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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#143 test NAND write/read support in OpenOCD new laforge enhancement highest
#1250 No Wifi in Managed Mode reopened openmoko-kernel@… defect highest
#1255 No indication of battery charging when power is off assigned andy@… enhancement highest Om2008.8
#1315 xglamo: Performance decreases after a while new openmoko-devel defect highest
#1318 OpenMoko not mounting on Qemu on Fedora8 new openmoko-devel defect highest
#1367 atheros wireless driver doesn't report info correctly assigned openmoko-devel defect highest
#1691 [Qtopia] qpe crash happened after flash the new image in_testing tick defect highest Om2008.10
#1818 SMS doesn't send when network coverage restores new zecke enhancement highest
#1888 [Setting] can't connect to network via wifi in_testing marek defect highest Om2008.10
#1989 addressbook not handling vCard 2.1 with multiline records correctly on importing, often leading to crash (wild memory leak) new zecke defect highest
#2018 [Qt-Contact] Editing contact name, the word between two space will disappear new zecke defect highest
#2024 [QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS comes in new zecke defect highest
#2045 [Om2008.9] Wifi associating is very unreliable new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2230 Git clone on "kernel.git linux-2.6" fails new openmoko-devel defect highest
#2274 Kernel regression: white screen of death reappeared with 2.6.29 new openmoko-kernel defect highest stable-kernel-2009.1
#2292 Phone suspends during call new Nytowl defect highest Om2009
#2319 openmoko-feedreader 2_0.0.7 - Invalid UTF-8 new Nytowl defect highest
#2336 Sandisk SDSDQ-016G-E11M irredeemably unstable on GTA-02/SHR new Nytowl defect highest
#2339 resume issues with Linux 2.6.34 new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2341 u-boot environment isn't saved new openmoko-devel defect highest
#2359 there are only 1 resume_reason in sysfs new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2362 kernel from SHR-U has angle offset in the Accelerometer's output new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2364 Hanging micro sdhc card new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2366 Missing accelerometer events new openmoko-kernel defect highest stable-kernel-2009.1
#112 How to deliver kernel-level alarm to destination app assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#113 bluetooth headset support assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#115 A2DP / alsa integration new michael enhancement high
#116 bluetooth HID support (host) assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#117 bluetooth HID support (device) assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#118 bluetooth networking support assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#120 bluetooth OBEX assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#448 We need an alarm daemon assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#527 The BlueTooth broadcast ID is set wrong (patch) assigned marcel@… defect high
#596 dfu transfer very slow on GTA02 new openmoko-kernel defect high
#799 data abort while reading from SD Cards assigned openmoko-kernel defect high
#812 "neo1973 gsm version" command does not respond assigned openmoko-kernel defect high
#952 Just some cool ideas I have been joting down. new mickey defect high
#991 PMU driver doesn't populate initial input device status assigned openmoko_kernel defect high
#1018 skewed video frames on Xglamo assigned olv defect high
#1024 gsm modem oscillating between registrated / not-registrated in_testing sean_chiang defect high
#1066 [xglamo] 2D operations should not be batched assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#1105 Blanking GTA01 LCD doesn't switch off display refresh assigned openmoko-kernel defect high
#1115 avoid busy looping to wait for glamo engine idle state assigned openmoko-kernel defect high
#1125 Auto-hide scrollbars on mokofingerscroll new mickey enhancement high
#1127 Italian translation missing new openmoko-devel defect high
#1177 '-e command' and '-x command' support for virtual terminal assigned mickey enhancement high
#1285 WLAN stability issue with WPA new openmoko-kernel defect high
#1291 ScaredyCat's applet icons new dave_wu defect high
#1347 Double suspend (second suspend right after resume) in_testing jeremy defect high
#1364 GTA01 SD card unrecognized on boot following kernel flash new openmoko-kernel defect high
#1371 corrupted data from u-blox assigned openmoko-kernel defect high
