21:03 Ticket #2078 (glamo-mci.0: ****** insanity timeout) created by Sprite_tm
I use Debian on an 8GB SDHC-card, and compile my kernels from the …
09:54 Ticket #2077 ([FSO-testing] Module problems at boot (sysfs_add_one, bt_sock_wait_state, ...) created by erl
I am running the FSO-testing distro on a Freerunner, updated with opkg …
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16:58 Ticket #2076 (Om2008.9 plays only one sound channel) created by Shalnoff
I has preinstalled Om2008.8. There stereo playback was ok. After …


14:52 Changeset [4726] by werner
Moving towards the use of SDIO interrupts instead of polling. - …
08:21 Changeset [4725] by tick
[touchtest] Adding a tiny python efl application that allow users to …


22:18 Ticket #2075 (application reloading if called from "home" menu, om 2008.9) created by dmatijas
If some application is already loaded, and available from drop - down …
01:58 Changeset [4724] by werner
Utility to directly read/write PMU registers.


21:52 Ticket #2074 ([SD] Need to check if the block count is > 0 in s3c24xx_mmci.c) created by zxombie
In host/qemu-neo1973/hw/s3c24xx_mmci.c s->blknum_cnt gets decremented then …
15:01 Changeset [4723] by mickey
openmoko-terminal2: update to vala 0.3.5


23:34 Changeset [4722] by werner
Add manual switch to next device with ~n to solve problem of dead or …
23:32 Changeset [4721] by werner
- flashk: handy script to update the kernel on GTA02 over SSH - …
09:49 Changeset [4720] by marek
[pye17] fix segfault on create x11_16, fix "make examples" to update built …
07:52 Ticket #2073 (voice-recording.state + arecord: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer ...) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) wget …
07:34 Changeset [4719] by marek
[pye17] fix segfault on exit, add software_x11_16 support, and more …


10:28 Changeset [4718] by marek
[pye17] first little sample ecore_evas script added (shows a plain ecore …
10:25 Changeset [4717] by marek
[pye17] manually enhance ecore_evas in order to hide functions and …
03:55 Changeset [4716] by werner
- ... rebasing finishes - hif-can-do-async.patch: only enable async if …
01:19 Changeset [4715] by werner
- rebasing continues ... - gta02-mmc-spi-bitbang.patch: make …
00:50 Changeset [4714] by werner
- rebasing continues ... hif-linux-sdio.patch: - …


23:19 Ticket #2072 ([opkg-utils] The Makefile doesn't install properly) created by khorben
I am using GNU make on Debian GNU/Linux etch to install opkg-utils from …
15:26 Changeset [4713] by werner
Rebasing the WLAN patches and cleaning out old crud …
08:36 Ticket #2071 (Booting failed, stop at wifi driver) created by tick
OE branch: org.openmoko.dev 832877aee5d70374cd3f1ecf930e05771dd96ecd …


07:40 Ticket #1562 (12 hour time format does not work) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: Tested date:2008.10.14 Update Date:2008.10.13 Installed list:as attach …
06:02 Ticket #1506 (sometimes keyboard does not appear when create new message) reopened by wendy_hung
It happened with the base image now. Tested date:2008.10.14 Update …


12:12 Ticket #2070 ([Distro] ld.so.cache goes missing after package upgrades) created by wendy_hung
Tested with base image, Tested day: 2008.10.09 Description: After opkg …
11:41 Ticket #2069 ([Installer] it has network but still show up error message ask for check ...) created by wendy_hung
Tested with base image, Tested day: 2008.10.09 Opkg installed list: attach …
09:37 Changeset [4712] by tick
[tick] a simple script helps to connect to Neo


21:58 Changeset [4711] by werner
- series, gta02-mmc-mci.patch: added platform glue to use the S3C MCI …


23:35 Changeset [4710] by laforge
add README for input-filter
23:16 Changeset [4709] by laforge
Add a small (written in C) helper program that filters /dev/input/event …
22:15 Ticket #2068 ([kernel] Video input device support is not enabled by default) created by khorben
It is possible to use USB video input devices on the Freerunner, as …
15:37 Ticket #2067 (qtopia-phone-x11 overwrites (important) configuration files on package ...) created by kavol
Hi. I tried to switch off qtopia indexing for the SD card, as I store map …
11:01 Changeset [4708] by zecke
[devirginator] Upgrade config.gta01bv4 - u-boot and lowlevel are the …
10:41 Changeset [4707] by zecke
[devirginator] Fix the config.gta02v5 - Get the bootloader and low …
10:32 Changeset [4706] by laforge
add input event rate statistics program
09:25 Ticket #1533 (The keypad shows brackets number in dialer screen and creat new message) reopened by wendy_hung
reopen it because it happen with base image now. Update date: 2008.10.08 …
07:35 Ticket #2059 (lowlevel_foo.bin and u-boot images for older hardware no longer available) closed by julian_chu
fixed: Both of lowlevel and u-boot with GTA01 and GTA02 are there …


