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#2246 fixed add i2c-tools to package feed Nytowl werner

Could you please add i2c-tools to our package feed ?


  • Werner
#2245 fixed [testing scripts] add package to feeds Nytowl marek

The testing team works on test scripts that should help to reproduce bugs faster. The repos can be found here:

Please package this repos with AUTOREV - the scripts are not critical but we may want to spread them fast.

#2241 fixed GSM "deregistring" after registring mickey keroami

gta01 UMTS capable SIM, Dutch KPN, got it last autumn. upgraded firmware to moko11 FSO milestone 5.1

Zhone, starts fine, detects SIM, asks for PIN, delivers it, gets registered and then after a varying amount of time, claims to be deregistered. The Neo can still receive calls. The bottom-left icon/program still lists an active cell and show changing activity for all cells it can detect. I can even make a call from the command line.

switched on logging, found the following: 2009.02.24 19:50:15 DEBUG <MiscChannel? via /dev/pts/0>: COMPLETED 'AT+COPS=3,0;+COPS?;+COPS=3,2;+COPS?' => ['+COPS: 0,0,"NL KPN "', '+COPS: 0,2,"20408"', 'OK'] 2009.02.24 19:50:15 DEBUG <MiscChannel? via /dev/pts/0>: COMPLETED 'AT+COPS=3,0;+COPS?;+COPS=3,2;+COPS?' => ['+COPS: 0', '+COPS: 0,2,"20408"', 'OK']

and as otimed says, there's no network code in there. As a consequence, Zhone claims the SIM deregistered and disables the phone icon.

This can happen (as in the example) virtually immediately, or any amount of actions later. call, answer, look at cell(s), do another call and oops-there's the COPS result. Whenever the phone icon gets disabled, there is the COPS result without provider; and there's no other COPS result without it earlier in the logfile. Later results of the COPS command do not have the provider, either. Restarting X+Zhone seems no different from rebooting the Neo.

firmware bug or zhone bug?

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