23:41 Changeset [4803] by werner
Support for making a bootable SD card image. - werner.init: remount root …
21:35 Ticket #2124 (opkg installs fso-gpsd when plain gpsd was requested) closed by zecke
fixed: Okay, put that into OE and OM. New packages should be there soon.
20:44 Changeset [4802] by werner
Clean out empty and obsolete directories.
20:21 Ticket #2126 (xserver-xglamo eats 100% cpu time after resume) created by lindi
xserver-xglamo seems to spend 100% cpu time after resume from suspend …
11:19 Changeset [4801] by charlie
Add tichy.conf in Stuffs
08:52 Ticket #2125 (Unable to uninstall applications in Installer if the installing was not ...) created by sushama
Testing image Test date:19-nov-2008 Update date:18-nov-2008 Steps: …


21:54 Changeset [4800] by werner
- werner: renamed to werner.myroot
21:54 Changeset [4799] by werner
- werner: added wkalrm - werner.init: announce completion of system …
15:30 Ticket #2123 (SMS doesn't work in framworkd) closed by marek
invalid: Please read https://docs.openmoko.org/trac/wiki/NewTicket and …
13:21 Ticket #2124 (opkg installs fso-gpsd when plain gpsd was requested) created by Weiss
With a fully updated Testing installation, I find it is impossible to …
12:21 Ticket #2123 (SMS doesn't work in framworkd) created by think-free
I'm running debian ... I can't send or receive sms with frameworkd ( …
12:13 Changeset [4798] by charlie
Add some test scripts
12:08 Changeset [4797] by charlie
Personal wiki update
10:08 Ticket #2122 (Send Busy icon displayed when making out going calls) created by sushama
Testing image Test date : 18-nov-2008 Update date: 18-nov-2008 Steps- 1) …
03:59 Ticket #2121 ([audio] new alsa state for A7) created by wendy_hung
Here is the new alsa state for GTA02 A7. The change inside is: control.4 …


21:09 Changeset [4796] by werner
Move wkalrm to a place where it's easier to find.
13:21 Ticket #2120 (opkg doesn't install all files on upgrade) created by koen
root@omap3evm:~# opkg install e-wm-images Package e-wm-images …
10:39 Ticket #2119 ([qt-contact] Cannot find a contact in dialer menu) created by sushama
[Testing Image] Test Date:17-nov-2008 Update Date:17-nov-2008 Steps: …
10:29 Ticket #2116 (Include splash.gz in dailay build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: it's not something we change daily so it won't be there. also: …
08:46 Changeset [4795] by werner
- move patches now in stable-tracking over to attic2/ - keep NAND patches …
08:28 Ticket #2118 (opkg-utils' shebang line expects Python in /usr/bin/) created by mrchapp
Some of the opkg-utils expect Python in /usr/bin/. In fact, the rest of …
07:52 Ticket #1766 ([GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls) reopened by wendy_hung
Hi, now it happen again...... newest test/update date: 2008.11.17 but …


19:20 Ticket #2117 (Fix or suppress splash-write applet not found) created by pander
Please fix or suppress "splash-write: applet not found" messages at boot …
11:03 Ticket #2116 (Include splash.gz in dailay build) created by pander
Please include splash.gz in daily build.
07:57 Changeset [4794] by werner
Rootfs for the firmware updater. - calup.init: /sbin/init - …
06:53 Changeset [4793] by werner
Oops, only worked if started from the "myroot" directory.
05:26 Changeset [4792] by werner
- go with the flow and use tcptraceroute - README: removed obsolete …


23:09 Changeset [4791] by werner
Layout with three long (100 lines) xterms.
22:06 Changeset [4790] by werner
Most of my wishes have been granted. Get rid of Busybox now.
20:35 Changeset [4789] by werner
A few small fixes and a README.
20:08 Changeset [4788] by werner
Calypso FW updating environment. (Wrapper script and templates.)


10:37 Changeset [4787] by werner
My customization script.
10:29 Changeset [4786] by werner
Customized rootfs image builder. (For development and such.)


21:51 Changeset [4785] by werner
Material for communication with Samsung.
11:08 Changeset [4784] by charlie
Updated personal wiki
10:31 Changeset [4783] by julian_chu
Hiding the name of GSM network operator in illume slipshelf as Sean's …


14:52 Changeset [4782] by mickey
openmoko-terminal2: fix non-working terminal in OE, work around bug in VTE …
13:52 Ticket #2115 (White Screen of Death (even without suspend)) created by RuiSeabra
I've noticed this on the dailies, but now I installed FSO Milestone 4 and …
00:01 Changeset [4781] by werner
neobin: directory for things to run on a Neo envi: environment editor (for …


07:56 Ticket #2035 ([2008.8 updated]White screen of death at startup) closed by wendy_hung
duplicate: If it have error message, i think it's an duplicate with #1691 Thanks for …
07:41 Ticket #1833 (Getting rid of battery and usb useless dbus related debug output) closed by erin_yueh
fixed: patches committed in r4778,4779,4780.
07:29 Changeset [4780] by erin_yueh
applied patch for bug#1833: Getting rid of battery and usb useless dbus …
07:27 Ticket #2003 ([Setting] Please take out suspend time "10 sec.") reopened by marek
Still needs to go through testing.
07:26 Ticket #1888 ([Setting] can't connect to network via wifi) reopened by marek
Have to change to testing before closing it.
06:38 Changeset [4779] by erin_yueh
applied the patch for bug#1833: Getting rid of battery and usb useless …
05:58 Ticket #2114 (use geoclue for location awareness) created by candrews
Geoclue is a modular geoinformation service built on top of the D-Bus …
03:43 Changeset [4778] by erin_yueh
applied patch for bug#1833