21:56 Ticket #2061 (LCM (jbt6k74) doesn't go to sleep/deep_standby modes) closed by laforge
fixed: merged by andy into all kernel branches
18:35 Ticket #2066 (Voip-Handset.state file does Speakerout) created by Treviño
The default alsa voip-handset.state file isn't really a state file that …
14:09 Ticket #2064 ([OE] Fails to build machine="x86" on "89qtopia" is missing) closed by zecke
fixed: I have added a crippled 89qtopia file, it does not make any sense though.
14:06 Ticket #2058 (USB Internet not working) closed by zecke
worksforme: Sorry, please use IRC or the support mailinglist for support questions. …
11:00 Ticket #2065 ([OE] Fails to build machine="x86": "DEVICE" no such file or directory.) created by kempelen
Error output: NOTE: Running task 2107 of 2995 (ID: 984, …
10:56 Ticket #2064 ([OE] Fails to build machine="x86" on "89qtopia" is missing) created by kempelen
openembedded/packages/qtopia-phone/qtopia-phone-x11/Xsession.d/89qtopia: …
08:09 Ticket #2005 ([Installer] application execution error message shows if you touch bottom ...) closed by wendy_hung
07:45 Ticket #2063 (mmcblk0: unknown partition table) created by goldie
After removing the SD card from GTA02-V5 to check possible problems in …
07:38 Ticket #1653 ([QT-Contacts] view contact info, option menu covered "Hide") reopened by wendy_hung
Tested with base image, Tested day: 2008.10.08 Opkg installed list: …
05:17 Changeset [4705] by werner
Cleanup, part 2. Code move separated for clarity. - wepkey.h, wepkey.c: …
05:09 Changeset [4704] by werner
Lots of small cleanup. - wepkey.c (wepkey_128, wepkey_64): also fail if …
03:49 Ticket #1587 (can not receive SMS often) closed by regina_kim
fixed: test with 200809039(testing) does not happen. always can receive SMS …


21:48 Changeset [4703] by werner
Added generation of 128-bit keys with index > 0.
21:30 Changeset [4702] by werner
WEP keyphrase hash.
20:57 Ticket #1595 (GTA02 - uboot 1.3.2rc2 terminal s3ser0 doesn't work apparently) closed by laforge
fixed: merged to the stable branch of u-boot.git
17:42 Changeset [4701] by laforge
* add hashmark printing during DFU upload * add copyright notice to code …
17:37 Changeset [4700] by laforge
fix copy+paste mistake. When we upload, then no download can fail
17:34 Changeset [4699] by laforge
cosmetic cleanup (long lines, copyright notice)
15:07 Changeset [4698] by werner
Rename wlan-spi-hif.patch to hif-linux-sdio.patch, following the same …
15:05 Changeset [4697] by werner
Fix a major memory leak and clean up some old crud. wlan-spi-hif.patch: …
13:15 Ticket #1835 (A better fix for host endianness of dfu-util) closed by laforge
fixed: Thanks, I've applied the patch to subversion (Rev. 4696)
13:14 Changeset [4696] by laforge
don't use non-portable headesr for endian conversion but rather implements …
12:53 Ticket #2062 (xglamo doesn't implement any power management) created by laforge
the glamo chip has very fine-grained power management features (such as …
12:49 Ticket #2061 (LCM (jbt6k74) doesn't go to sleep/deep_standby modes) created by laforge
The LCM itself supports three power modes, and the jbt6k74 driver exports …
09:11 Ticket #1226 (Support USSD messages, e.g. for "remaining airtime" checks) closed by tick
fixed: I don't think it's a qtopia issue. And I think it's already solved.
08:58 Changeset [4695] by tick
[libmokoui2] Let finger scroll faster. Thanks Treviño's patch
07:18 Ticket #2060 (devirginator unable to run 'download' step) created by laforge
devirginator relies on an old 'buildhost style' deploy directory that …
07:16 Ticket #2059 (lowlevel_foo.bin and u-boot images for older hardware no longer available) created by laforge
Since http://buildhost.openmoko.org/ is closed down from public access, …
03:53 Ticket #2058 (USB Internet not working) created by andrew2325
I followed the instructions for connecting it to the internet via USB on …


