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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2292 Phone suspends during call new defect highest Om2009 Distro
#2319 openmoko-feedreader 2_0.0.7 - Invalid UTF-8 new defect highest Distro
#2336 Sandisk SDSDQ-016G-E11M irredeemably unstable on GTA-02/SHR new defect highest Distro
#1953 tty setup for gps at startup -- /etc/init.d/gps-hardware new enhancement normal Distro
#2096 [testing image]after flash new image can't ssh neo (need to reboot twice) accepted defect normal unknown
#2129 update Java packages in OpenMoko new enhancement normal Distro
#2130 add jamvm and phoneme-advanced-foundation to openmoko new enhancement normal Distro
#2161 [wifi] wpa_supplicant PEM decoding error accepted defect normal Distro
#2213 Wifi: Can't connect to WPA2 Enterprise network new defect normal Distro
#2225 [fso-testing] Two lines of `nameserver' appendded to resolv.conf everytime usb0 is up in_testing enhancement normal Om2009 Distro
#2269 Om2009 release new task normal Om2009 Distro
#2271 2009 opkg upgrade segmentation fault accepted defect normal Om2009 opkg
#2272 Paroli doesn't lauch at boot after opkg upgrade in_testing defect normal Om2009 unknown
#2273 Paroli doesn't stop correctly using desktop interface in_testing defect normal Om2009 Distro
#2284 After suspend, phone does not ring on incoming call accepted defect normal Om2009 unknown
#2286 Screen lights not turned on when resuming accepted defect normal Om2009 Distro
#2289 FBReader not usable in OM2009* feeds new defect normal Om2009 Distro
#2290 [USB] network mac regression : host mac = device mac new defect normal Distro
#2296 Cannot disable suspend anymore new defect normal Om2009 Distro
#2297 Cannot disable screen saver new defect normal Om2009 Distro
#2300 WiFi connections does not work accepted defect normal Om2009 unknown
#2303 regulator_disable: not in use by this consumer new defect normal Distro
#2314 Kernel SHOULD disable usb power supply on detecting overload new enhancement normal Distro
#2315 Setting "Capture Right Mixer" might disable valid audio path new defect normal Distro
#2323 calypso sometimes forgets that PIN has already been sent new defect normal Distro
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