15:20 Ticket #1414 (Gllin doesn't restart on resume) closed by mickey
fixed: closing as fixed after checking on GTA01.
14:31 Ticket #1414 (Gllin doesn't restart on resume) reopened by mickey
bummer, commented on wrong bug. reopening
11:54 Ticket #2113 ([Suspend/resume] suspend time come up right after you change the time) created by wendy_hung
[use the testing image] Summary: if you set up suspend time, after change …
11:05 Changeset [4777] by charlie
Update personal wiki
10:59 Changeset [4776] by charlie
Updated GSM modem test script
10:15 Ticket #1888 ([Setting] can't connect to network via wifi) closed by marek
wontfix: The WiFi? UI can't be fixed that soon. The support has been removed. See …
10:11 Ticket #2003 ([Setting] Please take out suspend time "10 sec.") closed by marek
fixed: I remove the "10 seconds" option. Please upgrade settings to version 73. …
10:08 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) closed by marek
fixed: As no more complaints came in I guess its solved for everyone now.
08:46 Ticket #1064 (Small combobox menus needlessly scrolling.) closed by erin_yueh
wontfix: Nope! we removed the search bar from this UI.


19:39 Changeset [4775] by werner
Make it a bit more convenient to use. - the host can now be by specified …


12:00 Ticket #948 (Keyboard dissappears when text field has visibility turned off) closed by mickey
wontfix: Illume should get this right. Closing it here, since we no longer support …
11:59 Ticket #1435 (modem/kernel truncates packages in mux mode after hours of operation) closed by mickey
worksforme: Can't reproduce that. Please retry with MP hardware and reopen, if still a …
11:58 Ticket #1195 (gsmd can't pass pressure testing) closed by mickey
wontfix: Agreed. Further wrt. GSM pressure testing should be done using the …
11:51 Ticket #1005 (U-boot passthrough does not work for current gsmd) closed by mickey
fixed: Laf0rge has fixed this recently in u-boot/git.
11:48 Ticket #1414 (Gllin doesn't restart on resume) closed by mickey
fixed: The new gllin package defaults to sending NMEA via an UDP socket.
11:45 Ticket #1091 (gllin package installs into /home instead of /usr) closed by mickey
fixed: This has been fixed with the new gllin package.
11:45 Ticket #44 (InputMethod API) closed by mickey
wontfix: libmokoui is dead.
11:43 Ticket #1365 (No way to manually suspend GTA01) closed by mickey
fixed: in 4774, thanks.
11:42 Changeset [4774] by mickey
neod: patch to manually suspend and disabled wifi courtesy reddog. closes …
11:27 Ticket #1183 (Suggested initscripts for gllin and gpsd) closed by mickey
fixed: gllin and gpsd has been sorted out in FSO. After installing gllin, GPS …


21:51 Changeset [4773] by werner
Add standard make targets "clean" and "spotless".
20:54 Changeset [4772] by werner
Build process for old SGI ttcp.
12:43 Ticket #2112 (2008.8-updates down!) created by Paul Kremser <paul.kremser@…>
There is still al link on the Downloads page wich refers this as "the …
11:29 Changeset [4771] by charlie
Some updates
11:16 Changeset [4770] by charlie
Update personal wiki
09:09 Changeset [4769] by charlie
Added Evas test script
08:01 Ticket #1109 (Translations for openmoko-today are not possible) closed by erin_yueh
fixed: patch committed in r4768.
08:00 Changeset [4768] by erin_yueh
applied patch for bug#1109: Translations for openmoko-today are not …
04:44 Changeset [4767] by werner
- reduce the initial bin to avoid cluttering the output
04:07 Changeset [4766] by werner
- for better readability, output filled areas, not just lines - added …
03:50 Changeset [4765] by werner
03:37 Changeset [4764] by werner
- added README with a list of known issues - receiver prints ping-like …
01:15 Changeset [4763] by werner
One-way ping (UDP) to detect the sources of latency and jitter.


11:41 Changeset [4762] by charlie
Updated pesonnal wiki
08:58 Changeset [4761] by charlie
Added simple script to retrieve AT commands used by framework ogsmd
08:57 Changeset [4760] by charlie
Added test_gsm script
03:20 Changeset [4759] by charlie
initial import of my personal wiki
03:05 Changeset [4758] by charlie
Added my directory
00:04 Changeset [4757] by werner
Histogram maker that takes the guesswork out of choosing the bin size. …


23:17 Changeset [4756] by werner
Skip measurements for which no file is available.
23:07 Changeset [4755] by mickey
opkg: remove ChangeLog?, add AUTHORS, remove maintainer-mode
23:06 Changeset [4754] by mickey
opkg: attached patch fixes build failures with gcc 4.3.2. patch by Enrico …
17:59 Changeset [4753] by werner
Resurrected from the dead for performance comparison of direct interrupt …
17:24 Ticket #2111 ([GSM] Suspend overrides incoming call) created by Nytowl
When the phone is suspending and there is an incoming call if the call is …
09:15 Ticket #2110 ([Installer] the arrow to go back to previous page was gone) created by wendy_hung
[testing image] Summary: The arrow to go back to previous page was gone, …
07:53 Ticket #2098 ([illume] unable to close location & installer application) closed by wendy_hung
07:51 Ticket #2099 ([Location] Location function is not able to use) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: [testing image] test date:2008.11.05 update date:2008.11.05 It was fixed.
07:44 Ticket #1634 ([Assassin]"Update"&"Uninstall" button didn't lock up while installing) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: [testing image] test date:2008.11.05 update date:2008.11.05 It was fixed.


