23:07 Ticket #2250 (opkg hangs install coreutils) created by Nytowl
read(6, "\273\330G(B:n\21s6\17\304\36CZ\36c\3324\256\357\6b\217"..., 4096) …
20:27 Ticket #2183 (autoconf issues in openmoko-panel -bt, -gps, -gsm, -usb and -wifi) closed by Nytowl
20:15 Ticket #2127 ([python-bindings] upgrade path from 2008.9 broken) closed by Nytowl
19:51 Ticket #2191 (/opt/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/libficgta01vendor.so is missing symbol ...) closed by Nytowl
14:37 Changeset [4946] by werner
- python.c: increase buffer size from 1 MB to > 20 MB - lib/scope.py: …
14:07 Changeset [4945] by werner
Restructure patches for submission. Back out the atrocities in wip.patch
10:48 Changeset [4944] by werner
Slightly modified version of V4L2's "capture" example. (Just for …
10:28 Ticket #883 (Audible GSM interference when making a call) closed by wendy_hung
wontfix: this one is for GTA01, can't really reproduce this or test it.
09:56 Ticket #1267 (Strong echo when calling a Neo from another phone) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: This issue have been fix by newest Om2008.12 image. You won't hear the …
09:42 Changeset [4943] by werner
Quick and dirty camera capture to PPM conerter.
06:42 Ticket #2160 (bluetooth is powered up on resume and bootup) closed by wendy_hung
06:23 Ticket #1805 (SD card corruption with 2008.8) closed by andy
invalid: Yeah we can't fix this from the 7 month old description, SD Card generally …
04:42 Ticket #1417 (ASU update suspend/resume fail) closed by wendy_hung
invalid: this ticket' issue is too broad,please make it more precise.
04:39 Ticket #2185 (AUX button makes interrupt storm) closed by wendy_hung


16:24 Ticket #2193 (Pidgin segfaults right after startup) closed by Nytowl
community: This is a problem with the OE pidgin recipe. Please send the bug upstrream
15:42 Ticket #1986 (AUX LED blicks too early at power on) closed by andy
wontfix: This whole bug is just a result of broken GTA02 (mainly A5, but to a …
03:17 Ticket #2249 ([package] screen shot application in package) created by wendy_hung
Testing the image might need to take screen shot sometimes. Please add …


14:54 Ticket #2248 (update toolchain) created by werner
Our 20080916 toolchain was made before we added caching to opkg and it …
14:50 Ticket #2247 (write bitbake receipe for gpio-s3c6410) created by werner
I've added a S3C6410 variant of my gpio utility in …
14:47 Ticket #2246 (add i2c-tools to package feed) created by werner
Could you please add i2c-tools to our package feed ? …
05:59 Ticket #2245 ([testing scripts] add package to feeds) created by marek
The testing team works on test scripts that should help to reproduce bugs …
00:40 Ticket #2244 (otimed is poorly designed/implemented in a way that affects its operation) created by BillK
In 2008.12 I used ntpd for accurate timekeeping - worked well, though not …


22:42 Ticket #1895 (Games with blank icons in task-openmoko-games) closed by Nytowl
18:53 Ticket #2243 ([Xglamo] some motion events are thrashed) created by Richard.Kralovic
When the xserver is busy, it tries to "optimize" consecutive movement …
16:40 Ticket #2242 ([Xglamo] crash with xcompmgr) created by Richard.Kralovic
I was playing a bit with the composite extension and xcompmgr (FSO …


23:38 Ticket #2241 (GSM "deregistring" after registring) created by keroami
gta01 UMTS capable SIM, Dutch KPN, got it last autumn. upgraded firmware …
12:41 Changeset [4942] by werner
- hacked I2C registration to "work" (driver needs updating for new API) - …
09:06 Changeset [4941] by werner
The clocks seems to be fine now. The driver doesn't ask for a sensible …
04:39 Changeset [4940] by werner
Add CAMIF platform device and use it on GTA03. We now crash one clock …