19:45 Ticket #2057 (1bit errors in files) created by Richard.Kralovic
After some time of usage, I notice 1 bit errors in some binaries/libraries …
11:37 Ticket #2055 (cancel projects.openmoko.org/projects/aodv-mad personal project) closed by zecke
invalid: Please use https://admin-trac.openmoko.org/trac. Good luck. I will close …
11:04 Changeset [4694] by marek
[pye17] fix casts to pythonize the bindings
10:29 Ticket #2056 (/etc/resolv.conf is empty on first boot) created by rwhitby
Scenario: Flash a new ASU or FSO distribution, and connect to it via USB …
09:23 Ticket #2055 (cancel projects.openmoko.org/projects/aodv-mad personal project) created by javiroman
I would like cancel my project …
08:25 Changeset [4693] by werner
Little utility to extract the relevant information from an iwlist scan.
05:53 Ticket #1757 ([Qtopia] Is AT+CGML=4 retrying correct? (+CMS ERROR: 321 in response to ...) closed by erin_yueh
fixed: mark it closed
03:15 Ticket #1957 (Installer is complaining about libopk, if there is no internet) closed by tick


22:19 WikiStart edited by roh
18:04 Ticket #2053 (Host OS gtk-config affects Toolchain cross compile (in a wrong way)) closed by zecke
worksforme: I don't know where to start: - gtk-config is from the Gtk+1.2 times …
16:09 Ticket #2054 (Toolchain does not support --prefix switch of configure) created by kempelen
Toolchain's "om-conf" defines all output directories for ./configure, e.g. …
15:59 Ticket #2053 (Host OS gtk-config affects Toolchain cross compile (in a wrong way)) created by kempelen
If you have gtk-config on host OS, and you run "om-conf" in the Toolchain, …
13:10 Ticket #1756 (Qtopia GUI (qpe) broken after 'opkg upgrade') closed by zecke
fixed: Anyway, this is outside of Openmoko's scope.
09:02 Ticket #1782 (Contacts decoding) closed by zecke
duplicate: Duplicate of #1941.
08:55 Ticket #1530 (Modem only repeats +CBM Qtopia is not sending anything on wake) closed by zecke
invalid: This was a bug I introduced to libqtopiacomm. I assumed the modem is …
08:53 Ticket #1875 (Phone keeps on waking up (suspend (wait few seconds or minutes) => wakeup ...) closed by zecke
duplicate: According to your log we get +CME ERROR 512 which indicates some sort of …
08:52 Ticket #1738 ([Alert message in home screen] Crashed Alert message with vibration) closed by zecke
duplicate: Duplicate of #1192. This alert is just there to inform that a crash has …
08:47 Ticket #2052 (cannot install packages on card) created by goldie
I followed …


02:47 Changeset [4692] by tick
[Multiverse] Update omview to version 32


13:24 Ticket #2051 (FreeRunner drains battery when off) created by ohin
When I shutdown FreeRunner? in Om2008.8/9 (by holding POWER button), and …
11:39 Ticket #2050 (Phone doesn't suspend after recieving text message) created by Ebbe
I'm using official Om2008.9 Update: Om2008.9-gta02-20080916.rootfs.jffs2 …
08:40 Changeset [4691] by marek
remove debugging output help the parser to match "of-object" contructs
03:14 Ticket #2048 (SMS messages are not received until after a reboot.) closed by tick
duplicate: I will close this because I think this issue is duplicated to #1587


13:53 Changeset [4690] by tick
[assassin-thumbnail] adding hong kong thumbnail
13:16 Changeset [4689] by werner
Add -lusb because libftdi needs it.
13:14 Changeset [4688] by tick
[thumbnail] update Installer thumbnails
13:12 Changeset [4687] by werner
Added -lusb, which seems to be needed for some builds.
03:31 Ticket #2049 (Illume dynamic dictionary has some problems...) created by Treviño
If I open my illume dynamic dictionary I find that there are some things …
01:34 Ticket #2048 (SMS messages are not received until after a reboot.) created by BillK
Using 2008.9 with opkg upgrade - otherwise standard, GPRS has not been …


13:44 Changeset [4686] by werner
Use direct SPI interrupts and let the HIF handle asynchronous operations.
11:07 Ticket #2047 ("slow emulation","no quit buttton in an application" and "no scrolling" ...) created by sprashant
Hello, I installed the openmoko on qemu, Its worked well. But its …
07:54 Ticket #1737 ([e-illume icon] it shows no signal icon and signal strength is low too ...) closed by zecke
duplicate: As raster pointed out illume is just displaying what Qtopia tells and …
07:03 Changeset [4685] by marek
call init function on module load