22:12 Changeset [4752] by werner
Added command for taking a screen dump from a shell, not only with JTAG.
08:16 Ticket #2109 (Upgrade path error from Om2008.9 to testing) created by john_lee
Since we're going to do the next release from the om.dev branch, the …
07:44 Ticket #2034 (Upload conf directory, buildscripts and env to downloads.openmoko.org) closed by john_lee
fixed: http://downloads.openmoko.org/build/
07:43 Ticket #2042 (Use BB_GIT_CLONE_FOR_SRCREV = "1" for testing and unstable) closed by john_lee
fixed: I believe you have already done that…
07:17 Ticket #1690 (Missed call cannot be marked as viewed, must be deleted to stop ...) closed by john_lee


23:36 Changeset [4751] by werner
Updated status of sync/async mode. - drivers/ar6000/hif/hif2.c: remove …
21:49 Ticket #2108 (Update to newer mono version) created by SabotageAndi
The attached patches enables mono 1.9.1 and makes it buildable. …
18:25 Ticket #2107 ([Devellopement] Cross Qt4 devellopement is difficult to get) created by think-free
As a Qt develloper i want to devellop some apps for the freerunner. There …
08:46 Ticket #674 (compile in profiling support) closed by john_lee
fixed: verified.
08:38 Ticket #1193 (Severe performance problems with Pulseaudio) closed by john_lee
wontfix: switched om-mediaplayer2 to alsa as a workaround (#1614).
08:36 Ticket #1831 (please remove dependency between mediaplayer and pulseaudio in 2008.8) closed by john_lee
fixed: commited as b25c3e2967260bf502db234a009e7c1731251e4e in openmoko.git.
08:32 Ticket #1614 (Mediaplayer isn't able to play Ogg/Vorbis files) closed by john_lee
fixed: patch applied in r4750.
08:27 Changeset [4750] by john_lee
Use alsasink instead of pulseaudio, for #1614, #1831. Patch written by …
07:07 Ticket #1500 (wrong URL in openmoko/env) closed by john_lee
fixed: committed as r4749.
07:07 Changeset [4749] by john_lee
Update URLs. buildhost is not available anymore.
06:16 Changeset [4748] by werner
Make the reports more useful. - report: show also the CPU load of ttcp …
03:59 Changeset [4747] by tick
[opkg-utils] fix install fail problem Thanks for khorben's patch :-) …
03:55 Ticket #1872 (package names in assassin unclear) closed by tick
fixed: The Tags: alias can solve this issue.
03:54 Ticket #1871 (package names in assassin truncated at ~17, some not unique) closed by tick
fixed: Now we have a Tags: alias::xxxx in opk files can solve this issue.
02:07 Changeset [4746] by werner
Final cosmetics. - series: also remove any pre-existing target directory …
01:50 Changeset [4745] by werner
- don't pass around bytes and time separate, use the rate instead - print …
01:48 Changeset [4744] by werner
More cleanup and a little priority boost for the io task. - moved …


21:41 Changeset [4743] by werner
Tools to measure WLAN performance: - measure: runs ttcp and ping between …
19:04 Ticket #2106 (python-profile package should have python-textutils as dependency) created by ohin
profile module cannot be imported because of following error: […] …
17:24 Changeset [4742] by werner
authorize-me: set up a Neo to accept password-less login over SSH.
14:05 Changeset [4741] by werner
Yet more cleanup. Avoid the traps that break module unloading. …
13:31 Ticket #2105 (Offer GUI for PIN, PUK and IMEI management) created by pander
Please offer GUI for PIN, PUK and IMEI management somewhere in the …
13:03 Changeset [4740] by werner
More cleanup. Make the ar6k driver work as a module. …
12:49 Ticket #2104 (Morse code announcing who is calling or texting) created by pander
Please provide an option (as a general setting ring tone, or as a personal …
10:33 Ticket #2103 (Include scaleable versions (SVG) of openmoko-standard icons) created by pander
Please, include scaleable versions (SVG) of openmoko-standard icons. This …
09:49 Ticket #1415 (Cannot power on GSM Antenna) closed by john_lee
09:46 Changeset [4739] by werner
More cleanup. Separate commit since this moves a lot of code but doesn't …
09:43 Changeset [4738] by werner
Cleanup. drivers/ar6000/hif/hif2.c: - MODULE_LICENSE is GPLv2, not just …
06:41 Changeset [4737] by werner
Rebasing and cleanup. - moved patches that are no longer used to attic/ - …
00:22 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) reopened by marek
Yes, it is helpful indeed. It shows that the etk binding does not work …


17:34 Ticket #2102 (USSD dont works) created by alexxy
USSD commands dont work with latest base image and qtopia dialler


