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Neo1973 Debugboard V2 Specification

This page describes the hardware of the second revision of the Neo1973 Debugboard.

It was the first version sold to the public.

The board was designed to make low level development with the Neo1973 easier and independent of proprietary tools.


  • The complete schematics for the board is available as a PDF


  • ftdi_sio.ko for UART usage
  • Direct userspace access via libusb (e.g openocd)


  • miniUSB-B to host
  • 2x USB-A
  • Neo1973 Debug Connector (fpc)
  • Optional Pinheaders for JTAG and Serial


Changes from v1 to v2

  • Get rid of ethernet
  • Get rid of 7-segment LED displays
  • Get rid of built-in wiggler
  • Get rid of li-ion battery (including charger)

NOTE: Version 1 never existed outside the Openmoko labs.