13:44 Changeset [4881] by zecke
[illume-theme] Replace boots.png with boot_image Replace the boots image …


19:56 Ticket #2194 (Qtopia reduces echo cancelation to -6db during call) created by MMlosh
When call is answered/made, qte sends AT commands to set AEC and noise …
17:30 Ticket #2193 (Pidgin segfaults right after startup) created by MMlosh
Pidgin from default repositories in default OM/ASU 2008.12 (in internal …


10:17 Ticket #2192 (Om2008.12 "asu" theme does not have keyboard) created by xbaldauf
The "illume" theme of "Om2008.12" has a "querty" button as well as a …
07:11 Ticket #2191 (/opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so is missing symbol ...) created by xbaldauf
Hello, I've been upgrading from Om2008.9 (+FDOM) to Om2008.12 using "opkg …
07:02 Ticket #2190 (switch from Qtopia to Qt-extended 4.4) created by neoclust
is it planned to switch from old qtopia to new Qt-extended ( 4.4 ) ? …


14:24 Ticket #2189 (sed -n in /etc/wpa_supplicant/*.sh please) created by olberger
As stated in …
09:52 Ticket #2188 (Use AUX button to adjust volume in a call) created by wilk
The volume bar in 2008.12 is a good thing but it's not very convenient to …


09:48 Changeset [4880] by marek
some minor cleanups
09:24 Changeset [4879] by marek
add primitive callback support


13:58 Ticket #2187 (andy-tracking/de473c: poweroff hangs at "System halted") created by lindi
This was originally reported by Klaus Kurzmann mok at mnet-online.de on …
02:36 Ticket #2186 ([Om2008.12] Wifi not present in Settings menu) closed by marek
invalid: The settings wifi menu has proven to be unreliable, hence wifi support has …


20:58 Ticket #2186 ([Om2008.12] Wifi not present in Settings menu) created by lizardb0y
WIFI is not showing in Settings menu in newly flashed GTA02v5 for …


09:24 Ticket #2185 (AUX button makes interrupt storm) created by vnevoa
I have difficulty using the AUX button on my GTA02v5 to lock/unlock the …


23:58 Ticket #2184 (gsmd does not compile (missing "gsmd/strl.h")) created by khorben
Building gsmd fails with the following error: […] This is on Debian …
23:48 Ticket #2183 (autoconf issues in openmoko-panel -bt, -gps, -gsm, -usb and -wifi) created by khorben
It is either not possible to use "make dist" with openmoko-panel -bt, …
09:07 Ticket #2143 (regression: stable-tracking kernel lacks NAT support (NF_NAT)) closed by andy
fixed: Thanks for remind :-)
06:12 Ticket #2182 ([openembedded] build fails due to duplicates in PACKAGE_ARCHS) closed by john_lee
fixed: I just fixed that a few minutes ago. Thanks for reporting!
05:15 Changeset [4878] by john_lee
toolchain-scripts: get organized a bit.
00:17 Ticket #2182 ([openembedded] build fails due to duplicates in PACKAGE_ARCHS) created by joel
I had to remove "armv4t" in om-gta02.conf (see diff below) since …


19:46 Ticket #2181 ([andy-tracking] Not charging according to kernel when charging from a ...) created by TimoJyrinki
As a regression from stable-tracking/stable etc., the kernel says Neo is …
16:28 Ticket #2180 (stable-tracking: 'rxserr' UART messages) created by laforge
the stable-tracking kernel shows a number of receive error messages on the …
15:54 Ticket #2179 (GTA02 ASoC capture kernel oops) created by laforge
When trying to use the GTA02 to capture PCM data, the stable-tracking …
11:11 Changeset [4877] by charlie
add paroli package


12:24 Ticket #2178 (usb0 configuration doesn't respect usb events) created by vnevoa
The usb0 network interface is never affected by USB plug-in or unplug (to …