15:59 Changeset [4939] by werner
We don't really know what PWDN does, only that it must be "1".
15:51 Changeset [4938] by werner
Port of the Samsung S3C camera interface driver and the S5K4 camera …
14:17 Ticket #1712 (Phone will not boot if battery is fully discharged, even if it is plugged ...) closed by mickey
fixed: Excellent, thanks for confirming. I consider this being FIXED within the …
13:24 Ticket #2190 (switch from Qtopia to Qt-extended 4.4) closed by Nytowl
06:13 Changeset [4937] by werner
- GETTING_STARTED: specify destination of config file - cam/BRINGUP: Allen …
01:49 Ticket #1962 (PV in om.dev should be higher then asu.stable) closed by Nytowl
fixed: No activity in 4 months I'll assume it's fixed
01:46 Ticket #2198 (Provide more intelligent pakcage dependancies in opkg) closed by Nytowl
worksforme: The first problem is a problem with the shr recipe. It should state that …
01:41 Ticket #2077 ([FSO-testing] Module problems at boot (sysfs_add_one, bt_sock_wait_state, ...) closed by Nytowl
fixed: If this is still an issue please submit the bug to …
01:38 Ticket #2204 (paroli_git.bb fails to parse) closed by Nytowl
01:36 Ticket #2157 (SMS messages are not received untill reboot/restart of X) closed by Nytowl
01:33 Ticket #2150 (package illume-0.0+svnr35818-r13: task do_fetch: failed) closed by Nytowl
01:30 Ticket #2117 (Fix or suppress splash-write applet not found) closed by Nytowl
01:28 Ticket #2076 (Om2008.9 plays only one sound channel) closed by Nytowl
01:27 Ticket #2070 ([Distro] ld.so.cache goes missing after package upgrades) closed by Nytowl
01:26 Ticket #2067 (qtopia-phone-x11 overwrites (important) configuration files on package ...) closed by Nytowl
01:25 Ticket #1870 (opkg signature check failed due to error 404 "Failed to download") closed by Nytowl


19:49 Ticket #1656 (Bad A2DP performance) closed by Nytowl
17:25 Ticket #2148 ([2008.11 testing] Settings application fails to open) closed by Nytowl
community: This seems to have been solved. If not it is now a community issue.
17:03 Ticket #1431 (ASU on GTA01: every QT application segfaults) closed by Nytowl
17:00 Ticket #1879 ([unstable] attempting to bond crashes hcid) closed by Nytowl
community: This is a bluez 3.x problem We are moving forward with Bluez 4
16:58 Ticket #1827 (conflict between qpe and gsmd (openmoko-dialer2)) closed by Nytowl
15:21 Changeset [4936] by werner
Descriptions for GTA03 rootfs creation.
15:16 Changeset [4935] by werner
GTA03 bringup.
14:32 Changeset [4934] by werner
Add intermediate gta03 directory.
14:31 Changeset [4933] by werner
Hypothetical hardware bringup sequence.
10:39 Changeset [4932] by werner
gpio-s3c6410.c: same as "gpio", but for the S3C6410
10:31 Ticket #1713 (neod consumes 8% cpu reading event3 (accelometer) constantly on gta02) closed by mickey
wontfix: Please see hackable1 distro for neod updates.
08:14 Ticket #2179 (GTA02 ASoC capture kernel oops) closed by marek
duplicate: duplicate of #2073
07:52 Ticket #891 (Don't power anything up if battery is critical and charger is inserted) closed by andy
07:51 Ticket #604 (DFU at bootdelay conflicts with normal boot nand read) closed by andy
wontfix: I think it only became less likely we address this guy since Werner's …
06:21 Changeset [4931] by werner
Camera connections to CPU/PMU.
02:42 Ticket #418 (Power Button Timeouts too long) closed by arhuaco
02:35 Ticket #218 (Distinguish stylus from finger via tslib) closed by arhuaco
fixed: We fixed this with in-kernel filters.
00:31 Changeset [4930] by werner
- put download location in intro - reference bug #2231


21:16 Changeset [4929] by werner
Added references.
11:47 Changeset [4928] by werner
Add option -d to enable debug output.
11:47 Changeset [4927] by werner
Crude adaptation of stereoout.state that feeds mic input through the …
11:06 Changeset [4926] by werner
Release notes for moko11. (Unfinished - let's see if more issues turn up.)