15:42 Ticket #1865 (Is there a way to add myself to CC list of some tickets?) closed by john_lee
invalid: well i guess u can do it just like how I add myself in the CC field below. …
15:41 Ticket #630 (voicemail suggestion) closed by john_lee
15:40 Ticket #1859 (/usr/share/matchbox/vfolders/Utilities.directory content error) closed by john_lee
community: matchbox setting..
15:36 Ticket #1600 (openmoko-panel-battery improvements) closed by john_lee
15:36 Ticket #1557 (Don't use absolute paths in MokoMakefile) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I believe MokoMakefile? is a project in projects.openmoko.org. Could you …
15:35 Ticket #2101 (illume-keyboard: russian default keyboard) closed by john_lee
wontfix: err... on second thought, could you please bring this to upstream? …
15:30 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) closed by john_lee
fixed: i believe this is because of the recent change of EFL ABI. anyway this …
15:15 Ticket #2051 (FreeRunner drains battery when off) closed by john_lee
wontfix: if this happened again please reopen.
15:02 Ticket #2009 ([battery] The battery stops with charching, if it's fully charched.) closed by john_lee
duplicate: yes it is.
14:36 Ticket #1972 (Wifi interferes with Bluetooth) closed by john_lee
14:34 Ticket #1981 ([GPS] is inaccurate / [Location] red spot sparkling by around location not ...) closed by john_lee
wontfix: i don't think there is anything we can do. even if we can find a better …
14:25 Ticket #1961 (Distortion when switching to/from landscape mode) reopened by john_lee
just realised this is actually a different issue. read too many tickets …
14:22 Ticket #1961 (Distortion when switching to/from landscape mode) closed by john_lee
duplicate: yes if you do xrandr -o 1 then xrandr -o 3 with the latest xglamo it will …
14:10 Ticket #1954 (Sound of clicks on locked screen.) closed by john_lee
14:07 Ticket #1951 (ps u does not show all user names) closed by john_lee
wontfix: wontfix for obvious reason :)
13:53 Ticket #1931 (Ringtone disapperared) closed by john_lee
worksforme: * http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Bug_Filing_Policy * it seems no other …
13:49 Ticket #680 ("nand lock status": Start address always zero) closed by andy
wontfix: Closed with WONTFIX.
13:36 Ticket #1898 (Phone subsystem does not always suspend/resume properly) closed by john_lee
community: thank you for reporting this, but we won't maintain om2007 anymore so …
12:58 Ticket #1793 (Please do not suspend when USB (power) is connected) closed by john_lee
12:55 Ticket #1670 (Battery life too short; phone should sleep) closed by john_lee
wontfix: why set this as milestone? this is already the current situation in …
12:53 Ticket #1666 (include ntp client by default) closed by john_lee
wontfix: we won't put stuffs into default image unless we felt it's really …
12:40 Ticket #1646 ($PATH not correctly honoured by the shell?) closed by john_lee
12:39 Ticket #1644 (openmoko-browser2: no input fields can be used as keyboard is not ...) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I believe this will ultimately lead to the good old 'qwerty' button …
12:36 Ticket #1643 (strip unwanted non-digits from SMS numbers) closed by john_lee
community: Om will not maintain gsmd anymore, so we should check this in fso instead.
12:33 Ticket #1620 (Show times for SMS) closed by john_lee
12:32 Ticket #1612 (openmoko-dates doesn't update calendar entry time) closed by john_lee
12:31 Ticket #1609 (Default multitap keyboard missing essential linux keys needed for terminal) closed by john_lee
11:33 Ticket #1596 (mediaplayer console output - volume changed) closed by john_lee
11:14 Ticket #1206 (Even when "Dim only, don't lock" slected, screen is locked) closed by john_lee
11:14 Ticket #1114 (Can't unlock screen if keyboard on) closed by john_lee
11:11 Ticket #1102 (Qemu gadgetfs support broken) closed by john_lee
fixed: close this one and work on #1103.
10:43 Ticket #2101 (illume-keyboard: russian default keyboard) created by alexxy
this is first version of russian layout for illume keyboard
10:34 Ticket #1880 (No GSM signal anymore after receiving a call) closed by john_lee
10:34 Ticket #1862 (stop boot) closed by john_lee
wontfix: so the ticket itself - stop boot - is not valid anymore. resolved as …
10:20 Ticket #1574 (create Qtopia Email package to be installed through Assassin) closed by john_lee
duplicate: this is not a valid ticket. the real issue is to divide email and sms to …
09:01 Ticket #1490 (Join and Split function do not working during connecting third party call) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I thought we're not working on 3rd party call in om2008.
08:45 Ticket #1317 (Tasks never show up as overdue.) closed by john_lee
community: hmm this is already the case in illume (om2008). so leave this to the …
08:34 Ticket #1303 (Dialer + isn't translated to 00 so contact sort cuts don't work) closed by john_lee
08:34 Ticket #1302 ("1" and "0" characters missing from associated keys) closed by john_lee
08:34 Ticket #1295 (timezones missing) closed by john_lee
08:33 Ticket #1293 (ScaredyCat's alternate theme) closed by john_lee
fixed: with thomas' moko-gtk-theme in place I believe this is no longer valid.
08:29 Ticket #1284 (Contacts are not sorted.) closed by john_lee
08:28 Ticket #1283 (openmoko-theme-standard2-qvga not working) closed by john_lee
08:28 Ticket #1280 (qvga themes/icons do not build due to sed problem) closed by john_lee
08:27 Ticket #1278 (Lack of support for SIMcards which expired) closed by john_lee
08:25 Ticket #1259 (IEEE 1588 support (getting the time from the GSM network)) closed by john_lee
08:17 Ticket #1273 (Dialer does not switch to missed call screen if already open) closed by john_lee
08:07 Ticket #1243 (Phone lock in GTA02 can't resume) closed by john_lee
worksforme: not anymore.
08:06 Ticket #1227 (Screen saver during call) closed by john_lee
community: this is not happening on om2008.
08:03 Ticket #1219 (Only US-ASCII characters displayed) closed by john_lee
08:03 Ticket #1218 (Receivers phone number not listed in sent/outgoing text (SMS) messages) closed by john_lee
08:02 Ticket #1217 (Phone number not shown when writing a new SMS / text message) closed by john_lee
07:52 Ticket #1179 (Mobile phone hands after 'shutdown now' from the command line) closed by john_lee
fixed: shutdown -h now works on gta01 with daily image from testing repo.
06:06 Ticket #453 (Use gconf bridge to achieve stateful applications) closed by john_lee
06:02 Ticket #58 (API for neod (device daemon)) closed by john_lee
wontfix: mickey this one seems to be replaced by fso. last update 11 months ago so …
05:55 Ticket #1873 (Mediaplayer does not load Proper alsa scenario) closed by john_lee
duplicate: #1377
02:14 Ticket #1088 (Move production test code out of U-Boot into kernel module) closed by andy
fixed: GTA02 testing has had it, it is stuck with current system. For GTA03, …
01:27 Changeset [4736] by werner
fix-mmc-busy-loop-on-bytes.patch: prevent s3cmci from hanging.