21:56 Changeset [4876] by werner
Dumper for raw whitespace-separated hex bytes.
18:16 Ticket #2177 (andy-tracking/de473ca8: unable to powerdown GPS) created by lindi
When I moved from stable-tracking 80f4 to andy-tracking de47 I noticed …
16:06 Ticket #1158 (Charging stops even while connected) reopened by andy
I sent this for Balaji to check.
11:38 Changeset [4875] by charlie
Changes to personal wiki
10:46 Ticket #2176 (andy-tracking/de473ca: mach/system.h:36: error: 'S3C2410_CLKCON' ...) closed by andy
invalid: Thanks for letting us know.
09:35 Changeset [4874] by erin_yueh
add GPL2 license, still testing version 0.1
09:30 Ticket #2175 (andy-tracking/9b2a35dd6 does not resume) closed by andy
fixed: Yes this was discussed on kernel list and fixed 11 days ago. We updated …
06:59 Changeset [4873] by charlie
Add paroli_report.text
06:41 Changeset [4872] by charlie
Add python import tests scripts
01:43 Ticket #2176 (andy-tracking/de473ca: mach/system.h:36: error: 'S3C2410_CLKCON' ...) created by lindi
[…] fails with […] […]
00:51 Ticket #2175 (andy-tracking/9b2a35dd6 does not resume) created by lindi
I can not resume andy-tracking 9b2a35dd616a9fbe from suspend. I tried to …


19:54 Changeset [4871] by erin_yueh
add bonding property, use dbus only in bt_adapter... etc.


11:10 Changeset [4870] by tick
opkg: rename opkg_clone to pkg_t_to_opkg_package_t. It's more likely the …
11:10 Changeset [4869] by tick
opkg: Update TODO and remark that …
11:10 Changeset [4868] by tick
opkg: using active_list to list all the installed pkgs. adding …
11:10 Changeset [4867] by tick
opkg: using active list to list upgradeable pkgs
11:09 Changeset [4866] by tick
opkg: trivial adding some comments
11:09 Changeset [4865] by tick
opkg: update TODO
11:09 Changeset [4864] by tick
opkg: trivial rename old_pkg_to_new to pkg_clone as a more readable name.
11:09 Changeset [4863] by tick
opkg: introduce active list into pkg_t


18:35 Ticket #1860 (Wifi connection problems.) closed by andy
fixed: I'll close it as 'fixed' then, if it comes back please reopen the bug.
17:05 Ticket #2174 (stable-tracking/16e183d: jbt6k74.c:558: error: implicit declaration of ...) created by lindi
stable-tracking 16e183d5b9b5e0bc6d14877a8815e91d9000792e built with […] …
13:28 Changeset [4862] by tick
opkg: update the the author infomation Since my e-mail account had been …
13:24 Changeset [4861] by tick
opkg: reinitial node of active_list after clear
11:02 Ticket #2173 (Audio does not switch to headphone if headphone is plugged in) created by beni
System: Freerunner (GTA2 V6), OM-2008.9 upgraded via opkg to daily testing …


11:54 Ticket #2172 (Python module fnmatch not provided) created by iknowjoseph
python-distutils tries to import fnmatch, but it has not been provided. …


08:29 Ticket #2141 ([Installer] the bottom item of the package list can't easy to get when ...) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: tested with image below: kernel:testing-om-gta02-20081210.uImage.bin …


19:07 Ticket #2171 (stable-tracking 80f4b57/resume: eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: ...) created by lindi
After resume with stable-tracking 80f4b57fef5dcffb I noticed that I can no …
17:26 Ticket #2131 ("opkg upgrade" slow, duplicate entries in *.list files) closed by tick
fixed: solved at svn r4830
17:20 Ticket #2015 ([Om2008.8] Can't start game 'Fifteen Pieces') closed by tick
13:29 Ticket #2170 (vala-terminal not included within Openmoko repositories) created by iknowjoseph
As per Mickey's suggestion I …
12:04 Ticket #2169 (mokomakefile/org.openmoko.asu.stable: illume_svn.bb do_fetch failed) created by lindi
11:31 Ticket #2168 (Java application no longer working after this morning's opkg update && ...) created by iknowjoseph
The application fails with: root@om-gta02:~# cacao -Xmx32M …
11:23 Ticket #2167 (openmoko-terminal 2 segfaults on 2008.testing) created by iknowjoseph
Terminal application no longer opens: root@om-gta02:~# openmoko-terminal2 …
10:12 Ticket #2144 ([location]unable to see the last item in list after scrolling to the ...) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: Tested with the image below: kernel:testing-om-gta02-20081210.uImage.bin …
07:56 Ticket #2140 (Should use different volumes for ringtone and receiver) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: tested with image below: kernel:testing-om-gta02-20081210.uImage.bin …
07:17 Ticket #1489 (sometimes volume is too low during a call) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: tested with image below: kernel:testing-om-gta02-20081210.uImage.bin …