20:50 Ticket #2240 (removing/reloading g_ether not working) created by frankmpunkt
The problem has already been recognized long ago: …
14:23 Changeset [4925] by werner
Daemon to execute an arbitrary command when the AR6k driver signals a …
11:05 Ticket #2239 (andy-tracking/bc49de906ce: mach-gta02.c:1696: error: 'gta02_hdq_device' ...) closed by andy
fixed: Thanks.
06:32 Changeset [4924] by werner
"Script" workalike but without requiring a tty.


16:18 Ticket #2239 (andy-tracking/bc49de906ce: mach-gta02.c:1696: error: 'gta02_hdq_device' ...) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) git clone git://git.openmoko.org/git/kernel.git


23:27 Ticket #2238 (CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER panics very early) created by lindi
Enabling kernel function tracer (CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER) panics …
17:08 Ticket #2237 (pcf50633 INT1 and INT3 flood logs with gadgetfs keyboard) created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) connect freerunner to a PC and setup ssh access …
11:36 Ticket #2236 (GTA01 with andy-traking reporting bad cordinates near up event) created by perezdiez
First noticed on Feb 17 with kernel …


23:26 Ticket #2235 (Monochrome display on resume) created by zeroedout
After resuming from a suspend, colour goes away and I am left with only …
09:40 Changeset [4923] by werner
- add /usr/sbin to PATH so that wpa_supplicant is found
02:59 Ticket #2171 (stable-tracking 80f4b57/resume: eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: ...) closed by andy
invalid: Great, thanks.


15:10 Ticket #2234 (sms date are empty) created by netx512k
When i read a sms, i see the date field empty. Thanx


10:48 Ticket #1487 (Booting screen showed up when end up suspend time) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: Thanks Andy, this also can be close as the kernel fix, but not the image.
10:06 Ticket #1252 (usb0 no longer comes up if booting with usb plugged in) closed by andy
fixed: Closing this because it's not reported any more and Qi won't trigger it as …
08:11 Ticket #1884 ([suspend/resume] if press power batton right after suspend, the device ...) closed by wendy_hung
fixed: Hi Andy, i think this can be close as the kernel fix, but it does not …
03:04 Ticket #2121 ([audio] new alsa state for A7) closed by matt_hsu
fixed: After testing the *real* A7 from factory, we should have the following …


06:12 Ticket #2233 (Want reiserfs3 available in the default kernel) created by BillK
I have a lot of OSM streemaps on an 8GB SD card and have run out of …
04:01 Ticket #1198 (Audio (via headphone jack) doesn't couple well to some line-inputs) closed by joerg
wontfix: can not duplicate


22:58 Ticket #2232 (unplugging with gadgetfs causes panic: "softlockup: blocked tasks") created by lindi
Steps to reproduce: 1) tar xzf testcase1.tar.gz 2) configure gadgetfs on …
02:40 Changeset [4922] by werner
- added experimental I2C decoding (note: dual-edged trigger is the wrong …
02:36 Changeset [4921] by werner
Coulomb-counter based power meter. Work in progress.
02:06 Changeset [4920] by werner
README: explain why there are multiple files.
01:48 Changeset [4919] by werner
Experiments related to #1250