#1381 clicking at touchscreen borders confuses libSDL's mouse cursor assigned openmoko-devel defect high
#1387 wi-fi connection un-stable in ASU image sets new openmoko-kernel defect high
#1392 ar6000: switching wifi modes does not work new openmoko-kernel defect high
#1493 when press power button makes some noise during suspend time. assigned graeme@… defect high Om2008.8
#1514 wifi policy needed new will defect high Om2008.8
#1532 Date/Time: time and country displayed outside of screen on world map new zecke defect high Om2008.8
#1563 The Calendar title bar will be broken and letter will be cut when press next arrow button new zecke defect high Om2008.8
#1573 remove email from messages app new zecke enhancement high Om2008.8
#1621 it will show white screen when press power button from suspend time(it only happens specific phone(no.51)) new openmoko-kernel defect high Om2008.9
#1630 [Qtopia-Dialer]"holding attempt failed"Alert message show when press hold button in outgoing call Device which has prepaid SIM card. new zecke defect high Om2008.9
#1639 Only some contacts off SIM displayed new zecke defect high Om2008.10
#1652 [QT-Contact]add group members functionality is busted new zecke defect high Om2008.8
#1716 [Package] add .edj decompiler/compiler as a package in_testing julian task high Om2008.10
#1717 [exposure-design] wifi waiting time animation new will task high Om2008.8
#1762 [illume bar menu] menu will hiding after qt-keypad when creating texts assigned zecke defect high Om2008.10
#1794 Make Wifi "just work" new openmoko-devel enhancement high Om2008.8
#1822 2008.8 doesn't wake on alarm in_testing tick defect high Om2008.10
#1844 [Dialer] Support Emergency Call and Alert message "No service" or "No register" ... new zecke@… enhancement high Om2008.10
#1845 PIN-dialog show up too slow assigned erin_yueh defect high Om2008.10
#1887 [Qtopia : call screen] incoming call screen overlap with calendar new zecke@… defect high Om2008.10
#1946 gtk+ apps do not respond to redraw events in_testing openmoko-devel defect high
#1977 [Locations] delete tag in Location but the Tag SMS will be empty text and can't be delete new jeremy defect high Om2008.10
#2032 [Installer] only show packages that are visible in launcher in_testing tick enhancement high Om2008.10
#2037 Qtopia Crashes on Dialing after selecting a Contact new zecke defect high
#2073 voice-recording.state + arecord: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000 new openmoko-kernel defect high
#2109 Upgrade path error from Om2008.9 to testing in_testing tick defect high
#2135 write kernel crash message somewhere where it can be retrieved after reboot? new openmoko-kernel enhancement high stable-kernel-2009.1
#2155 opkg-native do_compile failed in_testing tick defect high
#2180 stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages new openmoko-kernel defect high FSO
#2223 gsm0710muxd loosing packets? assigned mickey defect high Om2008.12
#2227 iwconfig key restricted hanging up new openmoko-kernel defect high FSO
#2234 sms date are empty new zecke defect high Om2008.12
#2249 [package] screen shot application in package new nytowl task high
#2257 gsm0710muxd: "Modem does not respond to AT commands" new openmoko-kernel defect high stable-kernel-2009.1
#2349 Too high power consumption in 2.6.32 new openmoko-kernel defect high
#2478 linux 2.6.39: alsa state not correctly restored in resume new openmoko-kernel defect high
#2479 playing a sound and suspending at the same time => no sound at resume on 2.6.39 new openmoko-kernel defect high
#2580 Examining Sensible decorative pillows Programs new mirko enhancement high Om2008.11
#2591 Exercise balls because furniture Health Conditioning new hardware task high stable-kernel-2009.1
#2592 Exercise balls because furniture Health Conditioning new hardware task high stable-kernel-2009.1
#2593 Pond tutor uses workout balls to control squirming pupils new documentation task high Om2008.8
#2596 How you can Employ a great Exercise Ball As a Seat new raster task high Om2008.10
#2597 How you can Employ a great Exercise Ball As a Seat new raster task high Om2008.10
#2604 How you can Use a good Exercise Ball As being a Chair new openmoko-devel task high Om2007.2
#2606 10 Factors to make use of a good Exercise Ball because Your own Seat new raster enhancement high Om2008.11
#2609 Exercise Ball As opposed to Cubical Couch new raster task high Om2008.9
#2610 Exercising using a Balance Ball new mirko task high FSO
#2614 How you can Employ a great Exercise Ball As a Seat new marek task high Om2008.9
#2621 Significant Factors In decorative pillows Across The UK new openmoko-devel task high FSO
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