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#2362 kernel from SHR-U has angle offset in the Accelerometer's output kernel Accelerometer new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2478 linux 2.6.39: alsa state not correctly restored in resume kernel alsa suspend resume linux 2.6.39 new openmoko-kernel defect high
#2222 kernel-module-dm-crypt gone kernel module dm-crypt new openmoko-kernel enhancement normal
#2278 kernel: g_file_storage fails with usb 1-1: failed to restore interface 0 altsetting 0 (error=-110) kernel usb gadget new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2279 toggling backlight very fast blocks reads of /proc/apm kernel backlight DoS new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2295 cpufreq: serial ports fail after suspend/resume: rxerr: port=1 ch=0x24, rxs=0x00000001 kernel cpufreq serial gps new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2303 regulator_disable: not in use by this consumer kernel gps regulator poweron power_on new Nytowl defect normal
#2309 hangs during resume after printing GSTATUS4 resume suspend kernel new openmoko-kernel defect normal
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