23:55 Changeset [4735] by werner
s3cmci currently doesn't work with our SDIO, although it did not too long …
17:30 Ticket #1909 ([tichy] package still not in the package feed) closed by john_lee
fixed: confirmed that tichy is in.
17:12 Ticket #1886 (clock in illume stopped working) closed by john_lee
wontfix: close as wontfix for now. if it shows up again in testing or stable repo, …
17:11 Ticket #1879 ([unstable] attempting to bond crashes hcid) closed by john_lee
wontfix: hmm, closed for now. if it's still there please kindly reopen.
17:09 Ticket #1877 (ttySAC0 does not response to ATZ) closed by john_lee
17:05 Ticket #1867 (Dhclient is not working) closed by john_lee
wontfix: hmm before we get Network manager or connman right please use udhcpc …
16:55 Ticket #1829 (strace doesn't know all syscalls) closed by john_lee
fixed: Updated PREFERRED_VERSION_strace in preferred-om-2008-versions.inc to …
16:53 Ticket #1846 (hidd missing from "testing" feed) closed by john_lee
16:52 Ticket #1837 (atd issues) closed by john_lee
16:40 Ticket #1821 (tee (busybox) gives bad performace: write 1 char a time) closed by john_lee
wontfix: I don't think we will fix busybox, could you please bring this to upstream …
16:39 Ticket #2100 (USSD: if request contain non latin symbols it will be shown as garbage) created by alexxy
if ussd answer contains non latin symbols it will be displayed as garbage
16:35 Ticket #1796 (Xglamo does not open usb keyboard (/dev/input/event5)) closed by john_lee
16:33 Ticket #1784 ([qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook] Cannot import vcard file) closed by john_lee
invalid: any update on this? if it still happens please reopen.
16:31 Ticket #1783 (openmoko-messages segfaults immediately with a GTK error) closed by john_lee
16:28 Ticket #1779 (GPRS: add GetStatus or GetActiveContext) closed by john_lee
wontfix: please move this to freesmartphone.org
15:17 Ticket #1672 ([matchbox-window] <defunct>) closed by john_lee
15:09 Ticket #1301 (Wrong keyboard displayed for phone number entry in Contacts) closed by john_lee
15:08 Ticket #1225 (visual enhancement for dfu-util) closed by john_lee
fixed: in r1189 already.
15:02 Ticket #321 (ftdi_eeprom often fails silently) closed by werner
fixed: Oh, this was a hardware problem: the capacitative load on upstream VBUS …
14:56 Ticket #1029 (Progress bar animation) closed by john_lee
fixed: already in r1189
14:49 Ticket #773 (Qemu should support -net usb -redir ......) closed by john_lee
14:27 Ticket #45 (Automatic opening input methods) closed by john_lee
community: om2007 related.
14:18 Ticket #1651 (Incoming call tone has fixed repeat rate) closed by john_lee
14:13 Ticket #1413 (stage do_rootfs fails when running 'make qemu-local') closed by john_lee
worksforme: definitely not happening to me…
14:09 Ticket #1396 (openocd-native build failure) closed by john_lee
worksforme: should be okay now. if not, please report to openembedded.net
14:07 Ticket #1389 (Package libxsettings 0.11 fails to build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
14:06 Ticket #1388 ([Xephyr] [x86] Package gpe-scap_1.3.bb won't build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
14:05 Ticket #1386 ([Xephyr] [x86] Package u-boot-openmoko_1.3.1+git+svn.bb won't build) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
14:04 Ticket #1385 ([Xephyr] [x86] Package librsvg_2.16.1.bb won't build on x86 platform) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this bug is still valid.
13:58 Ticket #1369 (GTA02 resume from suspend freeze touch panel on lock screen) closed by john_lee
13:56 Ticket #1362 (neod appears in background after resume) closed by john_lee
13:56 Ticket #1361 ('opkg list' locks entire OS when no network connection is available) closed by john_lee
duplicate: should be /etc/resolv.conf problem. fix it in #2056
13:52 Ticket #1358 (Investigate using notifcation-daemon implementation from mb-panel-2) closed by john_lee
13:50 Ticket #1356 (Error building x86 version of openmoko-devel-image: package ...) closed by john_lee
wontfix: should be fixed upstream if this problem still exists.
13:49 Ticket #1355 (unable to enter PIN after suspend) closed by john_lee
13:44 Ticket #1351 (Speaker function cannot be kept when stage changes) closed by john_lee
13:44 Ticket #1349 (Multitap keypad disappears on password fields) closed by john_lee
duplicate: #948
13:41 Ticket #1345 (Contacts entered as would be dialed don't trigger match) closed by john_lee
13:41 Ticket #1343 (crash by surfing google images) closed by john_lee
13:41 Ticket #1342 (openmoko-messages don't print error message on dialing when no GSM ...) closed by john_lee
13:41 Ticket #1341 (openmoko-messages put sms in wrong folder) closed by john_lee
13:40 Ticket #1340 (no suspend in power menu) closed by john_lee
13:40 Ticket #1338 (Font is a way to big) closed by john_lee
13:40 Ticket #1337 (Keyboard is unusable) closed by john_lee
13:36 Ticket #1332 ((null) contact is sometimes saved) closed by john_lee
13:36 Ticket #1331 (Can't reply to "Unknown sender") closed by john_lee
13:28 Ticket #1216 (The text of the unselected tab in the tabbed pane (GtkNotebook) shows ...) closed by john_lee
13:27 Ticket #1215 (Solo is unplayable) closed by john_lee
13:27 Ticket #1201 (gsm power status) closed by john_lee
13:26 Ticket #1200 (bluetooth power status) closed by john_lee
13:26 Ticket #1199 (gps power status) closed by john_lee
13:23 Ticket #1197 (Some messages are to high) closed by john_lee
13:12 Ticket #1189 (Click on the program category line in the Application manager does not ...) closed by john_lee
13:11 Ticket #1107 (Italian translation missing) closed by john_lee
duplicate: #1127
13:09 Ticket #1176 (Truncated u-boot printout of kernel version string) closed by john_lee
fixed: with our current git scm this should be easy now.
13:08 Ticket #1172 (cannot hear any sound from dialer in GTA02) closed by john_lee
13:07 Ticket #1131 (SIM does not register with network) closed by john_lee
13:06 Ticket #1130 (the stat() system call hangs when the argument is a remote folder) closed by john_lee
wontfix: 11 months without reply. Resolved as 'wontfix' for now.
13:03 Ticket #1162 (New message event appear only with specific hardware/software ...) closed by john_lee
13:03 Ticket #1161 (openmoko-terminal2 - wrong $HOME variable in env) closed by john_lee
fixed: already fixed now.
13:02 Ticket #1136 (GSM panel applet keeps on displaying 'Connected to GSM network' ...) closed by john_lee
13:02 Ticket #1133 (some games menu don't fit on screen) closed by john_lee
wontfix: * actually an upstream wishlist.
12:53 Ticket #1084 (PUK Support) closed by john_lee
community: closed as 'community' for now. might already be fixed by chris as …
12:52 Ticket #1079 (Dialer does not work - method does not exist) closed by john_lee
community: We won't maintain openmoko-dialer anymore, so closed as 'community'.
12:50 Ticket #1058 (Web Browser renders plaintext as html -- looks ugly) closed by john_lee
12:50 Ticket #1057 (openmoko-browser2 could really use a local file selection browser) closed by john_lee
