
     22 <input type="hidden" name="ticket" value="on" /> 
     23 <input type="submit" value="Search" /> 
     26Alternatively, check our list of recently [report:12 closed duplicates] 
     28If you found your bug, read the given descriptions and comments carefully. Maybe you are able to add useful hints. 
     30The advantage of finding a pre-existing ticket is that there's often an existing workaround, or a patch waiting for feedback. In this case, please take the next step and participate in fixing the bug. 
     32Beware: A "me too" without log messages, additional information or new ideas is just noise and makes the engineers life harder without adding any valuable information. 
     35 = Yes, I think I've found a new bug = 
     37Then please, by all means let us know! 
     39If you haven't done it before, read the [omwiki:Bug_Filing_Policy Bug filing Policy] which will give you some tips about how to create a good bug report. 
     40Then proceed to [/newticket create the bug report] having the following basic guidelines in mind: 
     42 - Choose a meaningful summary which enables others to recognize / find your bug, e.g. "[GSM] not working properly after x hours of usage" 
     43 - Always add the used distribution / image / installed packages / kernel / build date in the bug report. E.g. "kernel: 20080723-asu.stable-uImage.bin, rootfs: 20080805-asu.stable-rootfs.jffs2" 
     44 - Add a step by step instruction how to reproduce the bug, the current result and the expected result. 
     45 - Do not fiddle with the component unless you are 150% sure you know what you are doing. The QA team or the engineers will take care of the correct assignment. 
     46 - Never set Priority, Severity or Milestone - thats for the QA team only! 
     47 - Add yourself to the CC list in order to get informed about updates regarding the bug. 
     49Of course, improvement ideas (preferably with patches!) are also welcomed, and 
     50you also can create enhancement requests. 
     52    -- The Openmoko Team