15:12 Ticket #79 (suspend/resume to RAM support) closed by mwester
fixed: The current situation with the latest (2.6.29) kernel is unknown from a …
14:36 Ticket #788 (Starting or stopping gsmd completely locks up the Neo) closed by mickey
fixed: With regards to the original problem of starting or stopping gsmd locking …
14:24 Ticket #96 (make sure PMU alarm (set via rtc interface) is persistent) closed by andy
fixed: People are able to use the RTC alarm stuff to wake from suspend now with a …
14:19 Ticket #81 (Decide how PMU RTC alarm interrupt is signalled to userspace) closed by andy
fixed: On wake you can figure out the wake source generally from here: # cat …
14:15 Ticket #2156 (rtctest.c does not exit with stable-tracking kernel) closed by andy
fixed: Seems it's fixed.
13:45 Ticket #1789 (2008.8 screen blanks and refuses to wakeup) closed by andy
fixed: Great, thanks for the feedback.
13:44 Ticket #1815 (u-boot fails to detect sandisk 8gb microsdhc correctly) closed by andy
fixed: Closing this as "fixed in Qi".
13:41 Ticket #1682 (Neo turns off before reaching X) closed by andy
fixed: Great thanks for the feedback.
13:36 Ticket #80 (wakeup reason not in /proc/cmdline) closed by andy
fixed: I confirmed it's working fine cat …
13:31 Ticket #1703 (SYSFS: Bluetooth power_on entry inversety inconsistent) closed by andy
fixed: In the newer kernels /sys/class/backlight/gta02-bl/bl_power acts …
13:19 Ticket #1671 (SD-card non-working after resume) closed by andy
fixed: This should be fixed in current kernels.
13:10 Ticket #1802 (Suspend/resume corrupts SD card's partition table) closed by andy
13:09 Ticket #1799 (sd card changes dev entry after suspend/resume) closed by andy
13:05 Ticket #1684 (WLAN to default to off on Freerunner, switchable down /sys) closed by andy
fixed: This is resolved now since the WLAN stuff can be built as modules. …
12:57 Ticket #2224 (Qi starts and then dies - sometimes) closed by andy
12:50 Ticket #1613 (Reading of Accelerometers hangs if both events are open.) closed by andy
fixed: This is solved for a while in andy-tracking and now stable.
12:36 Ticket #1808 (No accelerometer data) closed by andy
fixed: This is fixed for a while after a fair amount of suffering by Simon …
12:34 Ticket #2078 (glamo-mci.0: ****** insanity timeout) closed by andy
12:32 Ticket #2137 (stable-tracking lacks touchscreen jitter reduction patch) closed by andy
fixed: This stuff is all in andy-tracking and stable branches now, so closing as …
12:31 Ticket #1194 (Touchscreen Jitter) closed by andy
12:28 Ticket #1849 (mmcinit error with the SD card that came with the phone) closed by andy
fixed: CMD8 is used as a probe to see if the card is SDHC 'In the SD protocol …
10:32 Ticket #2231 (interrupt not always generated when flowcontrolled=1 and modem wants to ...) created by lindi
This issue has been discussed on IRC and a mailing list thread "Occasional …


04:36 Changeset [4918] by charlie
Change in evas tests


11:07 Ticket #2230 (Git clone on "kernel.git linux-2.6" fails) created by doxy2
git clone git://git.openmoko.org/git/kernel.git linux-2.6 results in: …
01:50 Changeset [4917] by werner
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 16:51:02 +0000 From: Bruce Cran <bruce@…> …


22:40 Changeset [4916] by werner
Some small changes to the myroot and wlan-trial root file systems. - …
01:12 Ticket #2229 (GSM was working fine for months, suddenly will not register using any GSM ...) created by danek2
Disclaimer: I suspect this affects my handset only, as I haven't seen …


10:31 Ticket #2216 (Call = there is no sound) closed by andy
fixed: Great, thanks for confirming it.


13:45 Changeset [4915] by werner
Patch used for this trial kernel. Not suitable for our baseline.
13:43 Changeset [4914] by werner
- wlan-trial.myroot: added busybox-udhcpd to allow for differential …


13:55 Ticket #2228 (om-make-ipkg and postinst files) closed by john_lee
fixed: r4913.
13:54 Changeset [4913] by john_lee
for #2228.
12:43 Ticket #2228 (om-make-ipkg and postinst files) created by Ator
The om-make-ipkg Script fails if the Directory CONTROL already exists. For …
04:38 Changeset [4912] by werner
Somewhat crude BBT dumping tool.
02:22 Changeset [4911] by werner
After the AP setup didn't pan out, replace them with PCI cards all in the …


16:30 Ticket #2227 (iwconfig key restricted hanging up) created by linux-ink
I tryed setting up direct WiFi?? network access (without hardware Access …


12:24 Changeset [4910] by werner
We need developers/werner/ in the SVN hierarchy and pass the correct path …


20:16 Changeset [4909] by werner
Added more detailed build instructions.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.