12:49 Ticket #1055 ("Delete event" icon is always enabled) closed by john_lee
12:49 Ticket #1054 (Description field does not scroll view during entering data) closed by john_lee
12:49 Ticket #1043 (Call use cases) closed by john_lee
wontfix: * we don't use google doc anymore * sean_chiang already left Openmoko * we …
12:46 Ticket #1041 (Mediaplayer gets VBR mp3 durations incorrect) closed by john_lee
12:45 Ticket #1040 (Mediaplayer adds files to a playlist in an unpredictable order) closed by john_lee
12:43 Ticket #1012 (moko-gtk-theme lacks UI elements for openmoko-mediaplayer2) closed by john_lee
fixed: HdR and Abraxa: Thanks! Committed as svn r4734.
12:39 Changeset [4734] by john_lee
from trac #1012 provided by HdR and Abraxa
09:51 Ticket #998 (Keyboard autorepeat is too twitchy) closed by john_lee
09:50 Ticket #997 (Keyboard does not popup when cursor is inside of form entry) closed by john_lee
community: won't work on openmoko-browser2
09:49 Ticket #996 (Browser lack FullScreen button) closed by john_lee
community: won't work on openmoko-browser2
09:48 Ticket #995 (Moko theme has too small arrows in menu) closed by john_lee
worksforme: this seems to be okay now.
09:37 Ticket #943 (openmoko-browser2 segfaults when trying to open an url) closed by john_lee
worksforme: it works now.
09:35 Ticket #983 (Filesystem navigation does not support kinematic scrolling) closed by john_lee
09:34 Ticket #982 (Mediaplayer does not allow to select files to play) closed by john_lee
09:34 Ticket #978 (Package info tab opens keyboard) closed by john_lee
09:32 Ticket #971 (OpenMoko restarts without warning) closed by john_lee
worksforme: 11 months old now. I would say it's gone.
09:32 Ticket #970 (Keyboard opens and closes in a loop) closed by john_lee
09:31 Ticket #961 (Scrolling of packages list produce unreadable content) closed by john_lee
09:27 Ticket #941 (Kinetic scrolling is hard to use with fingers) closed by john_lee
worksforme: 2007.2 and the kinetic scrolling should be quite okay now.
09:25 Ticket #933 (event import) closed by john_lee
community: om2007, closed as 'community'
09:24 Ticket #905 (media player should not try to play non-media files) closed by john_lee
community: 13 months old and mediaplayer2 is unmaintained. resolved as 'community'.
09:22 Ticket #895 (libgsmd-tool crashes a lot on invalid inputs) closed by john_lee
09:18 Ticket #879 (File chooser dialog (gtk+) uses wrong icons) closed by john_lee
09:18 Ticket #872 (Implement GPS and BT power in neod power button menu) closed by john_lee
09:17 Ticket #870 (During boot, init looks for psplash in /usr/bin -- which might not be ...) closed by john_lee
worksforme: * we don't use psplash anymore. * boot splash works fine now.
09:16 Ticket #864 (GTK filerequester is unusable on Neo1973) closed by john_lee
09:15 Ticket #850 (Standard Gtk+ file browser unusable) closed by john_lee
09:15 Ticket #847 (Shutdown if battery level goes too low) closed by john_lee
wontfix: it seems like this should be solved by eventd in fso, so this might need …
09:14 Ticket #246 (Debug board needs to be recognized by mainline linux kernel.) closed by laforge
fixed: this bug has been fixed in the mainline kernel, see git commit message …
09:13 Ticket #764 (initiating a PAN using pand gets "Permission denied (13)") closed by tick
worksforme: Oh... I connect with neo with pand happily. I think this issues is no …
09:05 Ticket #808 (Nonexistent $HOME breaks stuff) closed by john_lee
worksforme: should be okay on the recent images.
08:56 Ticket #765 (Factory Reset writes wrong environment) closed by john_lee
08:43 Ticket #745 (gnome-system-tools) closed by john_lee
08:32 Ticket #603 (timeout at boot menu while typing ?) closed by john_lee
worksforme: hmm I didn't see this for a long time. closed for now.
08:22 Ticket #452 (Openmoko widgets need to use gobject properties) closed by john_lee
08:19 Ticket #350 (OpenMoko keyboard usability issues) closed by john_lee
community: we got illume and qtopia keyboards now so I will leave this as 'community'
08:15 Ticket #209 (u-boot DFU needs to block console access while in DFU mode) closed by john_lee
08:15 Ticket #197 (Make theme suitable for qvga screens.) closed by john_lee
08:14 Ticket #181 (Password Storage/Retrieval Application) closed by john_lee
community: this doesn't seem to be one of the core functionalities we will work on.
08:03 Ticket #111 (integrate agpsd in our system power management.) closed by john_lee
wontfix: won't fix gllin.
07:58 Ticket #1020 (Investigate Upstart in OpenMoko) closed by john_lee
wontfix: olv+erin are already working on reducing boot time.
07:54 Ticket #110 (look into gps / agps integration) closed by john_lee
07:50 Ticket #101 (Implement GPRS setup/teardown support) closed by john_lee
community: gsmd is unmaintained now..
07:41 Ticket #65 (Visual indication for SMS overflow) closed by john_lee
07:39 Ticket #1436 (openmoko.conf breaks builds which use a custom overlay) closed by john_lee
fixed: There are no BBFILES in openmoko.conf now.
07:07 Ticket #1956 (Mediaplayer2 audio quality) closed by john_lee
community: I don't think we will keep maintaining mediaplayer2 so closed as …
06:59 Ticket #2084 (CRC Fail on boot , long boot time before init , wireless isnt detected) closed by john_lee
wontfix: so, closed as wontfix because of the reasons above?
06:47 Ticket #2036 (resize2fs /dev/mmcblk02p2 128m seg faults) closed by john_lee
duplicate: ok, closed as duplicate.
06:40 Ticket #2017 (Om2008.8 Update image(9/18) make device freeze after X hours usage) closed by john_lee
wontfix: so it did not freeze, just the touch panel didn't work, correct? if u see …
06:36 Ticket #1967 ([kernel]after stable to testing upgrade image and modules not in sync) closed by john_lee
fixed: Next stable image will be generated directly from a branch of om.dev with …
06:00 Ticket #1945 (om2008.8: Sometimes I can't call my FreeRunner when it is in suspend (with ...) closed by john_lee
duplicate: If that's the case, I would mark this as duplicate of #1662.
05:57 Ticket #1958 (After upgrade , FR hangs at "booting 42%") closed by john_lee
worksforme: This isn't happening in the stable or testing image now, so resolved as …
04:31 Ticket #1780 (cannot add number in openmoko-contacts2) closed by john_lee
community: We won't maintain Om2007 anymore so resolved as 'community'.
04:18 Ticket #1354 (Cannot resume from suspend if suspend more than 30 minutes) closed by john_lee
worksforme: Don't happen to me with the latest stable kernel.
04:17 Ticket #1322 (Background noise during conversation) closed by john_lee
wontfix: hardware issue. refer to …
04:05 Ticket #1282 (Remove rotate display option) closed by john_lee
community: Om2007.
04:03 Ticket #1253 (Mysterious green lines on screen) closed by john_lee
worksforme: Haven't seen this for a while. Closed as worksforme.
03:59 Ticket #1244 (Xglamo doesn't handle switch to landscape mode correctly (was: Swap ...) closed by john_lee
fixed: Turns out to be the problem of illume-theme-asu. Patch applied as …
02:08 Changeset [4733] by werner
Rebase to latest stable-tracking.


