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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1318 OpenMoko not mounting on Qemu on Fedora8 new openmoko-devel defect highest
#1367 atheros wireless driver doesn't report info correctly assigned openmoko-devel defect highest
#1818 SMS doesn't send when network coverage restores new zecke enhancement highest
#2045 [Om2008.9] Wifi associating is very unreliable new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#2292 Phone suspends during call new Nytowl defect highest Om2009
#2336 Sandisk SDSDQ-016G-E11M irredeemably unstable on GTA-02/SHR new Nytowl defect highest
#2339 resume issues with Linux 2.6.34 new openmoko-kernel defect highest
#799 data abort while reading from SD Cards assigned openmoko-kernel defect high
#1387 wi-fi connection un-stable in ASU image sets new openmoko-kernel defect high
#1493 when press power button makes some noise during suspend time. assigned graeme@… defect high Om2008.8
#1514 wifi policy needed new will defect high Om2008.8
#1532 Date/Time: time and country displayed outside of screen on world map new zecke defect high Om2008.8
#1563 The Calendar title bar will be broken and letter will be cut when press next arrow button new zecke defect high Om2008.8
#1573 remove email from messages app new zecke enhancement high Om2008.8
#1639 Only some contacts off SIM displayed new zecke defect high Om2008.10
#1762 [illume bar menu] menu will hiding after qt-keypad when creating texts assigned zecke defect high Om2008.10
#1794 Make Wifi "just work" new openmoko-devel enhancement high Om2008.8
#1977 [Locations] delete tag in Location but the Tag SMS will be empty text and can't be delete new jeremy defect high Om2008.10
#2037 Qtopia Crashes on Dialing after selecting a Contact new zecke defect high
#2180 stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages new openmoko-kernel defect high FSO
#2249 [package] screen shot application in package new nytowl task high
#2257 gsm0710muxd: "Modem does not respond to AT commands" new openmoko-kernel defect high stable-kernel-2009.1
#2349 Too high power consumption in 2.6.32 new openmoko-kernel defect high
#2593 Pond tutor uses workout balls to control squirming pupils new documentation task high Om2008.8
#2606 10 Factors to make use of a good Exercise Ball because Your own Seat new raster enhancement high Om2008.11
#2621 Significant Factors In decorative pillows Across The UK new openmoko-devel task high FSO
#2635 Fast Solutions For decorative pillows Revealed new documentation task high Om2008.10
#1460 number is cut if number is too long on call detail screen assigned zecke defect normal Om2008.8
#1483 when touch country on the map , it shows country name with black shadow box short seconds.please refer "testing picture" new zecke defect normal Om2008.8
#1501 [messages] Progresbar in the main menu is confusing. assigned zecke@… defect normal Om2008.9
#1509 selected all of messages do not unselected after press back button new zecke defect normal Om2008.8
#1515 Open contact function does not working new zecke defect normal Om2008.8
#1516 It does not go back to Messages history tab from detail screen when press back button new zecke defect normal Om2008.8
#1676 Something crash and the window switcher disappears new openmoko-devel defect normal Om2007.2
#1714 Mediaplayer sometimes does not start up. accepted Abraxa defect normal
#1777 gpe-scap makes just screenshots of his own loading screen new openmoko-devel defect normal Om2008.8
#1889 Dialogs problems in illume new raster defect normal
#1936 PIN entry should default to numeric input new zecke defect normal
#1939 wifi crashes the device assigned marek defect normal Om2008.9
#2012 2008 updated and FDOM failure to register to vodafone Australia new zecke defect normal
#2094 Regression: GTK apps wont redraw after closing menus new openmoko-devel defect normal
#2210 [Power] Blanked screen should stay blank while locked new marek enhancement normal Om2008.12
#2217 Noise screen of death: Freerunner looses SDIO connection new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2310 charging N900 with gta02 causes the gta02 to overheat assigned joerg defect normal
#2335 GSM buzz on FreeRunner A7 (seven) new hardware defect normal
#2344 early WSOD with linux 2.6.32 and Qi new openmoko-kernel defect normal
#2608 A health club soccer ball as being a easy chair for the back ache individual new hardware task normal Om2007.2
#2627 Thinking About Key Aspects For decorative pillows new hardware task normal Om2008.10
#1710 Tearing (Vertical Sync) new openmoko-kernel defect low
#2577 Straightforward decorative pillows Secrets Examined new hardware task low Om2007.2
#2586 Exercise Ball As opposed to Cubical Couch new raster enhancement low stable-kernel-2009.1
#2575 An Introduction To Effortless Systems Of decorative pillows new hardware enhancement lowest FSO
#2579 Rudimentary Criteria In decorative pillows Revealed new hardware enhancement lowest Om2008.12
#2601 Exercising using a Balance Ball new tick task lowest Om2008.12
#2602 Exercising using a Balance Ball new tick task lowest Om2008.12
#2603 Exercise Ball Employs : Spine-Health new zecke task lowest Om2008.11
#2617 Elements For decorative pillows - The Facts new marek task lowest Om2008.10
#2645 10 Motives to use an Exercise Ball while The Seat new openmoko-kernel task lowest Om2008.12
#2671 Significant Factors In decorative pillows Across The UK new documentation enhancement lowest Om2008.12
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