09:47 Changeset [4860] by mickey
This fixes compilation on non-x86. Some platforms, such as PowerPC, don't …


17:45 Ticket #2166 (USB keyboard breaks after suspend.) created by lysgaard
If you plug in an USB keyboard after boot, without suspending in forehand, …
15:26 Changeset [4859] by tick
opkg: implment active_list_clear()
14:21 Ticket #2165 (gtk layout differences between 2007.2 and 2008.testing) created by iknowjoseph
Our application: http://gvsigmobileonopenmoko.wordpress.com Displayed …
13:16 Changeset [4858] by erin_yueh
init bt manager
12:23 Changeset [4857] by werner
Highlights: - added basic USB decoding, a contribution from a …
11:02 Ticket #1884 ([suspend/resume] if press power batton right after suspend, the device ...) reopened by wendy_hung
if it's gonna happen in new kernel, we did not see that in Dec.02's image …
10:56 Ticket #1507 (messages total number does not appear immediately when enter Messages Main ...) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: tested with Om2008.testing image: Kernel: …
10:18 Changeset [4856] by charlie
Add KBase
09:02 Ticket #1547 (when create new message pressing Option menu is ugly) closed by wendy_hung
wontfix: i think it needs when you copy the text, then it will show up another …
08:09 Changeset [4855] by tick
opkg: implement active_list_prev and test cases.
08:09 Changeset [4854] by tick
opkg: refactory active_list_next remove unnecessary field.
08:09 Changeset [4853] by tick
opkg: active_list tests
08:08 Changeset [4852] by tick
opkg: introduce the protype of active_list This can be used for …
08:08 Changeset [4851] by tick
opkg: fixing some trivial defects while reviewing code
06:22 Ticket #1978 ([Location] Tag will shows "New" even already Opened once. (or "Today" even ...) closed by sushama
fixed: Testing image:02-dec-2008 Test date:08-Dec-2008 Tested the same,works fine …
04:36 Ticket #1602 ([Qtopia]shows up Alert message when enter SMS from Dialer) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: tested with Om2008.testing image: Kernel: …


11:34 Ticket #1158 (Charging stops even while connected) closed by andy
fixed: Great. I'm going to close this then, because we won't be backporting the …
01:21 Ticket #2164 (numptyphysics crashes if libpng3 is not installed) created by struppi
numptyphysics won't start if libpng3 is not installed, but the package in …


23:37 Ticket #2163 (andy-tracking: pcf50633.c:174: multiple definition of ...) closed by balajirrao
23:11 Ticket #2163 (andy-tracking: pcf50633.c:174: multiple definition of ...) created by lindi
andy-tracking 9b2a35dd616a9fbed3e6cd4c1781f5230d118402 fails to build here …
10:55 Ticket #2162 (Changing screen modes (QVGA) corrupted in stable-tracking) created by TimoJyrinki
Using 2008.9 + self-compiled kernel …
07:37 Ticket #2161 ([wifi] wpa_supplicant PEM decoding error) created by ksnieck
I have wpa_supplicant setup exactly the same as on a working system to …


19:53 Ticket #2160 (bluetooth is powered up on resume and bootup) created by lindi
With stable-tracking 80f4b57fef5dcffb it seems that bluetooth chip is …
12:45 Changeset [4850] by jeremy
madwinker: to test suspend/resume. a script.
03:37 Changeset [4849] by tick
adding list_upgradable opkg: refactory the upgradable list