09:38 Ticket #1240 (SMS crashes Today app) closed by john_lee
09:36 Ticket #1238 (SIM card contacts not displayed) closed by john_lee
community: @montgoss: On 2008/7/18 there is no om2008.8 yet so I assume this is …
09:08 Ticket #2099 ([Location] Location function is not able to use) created by regina_kim
flash:2008.10.28 Update:2008.10.29 summary : Location function is not …
08:53 Ticket #1766 ([GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls) closed by regina_kim
fixed: Flash : 2008.10.28 Update: 2008.10.29 it does not happen.
08:27 Ticket #2082 (No icons in illume) closed by regina_kim
fixed: it had fixed.
08:17 Ticket #2098 ([illume] unable to close location & installer application) created by regina_kim
flash:2008.10.28 Update:2008.10.28 summary : unable to close application …
08:12 Ticket #1984 ([Qt-Contact] edit SIM contact screen overlaps running applications) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: [testing image] test date:2008 10/29 update date:2008 10/29 It fixed! …
07:43 Ticket #2097 ([testing image] list in Setting can't scroll) created by wendy_hung
Summary: The list in setting can't scroll, you can't check the lower …
06:04 Ticket #2096 ([testing image]after flash new image can't ssh neo (need to reboot twice)) created by wendy_hung
Summary: after flash new image, have to reboot twice than you can ssh neo …
03:34 Ticket #2093 (Screen Turnon on calls) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: 1. you did not mention which version you're using 2. it's duplicate with …
03:31 Ticket #2095 (Sound not found with qi bootloader) created by newkirk
I've finally seen the pattern to a bug I've been having for weeks - If I'm …
03:29 Ticket #1506 (sometimes keyboard does not appear when create new message) closed by regina_kim
fixed: today's upgrade does not happen.
02:13 Ticket #2094 (Regression: GTK apps wont redraw after closing menus) created by nuclear_eclipse
I apologize if this a duplicate report; I tried searching but was unable …


