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Neo1973 Debugboard V3 Specification

This page describes the hardware of the third revision of the Neo1973 Debugboard.

It was designed to make low level development with the Neo1973 easier and independent of proprietary tools and improve on some shortcomings in the previous version.


  • <FIXME>


  • ftdi_sio.ko for UART usage
  • Direct userspace access via libusb (e.g openocd)


  • miniUSB-B to host
  • 2x USB-A
  • Neo1973 Debug Connector (fpc)
  • Optional Pinheaders for JTAG and Serial
  • Optional Pinheader for I2C/SPI/IRQ access via Debug Connector


Changes from v2 to v3:

  • Drastically reduce the effective load capacitance on the upstream USB port
  • Use a load-limiting 3V LDO to further ensure USB spec electrical compliance
  • Add a new 10pin header to make the I2C/SPI/IRQ pins of the GTA01/GTA02 debug connector accessible
  • Rotate the 20pin ARM-JTAG connector to be able to use standard 90degree-angled sockets
  • Give LEDs and connectors proper names on the silk screen
  • Add Openmoko logo to the bottom silk screen