14:31 Changeset [4848] by tick
opkg: using calloc to replace the malloc, initialize varaiable
14:31 Changeset [4847] by tick
opkg: trivial just indent
11:47 Changeset [4846] by werner
Use labels. Awkward descriptions, goodbye :-)
11:45 Changeset [4845] by werner
Highlights: - waves can now be labeled (labels are stored when saving and …
06:59 Ticket #2159 ([qtopia]unable to send message from contacts -Tab Call) created by sushama
Testing image:02-Dec-2008 Test Date:04-Dec-2008 Steps: 1)click on any …
06:37 Ticket #2158 ([Qtopia]unable to click 'option'in the edit contact screen) created by sushama
Testing Image:02-Dec-2008 Test Date:04-Dec-2008 Steps: 1)Click on any …


23:36 Ticket #2157 (SMS messages are not received untill reboot/restart of X) created by BillK
2008.9 updated to testing using the update process posted to community by …
15:50 Ticket #2156 (rtctest.c does not exit with stable-tracking kernel) created by lindi
15:33 Changeset [4844] by tick
opkg: remove the free_error_list wrong usage bug Thanks for manitu
13:37 Ticket #2155 (opkg-native do_compile failed) created by manitu
hi there, i tried to compile with the mokomakefile, all worked fine, but …
07:44 Ticket #2154 ([Qtopia]Unable to 'Reply All' from sent inbox) created by sushama
Testing image:02-dec-2008 Test date:03-dec-2008 Steps: 1)click on a …
01:21 Changeset [4843] by werner
A fairy has put bind-utils in the feed ;-)
01:20 Changeset [4842] by werner
- wlan-trial.myroot: added bind-utils and nano - wlan-trial.myroot, …
00:37 Ticket #2153 (GTK based apps have a too large font and widgets are pushed out of view) created by BillK
FDOM has a fix that works - details are uin the following email between …


12:35 Ticket #2152 (connman fails to build) created by dsamblas
Using Mokomakefile and org.openmoko.dev Bad connman.ver syntax, I have …
12:23 Ticket #555 (remove/disable portmap by default on official releases) closed by john_lee
fixed: it's removed by default now (along with task-base-nfs)
11:53 Changeset [4841] by charlie
Update personal wiki
08:54 Ticket #2146 (Freerunner will not charge when booted from USB (git andy-tracking)) closed by andy
fixed: Replying to nicolas.dufresne: > Ok, I found what I did wrong …
08:52 Changeset [4840] by roh
* fix typo
07:37 Ticket #2151 (opkg upgrade need to upgrade twice from Om2008.9 release to Testing Dec ...) created by tick
It's very strange that opkg upgrade need to do twice to get all the …
07:11 Changeset [4839] by roh
* add more RE details


23:32 Ticket #2150 (package illume-0.0+svnr35818-r13: task do_fetch: failed) created by frankmpunkt
the illume sources are no longer to be found at this location: …
16:09 Ticket #2149 (USB Port broken off) created by tom
USB Port loose, no data / power connection possible. After opening device, …
12:01 Ticket #2148 ([2008.11 testing] Settings application fails to open) created by iknowjoseph
Flashed a fresh 2008.9 and updated to testing as per John Lee's …
09:19 Changeset [4838] by tick
opkg: adding the hash_table_remove API, not using yet. Just complete the …
08:45 Ticket #2147 (Defective Unit) created by ghislain
A customer returned a defective unit which suddenly stopped working. It …
06:29 Ticket #1884 ([suspend/resume] if press power batton right after suspend, the device ...) closed by matt_hsu
fixed: This issue is resloved in stable-tracking branch. According to Werner …
06:15 Ticket #2097 ([testing image] list in Setting can't scroll) closed by sushama
fixed: Update date:01-dec-2008 Test date:01-dec-2008 Checked the settings ,able …
02:27 Ticket #2146 (Freerunner will not charge when booted from USB (git andy-tracking)) created by nicolas.dufresne
This bug might be linked to #1158 . The problem is that the Freerunner (at …
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