22:58 Ticket #2046 (Toolchain has problems with C++ code...) created by Treviño
All the times I've tried to compile C++ projects with the Openmoko …
12:26 Ticket #2045 ([Om2008.9] Wifi associating is very unreliable) created by Matthias
I'm using the Wifi-method described in …
11:55 Ticket #2044 (om-locations - map licensing) created by drlizau
The maps from OpenStreetMap? used in om-locations require attribution …
11:15 Ticket #2043 (GTA02 WiFi signal reception too weak) created by vnevoa
Software: OM2008.9 with "testing" feeds. Updated and rebooted today. …
10:15 Ticket #2042 (Use BB_GIT_CLONE_FOR_SRCREV = "1" for testing and unstable) created by julian_chu
Change the config and rebuild from scratch
10:12 Ticket #2001 (zhone package missing in testing feed) closed by julian_chu
fixed: Add zhone into feed in this commit …
10:11 Ticket #2000 (frameworkd package missing in testing feed) closed by julian_chu
fixed: Add it into task-feed in this commit …
10:02 Ticket #2041 (check RPATH of binaries) created by julian_chu
As in #1814, the rpath is wrong.
10:00 Ticket #1814 (Broken mplayer package dependenties) closed by julian_chu
09:51 Ticket #1937 (gpsd is killed when running /etc/init.d/gpsd restart) closed by julian_chu
09:51 Ticket #2021 (/etc/init.d/dropbear restart doesn't work) closed by julian_chu
08:47 Changeset [4684] by zecke
[pye17] Do not hardcode paths - use pkg-config and python-config to …
08:28 Changeset [4683] by zecke
[pye17] Ignore auto generated files
04:52 Changeset [4682] by marek
improve enum handling ignore win32 only functions


11:10 Changeset [4681] by marek
edje support added
09:31 Ticket #2040 ([qtmail] Backup/Recover SMS from Flash/SIM/SD media) created by mrshlee
SMSs are stored on flash with recent messages stored on the SIM. Move the …
06:07 Changeset [4680] by werner
Tough watchdog daemon.
00:33 Changeset [4679] by werner
Highlights: - new module phosphor.py to view how often patterns repeat - …


02:12 Changeset [4678] by werner
- renamed tweak-spi.patch to s3c-spi-fix-int-mode.patch - …
01:44 Changeset [4677] by werner
Highlight: - waveforms can be edited, e.g., to manually correct glitches …
01:42 Changeset [4676] by werner
Updated description of the SPI module's problems. They're not as grim as …
00:37 Changeset [4675] by werner
Disable pull-downs, just to keep things clean.


14:37 Changeset [4674] by werner
- moved SPI clock setting from hack-silence-battery.patch (oops !) to …
00:49 Changeset [4673] by werner
Highlight: - logic analyzer downloads are now about 66% faster Details: - …
00:22 Changeset [4672] by werner
First steps towards getting S3C SPI to work. Still freaks out at higher …


15:08 Ticket #2039 (dfu-util recognize 044e:300c Alps Electric Co., Ltd as an openmoko phone) closed by zecke
invalid: Sorry, this is not a bug. dfu-util is implementing the …
09:19 Ticket #2039 (dfu-util recognize 044e:300c Alps Electric Co., Ltd as an openmoko phone) created by GNUtoo
$ ./dfu-util -l dfu-util - (C) 2007 by OpenMoko? Inc. This program is Free …
07:02 Ticket #1608 (when make a call if press number manually it does not show name even the ...) closed by regina_kim
fixed: it does not happen with om200809 update image.
06:59 Ticket #1554 ([Qtopia : Contacts]when press option still will shows "save to contacts" ...) closed by regina_kim
fixed: it does not happen with Om 200809 update image.
06:47 Ticket #2038 (Qtopia USSD requests support) created by Treviño
Finally I'm able to post the patch I've done for supporting USSD requests …


