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#1818 SMS doesn't send when network coverage restores new enhancement highest Qtopia
#1989 addressbook not handling vCard 2.1 with multiline records correctly on importing, often leading to crash (wild memory leak) new defect highest Qtopia
#2018 [Qt-Contact] Editing contact name, the word between two space will disappear new defect highest Qtopia
#2024 [QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS comes in new defect highest Qtopia
#1532 Date/Time: time and country displayed outside of screen on world map new defect high Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1563 The Calendar title bar will be broken and letter will be cut when press next arrow button new defect high Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1573 remove email from messages app new enhancement high Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1630 [Qtopia-Dialer]"holding attempt failed"Alert message show when press hold button in outgoing call Device which has prepaid SIM card. new defect high Om2008.9 Qtopia
#1639 Only some contacts off SIM displayed new defect high Om2008.10 Qtopia
#1652 [QT-Contact]add group members functionality is busted new defect high Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1762 [illume bar menu] menu will hiding after qt-keypad when creating texts assigned defect high Om2008.10 Qtopia
#2037 Qtopia Crashes on Dialing after selecting a Contact new defect high Qtopia
#2234 sms date are empty new defect high Om2008.12 Qtopia
#1074 Change Root Password assigned enhancement normal Distro
#1460 number is cut if number is too long on call detail screen assigned defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1483 when touch country on the map , it shows country name with black shadow box short seconds.please refer "testing picture" new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1502 [messages ] date format of displayed messages did not change after changing the date format in the settings assigned defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1505 when message copy(move) to other folder(Sent,Drafts,Trash), it does not show any progress bar. new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1509 selected all of messages do not unselected after press back button new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1515 Open contact function does not working new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1516 It does not go back to Messages history tab from detail screen when press back button new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1604 keypad will shows black bit if press "*" button quickly.(refer picture) new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1681 qpe crashes when it cant open GSM serial new defect normal Qtopia
#1752 [Qt-keypad] when enter the passwords, it will show up the numbers on the keypad new enhancement normal Om2008.10 Qtopia
#1781 Lat/Long: Displayed as phone number new enhancement normal Qtopia
#1807 rejecting calls sends "call not allowed" new defect normal Qtopia
#1882 QTopia mediarecorder doesn't record at all! new defect normal Qtopia
#1906 [qtopia] Duplicate SMS in inbox new defect normal Om2008.10 Qtopia
#1934 Can't use headphones during a call new defect normal Qtopia
#1935 Om 2008.8: Provide additional languages for predictive mode of keyboard new enhancement normal Qtopia
#1936 PIN entry should default to numeric input new defect normal Qtopia
#1975 Wrong Phone Matching in Qtopia new enhancement normal Qtopia
#1976 Redial last called number new enhancement normal Qtopia
#1988 addressbook mangles UTF-8 characters when importing version 3 vCards new defect normal Om2008.9 Qtopia
#1993 Phone numbers instead of Names in qtmail (sms) new defect normal Om2008.8 Qtopia
#1995 Qtopia Quicker Finger Scrolling new enhancement normal Qtopia
#2012 2008 updated and FDOM failure to register to vodafone Australia new defect normal Qtopia
#2013 qpe searches /media/card recursively new defect normal Qtopia
#2026 [qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook] Overwrites home phone num with mobile phone num for VCF from Sharp GX17 Mobile new defect normal Qtopia
#2102 USSD dont works new defect normal Qtopia
#2104 Morse code announcing who is calling or texting new enhancement normal Qtopia
#2105 Offer GUI for PIN, PUK and IMEI management new enhancement normal Qtopia
#2194 Qtopia reduces echo cancelation to -6db during call new defect normal Om2008.12 Qtopia
#1601 can not hear anything after disconnected third parties call new defect low Om2008.8 Qtopia
#2619 An Update On Root Factors In decorative pillows new task low Om2008.12 Qtopia
#2603 Exercise Ball Employs : Spine-Health new task lowest Om2008.11 Qtopia
#2643 Necessary Elements Of decorative pillows - Where To Go new enhancement lowest Om2008.11 Qtopia
#2667 An Update On Root Factors In decorative pillows new enhancement lowest Om2008.8 Qtopia
#2680 Thinking About Simple decorative pillows Solutions new enhancement lowest Om2008.9 Qtopia
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