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#2166 USB keyboard breaks after suspend. usb keyboard suspend resume new openmoko-devel defect normal
#2178 usb0 configuration doesn't respect usb events usb0 usb udev new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2254 No usb pressed/released event with 2.6.28/2.6.29 usb event4 2.6.28 pressed released new openmoko-devel defect normal
#2278 kernel: g_file_storage fails with usb 1-1: failed to restore interface 0 altsetting 0 (error=-110) kernel usb gadget new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2290 [USB] network mac regression : host mac = device mac usb network mac host new Nytowl defect normal
#2310 charging N900 with gta02 causes the gta02 to overheat usb hostmode U4904 L4901 hw heat USB_FLT assigned joerg defect normal
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