23:46 Ticket #2037 (Qtopia Crashes on Dialing after selecting a Contact) created by Treviño
I've just recompiled qtopia-x11 from git …
16:47 Ticket #2036 (resize2fs /dev/mmcblk02p2 128m seg faults) created by Niko!
root@om-gta02:~# cat /proc/partitions major minor #blocks name 31 …
10:41 Ticket #2035 ([2008.8 updated]White screen of death at startup) created by jollyr0ger
When I start the phone, the system loaded and the desktop appear, appear …
08:49 Ticket #1720 (Dialer : improvement : how to switch contact page) closed by alphaone
wontfix: Sorry, but these indicators are just implemented as text so making them …
08:14 Ticket #1724 ([FSO] cannot input number or * or # while in communication) closed by alphaone
duplicate: This is a duplicate of http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ticket/79 which was …
08:08 Ticket #1826 (FSO GPS uses too much CPU) closed by alphaone
invalid: No response for 6 weeks, I guess it's about the CFG packet storm which got …
04:59 Changeset [4671] by tick
[opkg] fixing typo & incompatible part to gcc 4.3.2
04:59 Ticket #2033 (FTBFS opkg on gcc-4.3.2 (patch available)) closed by tick
fixed: Most part look good to me. Thank for fixing typo, and remove the …
04:06 Changeset [4670] by tick
[community repository] move back to r27, for the author remove the …
03:56 Changeset [4669] by tick
[community repository] fix the typo on version, my bad. Sorry.
03:37 Changeset [4668] by marek
add missing files :|
03:24 Changeset [4667] by marek
add ecore_evas support minor fixes
01:58 Ticket #2022 (task-openmoko-basic: fails due to missing connman plugins) closed by zecke
fixed: Connman got updated, the name of the plugins changed. I have changed …
01:08 Ticket #2034 (Upload conf directory, buildscripts and env to downloads.openmoko.org) created by zecke
The autobuilder should upload the used configuration, the environment and …


17:31 Ticket #80 (wakeup reason not in /proc/cmdline) reopened by mickey
The subreason for * EINT09_PMU is no longer starred. Tried with waking up …
15:40 Changeset [4666] by tick
update omview to version 28
13:55 Ticket #2033 (FTBFS opkg on gcc-4.3.2 (patch available)) created by rzr
While building a debian package of opkg I had to change a few lines in …
10:54 Ticket #1950 ([Installer] system update packages) closed by tick
08:38 Ticket #2032 ([Installer] only show packages that are visible in launcher) created by will
visible packages shown in installer should only include: 1) packages …
07:20 Changeset [4665] by marek
cleanup evas ecore support added known issues: it needs to be tested
06:26 Ticket #2031 (Scroll list implementation) created by will
Scrolling within a list should have margins on the bottom item but not the …
05:21 Changeset [4664] by marek
make the evas binding compile and run without crash on import known …
03:56 Ticket #1980 ([Location] the tag list is jumping too serious when you scroll it) closed by regina_kim
fixed: kernel : 20080903 rootfs : 20080924 it has fixed.
03:55 Ticket #1982 ([Location] the last line of tag will only show up half) closed by regina_kim
fixed: kernel : 20080903 rootfs : 20080924 it has fixed.


19:02 Ticket #2030 (Cannot connect to WEP network) created by tkep
Using FDOM, ASU 2008.8 and ASU 2008.9, it is impossible to join my home …
15:57 Ticket #2029 ([qtopia] +CUSD wronlgy decoded) created by vnevoa
Class 0 SMS messages (the kind that show up immediately on screen and …
10:57 Ticket #2028 (gpsd does not install libgpsmm.h and gpsd_config.h in staging dir) created by Niko!
gpsd provides libgpsmm.h, a c++ wrapper for libgps, but this and …
09:12 Ticket #1816 (om-locations-map-pack freezes the Freerunner) closed by olv
fixed: Ahh, wrong comment. It is solved as of …
07:24 Ticket #2027 ([Settings] Update designs to match flash doc) created by will
this one is for me.
03:49 Ticket #1442 (Dialing through the headset does not working) reopened by will
Replying to candrews: > This is a definitely software problem …


22:57 Changeset [4663] by werner
Highlights: - instrument debugging output is now configurable. Turn it all …
22:53 Ticket #1768 (MicroSD card not recognized) closed by andy
invalid: Huh, sorry about that, I closed it as invalid, although as usual that …
22:17 Ticket #2026 ([qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook] Overwrites home phone num with mobile phone ...) created by csamuel
I've tried to migrate my 100+ contacts from my old Sharp GX17 mobile by …
20:06 Ticket #2025 (Glamo problem: 4GB SD I/O errors with glamo_mci.sd_max_clk=10000000 and no ...) created by GNUtoo
Hello, i've tried to install debian 2008.8 and 2008.9 on a 4GB micro-sd …
10:47 Changeset [4662] by marek
remove gtk dependency beautify makefile
08:17 Ticket #2024 ([QT-Message] if you don't read new SMS, Message freezing when second SMS ...) created by em4g.3ht
firstly I apologize for my ignorance. It seams that after a few hours, or …
06:54 Changeset [4661] by marek
disabled edje binding - can't work without other libs being built first …
04:13 Changeset [4660] by marek
make evas bindings compile (gtype/include/enum problems fixed) fix edje …
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