13:25 Ticket #2093 (Screen Turnon on calls) created by Zoup
Its good idea to turn on screens when there is an incoming call ;)
13:24 Ticket #2092 (rxvt-unicode term info) created by Zoup
Rxvt-unicode term info is missing
10:15 Changeset [4732] by john_lee
Use gsmhandset.state from FDOMizer20081023.tar.gz
03:13 Ticket #2091 (batget polls lots too often) created by Viddy
A strace of …
00:58 Ticket #1983 (eth0 doesn't exist / Oops during bootup) closed by werner
fixed: Seems that this one was successfully resolved through warranty …
00:54 Ticket #2019 (Headphone Jack Event) closed by werner
wontfix: I see in #2084 that you've made your peace with the state of things. So …


16:15 Ticket #2090 (GPS driver gllin distributed in .ipk format but opkg wants newer .opk ...) created by jrush
The GPS driver for the GTA-01 hardware is distributed using a .ipk file …
12:19 Ticket #2089 (flash sms messages are not recieved (prepaid phone, cannot query credit)) closed by zecke
duplicate: For the future please read the …
11:36 Ticket #2087 ([Illume] The top bar and home icons are to small for fingure usage) closed by john_lee
fixed: this is fixed by the theme update I did two days ago.
09:15 Ticket #2089 (flash sms messages are not recieved (prepaid phone, cannot query credit)) created by neurocyp
I use a network (plus gsm - poland) where I can check my credit amount by …


11:24 Ticket #2088 ([Testing] The settings app cannot be started) created by dolfje
I cannot start the settings application on my 'testing image' of 26 okt …
11:21 Ticket #2087 ([Illume] The top bar and home icons are to small for fingure usage) created by dolfje
The icons and Illume top bar are to small for finger usage. image: …
11:17 Ticket #2086 (Improve application icon quality) created by pander
In order to maintain a high quality look and feel, please stiumulate or …
10:18 Ticket #2085 (Combining SIM telephone numers in single contact and improved import and ...) created by pander
The key of a telephone number on a SIM is maximum 16 characters and has …


15:42 Changeset [4731] by john_lee
It's okay to leave the MOD: ILLUME CFG part there. It won't show up …
14:25 Changeset [4730] by john_lee
hmm not necessary to touch build.sh. revert it.
14:20 Changeset [4729] by john_lee
update illume-theme-asu to match upstream changes. big thanks to raster.
12:24 Changeset [4728] by john_lee
update to match upstream's first. known issue: icons wont show up.
10:48 Ticket #2084 (CRC Fail on boot , long boot time before init , wireless isnt detected) created by Zoup
Well , its all in summary , i have to add that its tested with latest …
09:09 Ticket #2083 (Missing Dependency python-pygps --> python-datetime) created by ugh
When using the python gps-module, this error may occur: […] Steps to …
08:21 Ticket #2071 (Booting failed, stop at wifi driver) closed by john_lee
fixed: exquisite problem was fixed after update to svnrev 36882, but this leads …
08:20 Ticket #2082 (No icons in illume) created by john_lee
Since EFL_SRCREV 36520, there's no icons in illume, so the user cannot …


09:43 Ticket #2081 (Set ID3 tags for all MP3 and OGG sounds in artwork according to convention) created by pander
Please set ID3 tags for all MP3 and OGG sounds in artwork according to …
09:39 Ticket #2080 (More sounds) created by pander
As is stated in /src/target/OM-2007.2/artwork/sounds/TODO more sounds …
09:23 Changeset [4727] by john_lee
Update to match E svnrev 36882.


14:53 Ticket #2079 (Touchscreen events after resume aren't considered correctly) created by Treviño
The first touchscreen touch after resume isn't mapped correctly. Using …


21:03 Ticket #2078 (glamo-mci.0: ****** insanity timeout) created by Sprite_tm
I use Debian on an 8GB SDHC-card, and compile my kernels from the …
09:54 Ticket #2077 ([FSO-testing] Module problems at boot (sysfs_add_one, bt_sock_wait_state, ...) created by erl
I am running the FSO-testing distro on a Freerunner, updated with opkg …
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16:58 Ticket #2076 (Om2008.9 plays only one sound channel) created by Shalnoff
I has preinstalled Om2008.8. There stereo playback was ok. After …


14:52 Changeset [4726] by werner
Moving towards the use of SDIO interrupts instead of polling. - …
08:21 Changeset [4725] by tick
[touchtest] Adding a tiny python efl application that allow users to …
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